I am jaded and I am bitter, but I am still sweet and  naive. I don’t know enough of anything but I sometimes think I know everything. I am as inexperienced as I am experienced. I guess I still have  a lot  to learn, but I have  a lot of stories to tell. I pray that my life will always guide me along a path, where I at least have something interesting, if not inspirational to say. I am a woman trying to balance motherhood and womanhood, while pursuing her dreams. Hopefully, I get to keep at least one foot on the ground during the process.


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4 Responses to About

  1. Andy says:

    HEY I read your blog! or some parts of it.. I think you are awesome and I like the way you think and write :P. Funnily enough I came across this while searching up a picture of a chastity belt hahahaha dont ask. Anyways I just wanted to say you are awesome!

    • bak2moi says:

      Anyone looking for chastity belts online is cool in my books. …LMAO…I am thinking back to when I first looked for them online…..Will not ask the motivation behind your search…lolol. 😀

  2. Jermilla says:

    My beautiful, VERY REAL…and awesome friend, you are an inspiration. ’nuff said!

  3. I have nominated your blog for the Premios Dardos Award! Please click the following link to accept and read more about it: https://jhohadli.wordpress.com/2015/05/02/premio-dardos

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