NPAJW… Because I was bored….

Not that I don’t have a lot of shit to do, but I am experiencing writer’s block for a project I am working on. It’s freaking 2:35 am and everyone one else is sleeping. This post came to my idle mind, as a follow-up from my previous blog, about rejection and Jehovah’s Witnesses. My sistren/ woman/ partner in crime/ like-minded psychopath 😀 Salma, suggested we start a support group for people tortured by unwanted Jehovah’s Witness visits. Of course, Tameka aka ‘Can’t Let Shit Go’  😀 , didn’t let that suggestion go unnoticed. I came up with these ads/business cards for our support group. This organization is not just for victims of J W visits, but politicianscensus people, dog licence people, neighbours who always want to borrow shit and just unwanted visitors in general. N.P.A.J.W, Naked People Against Jehovah’s Witnesses, is the parent group to N.P.A.U.V, Naked People Against Unwanted Visitors. We are a support group that bands together to come up with effective ideas, of how to keep unwanted people away from our property.

“Let us take back control and stop cowering in fear inside our own homes.”

We all know nothing scares people more than nudity. N.P.A.J.W / N.P.A.U.V

“Because Their Timing Sucks.”

Please feel free to inbox me ideas. Peep the awesomeness of my boredom.

Moody Allure










Oooohh Baby!


I told you I was bored. 😀


This post is not intended to offend anyone of this religion.


About bak2moi

I am a woman trying to balance motherhood and womanhood, while pursuing her dreams. Hopefully I get to keep at least foot on the ground during the process.
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8 Responses to NPAJW… Because I was bored….

  1. Denese says:

    You see how the devil finds work for idle hands, (minds). lol. Let it go……

  2. Linisa says:

    I agree Tameka, you naw done jack? lol lol lol

  3. Floree says:

    lmao! i dont know if i have the backbone for this! besides when u live off the main road with an entrance easily missed u dont tend to get visitors

  4. Nati says:

    You need a “Beware Naked People Inside” thingy to hang in your window.

  5. Jermilla says:

    ROFLLLLLL!!!!! You were really IDLE!!! You crack me the EFF up!!! (That first pic is you isn’t it? I know that hot bod anywhere…not in a lesbo way of course…lol!)

  6. Naik says:

    When do I get my business cards?

    • Tameka says:

      I can’t believe I put that much effort into making them damn things.. lol. You can tell I was bored as hell for real. I should think about doing some business cards professionally shouldn’t I. lolol 😀

  7. PassionPoet says:

    Oh my God…. I now seeing this … I don’t know why ur site recommended this blog post off of The Key part 10, but I’m glad it did ROFLMAO lololololol oh hellll….. I wanna be a member too!

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