Shameless Book Plug

One of my labours of love has manifested in the form of my first novel. I had been previously published, but those projects were poem compilations, which is more of an A.D.D way of writing. Short and intense. A novel requires so much more attention. I suppose a poem compilation is similar to a hot, sweaty one night stand and a novel is an actual realtionship, (not that I’ve ever had a one night stand, be it hot, sweaty or otherwise). lol
“Unexpected” is currently available at Evolution, (every breathing woman in Antigua knows where that is), and Best of Books. Unexpected is also available for purchase via blackbooksplus.com and amazon.com.


3 Responses to Unexpected

  1. Erica says:

    Ok, the amazon surprise me pages got me hooked so am definitely gonna get this book. Looks like a great read 🙂

  2. bajanpoet says:

    Tameka honey… if you get time, you should link to the book pages on Amazon & BlackBooksPlus… make it easier for people to get to the books, rather than having to go search for them ourselves 🙂 That being said, I’m going to look right now, to see if I can find a Kindle version LOL

  3. bajanpoet says:

    Oh and by the way – I nominated you for some blog awards on my latest post 😉

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