The familiarity of your physique as you stand idly in line grabs my attention.

Your sway is rhythm filled and your foot taps.

You lean your head ever so slightly to the left, which means you ‘re deep in thought.

These things distract me from every little random detail that I am  consumed with, concerning the mile long line of people who are preventing me from charging on with my day.

I am stuck in one square foot of space, stepping forward only one inch at a time.

The obnoxious little girl in front of me playing, has become less annoying.

The childish song she sings becomes warped and garbled

As I become lost in thought, in memory, in us.

Well not us. There is no us.

I mean you and me…

But I couldn’t help but time travel

While I wished Scottie would beam me up.

You don’t see me.

You are about 6 tiles away.

Still too close for comfort though.

You don’t see me,

But I know you feel me.

I sense you coyly trying to look around,

To make sure whether or not your instincts about my presence are correct.

I pretend to look through my bag for whatever,

To give you the few seconds you need.

My peripheral vision confirms and I smile too hard on the insides for it not to manifest on my lips.

I look up instantly and our eyes lock.

Apparently smiles are contagious.

I wonder if the people around us can sense the reverse dichotomy,

Feel the merging not only of eyes, but of minds and synchronized memories.

Your look confirms my thoughts.

You mouthed

“Hi baby, nice to see you”

I respond likewise feeling warm inside my chest and places that I shouldn’t.

I’m uncomfortable.

The line gets shorter, and as it starts to turn our distance does as well.

I tear my gaze away.

I’m uncomfortable.

Though this discomfort does not come from the sharp pieces of a broken relationship.

It comes from floating remnants of the moans and sighs that we left in my bed, that I pieced together into a quilt to warm myself after fate decided that we would make exceptional friends instead.

Fate did. Not us.

It floats like a blanket of smoke in a 5 alarm fire and wraps us up in warm memories, almost choking us,

As we stand here in this cold clinical bank just going about our business.

Now, here we are gazing at a should’ve or a could’ve.

As the place empties my mind fills.

I get done before you do.

Even though I came after you, and you are still doing your business at the teller.

I snicker at that thought, as it saucily reminds me of something else about you.

I turn to leave and take a few steps, then do a 180, to find you staring at my exiting frame.

Your smile widens, and you reach out to embrace me as I approach you.

I inhale your neck, and you smell like Perry Ellis.

You inhale me and I smell like vanilla.

Familiar smells that heightened the sensations.

Some things never change.

I feel your hands on the small of my back and I close that extra inch of space and breathe you in one more time before I say goodbye.

I’m uncomfortable.

You feel so good.

“Call me sometime” you whisper.

Then we let go like we did all those years ago.

I force myself to not look back, but I can feel you watching,

And I’m uncomfortable.



About bak2moi

I am a woman trying to balance motherhood and womanhood, while pursuing her dreams. Hopefully I get to keep at least foot on the ground during the process.
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8 Responses to Uncomfortable

  1. Nati says:

    Nice…I can identify. 🙂

  2. Shomari Myke says:

    You painted a picture in my dark space brain called I. Irie…

  3. WeASeL... says:

    I wonder if anyone remembers me like that?



  4. Rox says:


  5. haile clacken says:

    Sensual the sounds of ur thoughts tickling, riding, bouncing, oozing through my mind…

  6. Briya says:

    All i could do was smile and shake my head while reading and relating… mhm. yes.

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  8. cubbyzz says:

    You really know how to capture a scene I your writing eh! Wow! Heightened imagery. I sat here reading with that stupid grin on my face…. The whole way… I can almost feel the writing! Ha. And I feel to snicker at the sheer girlish ness of it… It’s so … Umm.. REAL!
    Ha. Life’s stolen moments aye… And rich ever present tasty memory. Ah nostalgia .. Love it! Great piece! A tasty treat.

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