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Give of Yourself…

One of the reasons that I’ve been sooo overwhelmed, it this right here. Starting a new shipping company with my business partner of 7 years is no small feat. As with anything new, it took a good deal of time, … Continue reading

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Nerd Swag in Full Effect….

Here’s to embracing your inner nerd. 🙂  I haven’t taken pictures in a while,..not sure why, but these new glasses gave me inspiration. Photo credit goes to my fabulous daughter Genesis. Have a coke and a smile… 😀

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Lemme Distract you with some Food…

Touloulou is one of my favourite restaurants in Antigua. The food is really really good, and it does not put my wallet into cardiac arrest. 🙂 I’ve been kind of M.I.A from the blog, which happens from time to time, … Continue reading

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