Field of Dreams…. The Colour Purple never looked so pretty…..

J Lyric Love Scene 4

My sixteenth summer was spent in Miami. I remember it being very very hot that year. I remember feeling things I’d never felt, and thinking about the opposite sex in a different way. I couldn’t define exactly what was going on with me, but I guess that summer was my Molly Ringwald teen angst, life is so complicated, OMG moment. I noticed men looking at me differently. They looked at me in ways they never should have when I was way younger, but those guys were just nasty perverts. At sixteen I had something to look at,  lol .. 😀 ,so I got it. I didn’t understand why me, but I got the basic chemistry of attraction blah blah blah.  :-). Up until that point, my overall interest in a cute or handsome boy was maybe a kiss, and holding hands. (Close mouth kiss I should add.)

AND THEN……….. dom dom dom ( insert dramatic music)..

Jason’s Lyric..

In my sixteenth summer, I was mentally deflowered by (the film that is forever to be a classic in my mind) Jason’s Lyric. I remember the day so clearly it might have just happened a few hours ago.

I had just had a shower, and my mom ,my brother and her friends were going grocery shopping. I didn’t feel like going, and I guess I was having an angsty moment, ’cause I wanted to be alone. My mom figured I would be ok alone. It was about 8:30 pm, but the sun was still up, so I believe it comforted her that it was still bright. That was really freaky to me, to see the sun up at that time. (Long days was another first for me that year.) Any how, I had the house to myself, and there were a couple video casettes, (yes I show my age) resting on top of the TV. I saw about three movies that looked pretty good. They were R Rated so I figured I would have been somewhat entertained.

Jason’s Lyric was not singled out for any reason, other than it had good looking black people in it. Also, back then, it was nice to see us shown in a light, other than some bullshit schucking and jiving fiasco, or just being token black people on the screen to make the scene look balanced.

Allen Payne (Jason) was foine. He was sweet. He was romantic. He genuinely liked her. Jada Pinkett, before the Smith (Lyric) was soo cute, I wanted to be cute like her. In the movie there was conflict. There was sibling love and rivalry. I was completely into it. Awww… she should give him a chance. Then, he finally got to take her on a date.  I am tearing up right now thinking about the moment I first saw those scenes. He rowed her in a boat, he washed her feet.

foot wash

Imagine that. A black guy washing a black girl’s feet. It was soooooo unbelievably romantic. Then they danced, then they kissed,..Then


jl love scene


Can they show this on TV.

J Lyric Love Scene 4

I actually closed my eyes, when I saw him naked on top of her, right there in the bayou. They made love on a bed of purple flowers on God’s green earth. No blanket covering them to kind of mask the level of intimacy. It was completely exposed. A man loving a woman. I thought I was going to die. lololol.

JL love scene 3

I have a vivid imagination now, and had a vivid imagination then, but your imagination can sometimes be bound by your lack of genuine experience.

I never thought about sex the same way again because of Jason’s Lyric. I had a very romanticized notion about sex and making love and all that kind of stuff, so I always equated sex with love and passion and relationship. I wasn’t going to be the girl to fuck around with just some guy just for the sake of doing it.  But those thoughts also stemmed from fear of going to hell for fornication..:-) lol.

Those two characters seemed so in love, and the way he put his hands on her just blew my mind. Their total nakedness was just soo powerful, and I didn’t think that you could experience that kind of perfect moment without the love and the courtship. I craved that. I didn’t want just any old experience. Jason’s Lyric solidified that.

JL Love scene 5

Because of that movie, I bought what I still call the bayou dress, similar to the pretty flowing one he took off of her body. I have a belly chain, like she did, and still have one today. I vowed I would lose my virginity on my wedding day in a field, making love on purple flowers,…lol (That did not happen. Though, my first time was pretty earth shattering in its own beautiful way, with its own beautiful nature background).

I paused, hit rewind, paused, stopped, hit rewind, paused, I couldn’t get enough. It was mesmerizing. I kept looking outside the window to make sure my mom hadn’t returned from grocery shopping. After I began to fear that I would break the VCR, I let the rest of the movie play out. There was another intense sex scene, but for me none could topple the Giant that was the love scene in the field.

Two thumbs up. The movie was fantastic, and while Jimmy Cliff sang “Many rivers to cross” at the end of the film, I realized that I desperately needed another shower.

Movies are made mostly for entertainment, to provide information, and create an experience of some sort that can bring people together. However, there are some movies for what ever reason, get deeper into your psyche,..and sometimes become more a part of your mental fabric than a filmmaker could ever have dreamed of.


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3 Responses to Field of Dreams…. The Colour Purple never looked so pretty…..

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  2. PassionPoet says:

    I remember that movie…. I also remember the videotapes LOL Gotta go look up Jason’s Lyric again!

  3. Chrys- says:

    Yes, that scene amid the flowers was mind bloing wasn’t it? What a ting!!

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