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Throwback Thursdays

  My new favourite dress reminds of something from the 70’s, which is really appropriate for Throwback Thursday.  Peep the awesomeness of my vintage looking frock. 🙂   Any way, as I reflect upon yester-year, Imma musically take it back … Continue reading

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Late… But Whatevs…

  My B’day celebrations were late this year,..because it fell on a day when I didn’t feel like celebrating too much. The kids kept asking me why didn’t I do anything or get a cake, and I felt bad about … Continue reading

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Can’t Take the Slogans No More….

I would rather be winkin’ up to one of my favourite songs,..than listen to more politically charged rhetoric….JSYK.. 🙂

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My rice was nice and fluffy…Cooking Magic returns.

I have a very love hate relationship with cooking. When I feel inspired, I go all out and act as if I’m hosting my own food network tv show. However, the majority of the time when it comes to cooking, … Continue reading

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