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The Food Network in Me…

It’s no secret that I hate cooking. At least, I don’t think it’s a secret. I am quite capable of whipping up some pretty cool dishes sometimes, but the cooking part of my woman gene, never fully developed. I have … Continue reading

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The Pick-Up Artist….

I think by the time most little boys turn 12 years old, they start developing the early stages of their Mack Game. Maybe it’s something programmed into them internally, or maybe there are secret male rituals that females don’t know … Continue reading

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Lunch Antiguan Style….

Sometimes I feel so blessed to be an Islan’ girl. I went across the road from my job, to my favourite eating spot today. My lunch lady always fix me up nice and today was no exception. Me belly ’til full…  😀

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The Key…Part 10 Final Installment.

Dillon must have felt her need for him, because there he stood, gloriously heroic. He was such  a welcomed site. Evan immediately released Nadhira’s arm and took an uneasy step back. Dillon stared at Evan as if he was a … Continue reading

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