How could you be so heartless?….

“Your not good enough for me anymore!” Bianca yelled.

She stood at the top of the stairs looking regal, hardened, yet still very beautiful. Her turquoise blue evening gown shimmered beneath the light of the chandelier, and her full, crimson lips pursed together in disgust at Charles. She used to love him. He stood in front of her looking equally stunning, though his broad shoulders now hunched over a little due to the weight of rejection, anger and sadness.

“Are you leaving me?! You think you can just leave me?! If it wasn’t for me, you would have still been schleping around between ghetto gyal, soon to be middle class, I wanna be somebody land.” Who the fuck do you think you are? I made you Barbie!”

“Thank you. I really appreciate what you’ve done for me, but I do believe you were duly compensated with all my middle class, ghetto gyal slow wine fucks, that you never could get from the stuck up bitches you were accustomed to. You remember them military bitches that used to direct ya ass in how to fuck them? I’ll say this relationship has always been a two way street asshole, and now ya just a dead end!”

Charles loved Bianca because she was smart, but smart bitches always said smart ass things when they were mad, and he wanted to slap the shit outta her smart mouth at that very moment. How dare she talk to him like that?  As she turned to walk away, he grabbed her at the base of her neck. Immediately, that fighter ghetto girl came out, and she sunk the heels of her Christian Louboutins into his shoe, whirled around as he bellowed out in agony and punched him as hard as she could in the face. It was like one of those matrix punches.

He stumbled back slightly, but unfortunately, he had been too close to the edge, so he lost his balance and tumbled down. Bianca gasped. It was not her intention. Thankfully, the flight of stairs was only a few risers high. Though it hurt, Charles quickly recovered and stood up. He looked around on the floor for his pride, gathered his thoughts quickly and tried to catch his breath. He vigorously clutched his dickie and yelled up to her.

“Get the fuck outta my house you ungrateful bitch!”

“I’ve already packed asshole, you were just too busy to notice!”

Bianca walked down the flight of stairs, as if she had been Scarlette O’Hara from ‘Gone With The Wind’. Her shoulder brushed  him as she passed, and she walked to the front door without looking back. As she stepped over the threshold, Charles shouted.

“Bianca, do you know all of the shit I’ve done for you?”

“Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.”

It was an excellent kiss off. She couldn’t have scripted it any better if she tried. There was no sadness, only prospects. He knew what he’d done, it’s just that he didn’t think she would find out.

Rejection is  a bitch eh! We’ve all experienced it. At least I have. Too many times if you ask me. Rejection is like cake. You can get it any flavour, any size, any time, only difference is it doesn’t taste as nice. Matter of fact, it reeks and leaves a bad after taste. We get rejected, and we reject in turn and our sad little world keeps turning. The thing to remember most about rejection though, is that you will experience it, but the most important thing is how to move on from it and make it work for you.

I had an interesting pill to swallow a few days ago. Someone that I admire(d) :-/ told me NO to something that I (1) assumed they would say yes to and (2) thought they would like to share with whatever audience. They were polite with their rejection, but it was rejection non the less. I felt like an effin’ . It was like being a goofy teenager all over again. You know the feeling when it’s like your life will be over, because no body likes your sorry ass. I couldn’t believe I took it so hard. Let me tell you I simmered on that shit for a while. Now, I am a very reserved person, take  my word for it. This blog and just writing in general, allows me to be. It’s very liberating. But normally I’m Tameka Kent. I usually never talk to people first, make the first move, or put myself out there. Not because I’m stuck up, or think I’m cute or some bullshit like that. 😀 That is all due to insecurity, fear of rejection and ma shame box very very small. Even on facebook. I have a really hard time requesting a friend, because I would be like “what if they give me that talk to the hand kind of treatment, and just leave it hanging? You know when they don’t deny it, but they don’t accept it either. lol 😀

I hate rejection. I am learning to deal with it better now. Even if I have to lie to myself a little, as to the reason why they rejected me or something I tried to offer, I try to give it perspective and not take it too personal. Maybe they are truly internally an asshole, and their rejection was just to make me feel bad, instead of a truly genuine reason,..ya know shit like that. Yeah they’re haters. lol 😀 I’m much better when it comes to dealing with no now. I mean we should all be more familiar with people telling us NO, you can’t have it, or NO, you can’t afford it, or NO, you can’t do that. NO is probably the first thing a kid learns to say, right after spongebob squarepants .

