Mas Miami Por Favor

On the way back from Miami
It was a short work trip, so I didn’t have too may expectations, but boy did I enjoy myself. I missed my family, and my daughter kept asking me when I was coming home. It ripped my heart out, but beyond that, I could do with another trip and this is coming from somebody who HATES flying.

The company I work for in Antigua, has a parent company there. I speak with my Miami workmates at least 20 times a day, but I’d never met them, so it was nice to finally put faces to voices. They are fantastic people, and they went out of their way to give me a great Miami experience. I hadn’t been back there since I was sixteen, so it was like being there for the first time. The food was awesome, the drinks were pretty, the atmosphere was inviting, and the people were warm.

After the frenzy of each day, that seemed to go by too quickly, I was able to go to my lovely hotel room and crash. It was the first time in years I’d slept in a bed by myself, without someone either kicking me  in my sleep, (the kids) or peeling my eyes back in the morning, (the kids) or poking me in the backside in the early morning.(Kevin) :-). I was a little lonely in my hotel room, so I pathetically took pictures of myself to pass the time. I was well rested and well fed.  I even went to a softball game, and dare I say, softball kicks baseball’s ass.

I had a great time.. 😀

My Sleeping Quarters

My pretty bathroom

My Kitchenette

Pathetically taking a picture of myself 🙂

The Alcohol was in the test tube..I didn't drink that part though :-p

Black Bean Sauce and Chicken Rind... Mmmmmm

Freshly made Plantain Chips

Stuffed Bread SticksFried Green Bean. Soooo Yummy..

Game Venue

Hey Batta Batta Batta,.Swing Batta Batta Batta..


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