Dear Blank…

The deepsest thoughts come from the quietest moments...


I remember,… one time..@ bandkamp… 🙂
There was this guy…I used to know,
His name was BLANK,
Last laid eyes on him long time ago.
After all these years and miles new loves and kids,
We stayed apart,
But that bandkamp kid his grip’s so tight,
Baby still holds my heart..
Sittin’, chillin’ on his loud cloud,
While I’m still here watching for rain,…
Bust the gates,
He got me open,
I know he came to bring the pain..
But ready or not I’ll take a chance,
You take it too, put down the front,
Stop fucking around then drinking Jesus juice,
to tell me what you want….

Why the fuck did you ever let me go,
Did my kampfire stories scare you?
I wanted fast, you wanted slow.
Whatever the reason for our demise,
Hindsight, I hate that bitch,
But fuckin’ wit you is like a dream,
Promise me that you won’t snitch,….
It ‘s not like it’s 10 years ago,
Can’t photograph our love,
No kodak moments of your dick inside,
Fitting me like a glove.

What type a girfriend do you have?
Bet she’s the jealous type,
She’ll find our pics and put your ass on blast,
And facebook fuck our lives.

I know sometimes when you’re alone,
I’m the person on your mind,
And even when you think of maths,
You think of 69.
When you vybin’ on your music,
And what you wanna rap about,
You really want me in your bed,
Just goin’ in and out.

P.S I think I love you,
Remember,..I said THINK so don’t get scared,
But to the hypotheticals,
Reality can’t be compared,.
Like Michael Jackson asked Iman
I’m asking you if you remember,
The time you had me up against the wall,
You were nuthin’ but a youngsta…
Or when we nearly fucked right by
the Washington monument,
Wasn’t bout no dream, or ‘bama speech,
Just the giant in your pants,..

Whooo, PHEW… I need a minute,
I think my panties just got wet,
I gotta go now, but I believe,
That we ain’t finished yet.

As big Boi said..
Baby Baby,..You’re in my system,
Baby Baby Tell me you miss me.


About bak2moi

I am a woman trying to balance motherhood and womanhood, while pursuing her dreams. Hopefully I get to keep at least foot on the ground during the process.
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