How I try to get over or deal with no, is trying to prove the naysayers or rejectors wrong. It’s sweet satisfaction to watch those people squirm when you do. If your man or your woman leaves you, for whatever reason, become a better person spiritually and emotionally, take care of yourself so you look even better physically and make ’em see they made a mistake. You don’t have to hate them, love them or forgive them, just move on and like one of my favourite rap groups said,..”let the bullshit blow in the breeze”. Become

Rejection is not necessarily a bad thing or a good thing. It depends on the source of distribution and the  reason behind the dishing out, however, the handling of it is truly up to the individual it is dispersed to, and they can work the hell outta that rejection by truly using it as a source of inspiration to be all they can be. Look at this truly awesome blog I’m writing right now. 😀 All because some “^&**(@#” told me no.

Dishin’ it out and taking it is all in the delivery, because we all gotta put our foot down sometimes, and . With an effective delivery, it will save both parties a lot of headache.

Now because of the way I work and all the crap I am trying to do with my life, my weekends are never long enough. I have to be in full June Clever mode on the weekend with all of the washing and cleaning and kids, sometimes cooking, the whole shabang, so I get very very pissed off when I hear somebody outside saying “Insiiidee, Insiiiide, Insiiide”. Now, I have no problems with Jehovah’s Witnesses, I swear I don’t. I just have a problem with their timing. Always when I’m naked, which is normal when at home, or washing the dishes, or doing laundry, or cooking, or giving the kids a bath. I used to be the person who would actually stop what I’m doing and have a conversation with them, but these people have the worst timing ever. I now try to hide like a criminal in my own house, but that stopped working, because the kids would always pull back the curtains, say hi to them regardless of my protests and threats to beat them.

Kids: “Mommy, somebody outside to you.”

Tameka: ” How many times me tell areyou lickle rass fu top open back ma curtain and dem? Any body come to are you?”

LOL! I don’t actually swear at my children I am really a good mother. 😀 lolol

So I have accidentally figured out an effective way to reject unwanted visits from them. I was so frustrated a couple weekends ago when they came to the house, that instead of cowering in a corner in my skimpy blue panty, I went to my front door in said skimpy blue panty, and no bra, pulled back the curtains of my glass door, put my hands over my breasts and said

“Yes how can I help you.”

They left immediately without saying a word.

They got the hint immedaitely. This is my new plan of action. Nakedness scares them away, so imma work with that angle until it stops working.

Was this my attempt at giving advice? I don’t think so. I’m not usually very good at that. I just try to be a good example to my kids most times, though that last story doesn’t exactly add to the strokes on my ‘lead by good example chart’. I do my best though. 😀 What else can I say?


About bak2moi

I am a woman trying to balance motherhood and womanhood, while pursuing her dreams. Hopefully I get to keep at least foot on the ground during the process.
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16 Responses to How could you be so heartless?….

  1. Joanne says:

    ROFLMAO at the Jehovah Witness story. Campaign season when the politicians come out is the worst though. I’m with you though, I refuse to hide in my own house.
    And yeah, rejection sucks and no matter how hard your shell or how good you get at not letting it show, it still hurts. Though when somebody either doesn’t respond or unfriends me on Facebook I find I just roll with it…mostly…so far. As a writer though, manuscript rejections from publishers, agents, editors, or journals sucks balls. And rejections in real life, well they sting like stinging nettle. No worse, cat-o-nine. Doesn’t stop me from trying though…mostly…so far.

