Now why you wanna go and do that Luv Huh?……. A RANT….

There are rare days, when you wake up on the right side of the bed, feeling dare I say kinda awesome, singing a tune in your heart. You know, you feel good for whatever reason, you really don’t know why. It’s kinda like those days when you feel like shit, but you don’t know why, but the difference is, this feeling is on the happier end of the emotional spectrum. This morning was kinda like that for me. Couple people even commented on my cuteness…lol. So now I’m singing….

So I go across the street to get my breakfast like I usually do and this dude who is always there tryna mack and say dumb shit to me, does his usual schuck and jive. I’m tryna smile like I always do. I tell him my best “Good Mawnin” big teeth grin and shit, and dis fool goes..

“You look tired. You ok?!”

Now I swear all I could hear was a record being scratched in rewind..

fiki fiki fiki what !!

I look tired? Really? No mutha fucka, I feel fine, as a matter of fact I was feeling good as shit ’til you just opened up ya damn mouth. Do you even know what I look like when I’m tired? Have you ever seen me after being up all night with one or both of my kids when they’ve been sick? Have you ever seen me in afterglow after my husband has had his way with me? Have you ever seen me after being up all night writing a story. Naw Nigga you haven’t. So how da f^*k you know I  look tired?

That was the equivalent to 3 people telling you in succession you lost weight, then some IGNANT ass walks up and says, whoa, did you gain weight? I swear sometimes people just talk to hear themselves say shit.

I look tired my ass. Negro I feel good, and I actually did get to sleep last night, so go sit ya ass down somehwere. As a matter of fact have several seats and while you’re sitting you can kiss my ass.

I feel better now….

About bak2moi

I am a woman trying to balance motherhood and womanhood, while pursuing her dreams. Hopefully I get to keep at least foot on the ground during the process.
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2 Responses to Now why you wanna go and do that Luv Huh?……. A RANT….

  1. me says:

    Was out walking and listening to music feeling pretty good the other day when some guy pulled up his truck to tell me how much weight I’d gained and to advise me not to gain anymore. This is fairly common because maybe they think if you’ve gained weight you’re either too stupid or blind or delusional to have noticed, and if you already feel like crap then they want to join the party. I used to engage them now I do what I do, turned on my music and kept walking. And he gave me some inspiration for a story. But I cram to understand why people think it’s cool to just tell you shit about yourself (that you didn’t ask them) and step on your fucking day. Seriously. So that’s my little rant on that.

  2. momtuition says:

    Seems like the brother needs to tighten his reverse psychology mack 🙂

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