  2. Joanne says:

    Love the pic of Storm btw

  3. Jermilla says:

    LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!! (Wonder if I can try the “skimpy blue panty” with the Census people?) But truly Tammy, very well written…very well put. We basically have the same life…juggling motherhood, wifehood (is that a word?), professional life, fitness competitor, freak-in-the-bed, cook and whatever else is on my never-ending job description. But hey…I know you’re quite capable of handling whatever life throws at you…even rejection. I’m still a work in progress where that is concerned. What I really need to focus on is forgiveness…maybe your next blog can be about that.


  4. Linisa says:

    I swearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr you are truly a proper ra$$, dem poor kids 😦 lol lol lol lol lol lol

  5. Floree says:

    haahhaa i love it! ‘yes can i help you?’

  6. Tameka says:

    Next time I will put shaving cream on my bikini line and a cleansing mask on my face before I answer the door. Just bump up the crazy a lil bit eveytime, ’til there is a rumor amongst them about,, ‘that house’. hmmmm maybe then I’ll feel rejected when they stop coming. LOLOL… ya cyarn please black people. 😀

  7. Toya says:

    You’re a proper rass you know


  8. Nati says:

    LOL @ the half-nekid-open door-welcome!……. You nah easy!
    Wonder they never threw a pamphlet at you!
    Yes rejection is never a nice thing to deal with on any level.
    But I find it builds character 🙂
    Usual the effect of rejection (for me) is different-depending on Who did the rejection, How they did it and What I was rejected for.
    More so though, I let it roll off like water off a duck’s back because I refuse to allow
    negative feelings to disrupt my equilibrium. 🙂 Their loss anyway right?

    • Tameka says:

      With age comes wisdom and strength. You are better at putting things into perspective when you are older, so I believe thats why things aren’t so ‘my life is over’ when things don’t go our way. It does suck more though, when someone you really admire for whatever reason, shoots down your olive branch. On a side note, I beleive they were too stunned to think pamphlets. I was stunned myself. I couldn’t beleive I did it. Frustration will make you do some shit though.

  9. momtuition says:

    Just as Nati says; it depends on who I’m being rejected by and what it’s about that most times determines how I take it. About the Jehovah’s Witnesses… Just recently I ran out of my living room (after seeing them come through our gate) and left Kuba there to fend for himself. Only after a few minutes while I’m still in the bedroom hiding that I think, “Suppose it’s a robber and they kidnap him”. I will forever have to live with that on my conscience. Yeah, I have an overactive imagination, especially when I’m hiding from people in my own place. Maybe we can start a movement – “Naked People Against Jehovah’s Witnesses”. So you see them coming; you strip if you have on your clothes (LOL). Then again maybe that won’t work for me because they would see me and say, “Ok, you come out. Let’s try to pray off some of those pounds sister.” 🙂

    • Tameka says:

      HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! Naked People Against Jejovah’s Witnesses”… NPAJW… imma do a flyer and a business card for our new organization. I am not only a client, but the player president!.. lolol. I am on the floor yo!!

  10. Briya says:

    Ahhh bwwooooyy!!!! 🙂 Sis… yuh know seh…. di irony of all a dis… jus DON”T be surprised if u starting seeing MORE of dem comin to yuh yahd… I don’t bizniz what type of witness dem be… :). I find that anytime u try go rung a ting an especially wid some gimmicks vibez… iz di saaaame gimmicks vibez and ‘go rung’ ting dat bring di saaame time dat yuh tryin to avoid RIGHT in front of yuh face. ;). So my advice… just be very upfront and quick about it… let them know that u’re not interested and will not be interested in the future. Say thanks and PEACE!! And if you tired of doing that everytime one comes along… put up a little sign sis. You got this!! Nuh mek nuhbody have yuh acting like criminal or mad woman… ESPECIALLY inna yuh own yard…. A FI YUH!!! 🙂

    Bri ❤

  11. Naik says:

    I loved reading hun. I agree with Jermilla, we gotta learn to forgive the people that reject us. And I did that same naked trick with the Witnesses a couple of years ago. They reported it to my mom, who just laughed at them. I love you perspective on things. Keep blessing us.


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