The Key….Entire Series

It was as if Evan felt it was some kind of sport to keep on embarrassing her, or at least try to. He seemed so vengeful and hell-bent on making her suffer, but Nadhira had absolutely no clue why. He was the one who ended the relationship in the most dramatic of fashions, he was the one who immediately began another serious relationship publicly within two days of the break up. Insult was then added to injury when he announced his impending nuptials at their quarterly office get together. She didn’t even flinch when all of their co-workers stared at her in shock. There were a few looks of pity, a few looks of slight amusement and a few looks towards him of utter disdain.  Not quite the reaction he was hoping for, but he knew Nadhira was the kind of person who was beyond demure in public, but would quietly fall apart in private. He loved that about her when they were together, but now that they had broken up, he wished that she would act out and become a little bit more of an emotional wreck publicly, just to stroke his ego a little bit. Evan was sick and tired of imagining her pain.

Nadhira had cried for about a day. She thought that was sufficient. Truth be told, their relationship had not been working for a long time, but she was too busy trying too hard to be happy regardless. To be honest, she cried more about feeling embarrassed by the way that he left her, than the fact that he actually did leave her. She sat soaked in her tub, in hot water and foamy suds up to her neck, with a few on top of her head like a sparkly white crown, fluttering through her break up cd selections, thinking about everything. She was supposed to feel bad, but she didn’t.

She felt warm on the inside from the lovely bottle of cheap wine that she was drinking, she felt ticklish on the outside from the millions of popping soap suds, the aroma of vanilla was strong in the air, and the music had her humming. She knew she was over him and she knew she was fine. Her humming turned to full on singing when she heard Trina Broussard’s voice blare out of her speakers.

“Damn, I haven’t listened to this cd in a while.” she whispered.

The only thing about her life that she would consider to suck, would be the fact that she had to work with Evan. She also felt a ridiculous amount of pressure to look better that she ever had, because God forbid she’d have an off day and look less than together, then the rumor around the office would be that she was falling apart because of the break up. The gossip was getting better, at least the reasons flying around the cubicles and water cooler had become less  dramatic and more plausible, though neither of them ever really confirmed why they’d broken up. She actually wasn’t sure what his reasons were, but, whatever the path, the destination to splitsville was the same. It had been a few months and though there was still tension, it was not coming from her.

Everything about being in that tub made her reluctant to get up out of it, but she was beginning to nod off, so she decided against lingering any longer, out of fear that the news paper headline within the next two days would be, ‘Unrequited Love: Young woman drowns herself after long time boyfriend leaves her’. She chuckled at her own thoughts.

Nadhira felt really relaxed. She found that she was still humming and then she realized that she was actually smiling too. Recognizing that she was at a crossroads in her life, she felt like she should put down some of her thoughts on paper, about how she wanted to navigate her life, something that she had not done in a long time.  She had been functioning on auto pilot for a while, but felt present in the moment now and wanted to do something new with her life, though she wasn’t quite sure what that something new was. She got into her night clothes, climbed into her bed, piled two pillows behind her back and her head and reached way back in the drawer on her side table and pulled out her notebook / diary. It hadn’t been written in, in a long time and it had fine cobwebs around the perimeter to prove it. When she opened the book to begin to write, she discovered an unwelcomed book mark. It was a picture of her and Evan and the key to the side door of his apartment. She thought she’d given him everything back.  She studied the picture carefully, still smiling. It was taken at a really happy and promising time in their lives and  he looked so handsome in it.

“No regrets.” she whispered to herself, then wrote it on the page.

Seeing the picture threw her for a bit, so she decided to 86 the self-help, life navigating epistle she had intended on writing, put the key on the side table, so that she would remember to give it to him at work the next day and spread out selfishly on her comfortable king bed and went to sleep almost immediately.

Nadhira made sure to take the key for Evan’s house with her to work the next day. She was going to wait until he either left for lunch, or went into a meeting that she knew would last a while and just put it on his desk and be done with it. She didn’t want to initiate any type of conversation with him, because to her, he was so unreadable, that she didn’t know if he would cause a scene. At around 1 o’clock, she heard him outside of her office talking to his assistant about going to a meeting and taking lunch afterwards, so she was going to use that opportunity to quickly go into his office and put the key and the sticky note saying “didn’t realize I still had it.”

That would be that. Suddenly, the door to her office swung back and he came in and closed her door. She was beyond stunned.

“What did you say to Terah?” Evan snarled.

“Come Again?” she replied not knowing what he was talking about.

“Did you see her in the elevator and say my condolences on your engagement?”

“Are you on glue or something? I have never said a word to your woman. Did she tell you I said something to her?”

“Yes she did! And I know she wouldn’t lie!” Evan replied.

“Evan, you  know me and  I know you know that is something I would never do. I don’t know what crack you been smoking, but you’ve been jekyll-hyding me like a mutha fucka and you need to just chill out with the attitude. As far as I can remember,  you left me, you humiliated me and you moved on to another woman to the point of getting engaged, so why are you acting so injured?! I’ve never said a word to Terah and word to the wise, tell her not to speak my name, ’cause you know me well enough to know I will get militant with that bitch. I don’t know what you think I did and at this point I don’t care anymore. My conscience is clear. You are just puffing up your chest and acting like a fool and holding on to any little thing I did to justify your behaviour, but I’m good. Clearly you’re not. You must miss me or something.”

Nadhira must have touched a couple of nerves, cause Evan closed the gap between them to about an inch and that was the closest they’d been to each other in months. She could smell coffee and toothpaste on his breath. He was still so friggin’ handsome, but all she wanted to do was take the paper weight on her desk and smash it into his face for being such an asshole. For a few seconds, it looked as if he was going to kiss her, but she didn’t know what trip he was on, so she just prayed he didn’t put either his hands or his lips on her.

“I never realized what a smug bitch you are. I’m glad I never asked you to marry me. It must kill yo to see Terah and me together.”

“No it must kill you that I did not fall apart. It must kill you to think that you may have in fact done me a favour. It must kill you to think that you are not even worthy of a reaction out of me, even though you were such an unimaginable bastard. The only thing that kills me, is to see her bamma ass trying to dress like she has any kind of style and pretend to have some substance behind her eyes in that vacuous head of hers. It must kill you that she will never meet my standards. Be warned, never come this close to me again. Be clear, I fuckin’ hate you and be sure to tell her not to let my suit  fool her, because if she ever steps to me sideways or speaks my name in a negative way, that it’s going to take a dentist to surgically remove my louboutins from her mouth, after I shove my foot up her ass. Are we done here?”

Evan looked at Nadhira’s spiked heels, , swallowed hard for various reasons, but mostly because he knew that she was indeed very serious about what she said. He stomped out of her office feeling very unsatisfied by the outcome of the conversation he’d just had.

Nadhira slammed her door behind him. She looked at the key to his apartment and picked it up and threw it in her waste paper basket. After a few minutes, she reached into the bin to retrieve it. That key was going to come in handy some day, maybe sooner than she imagined…….

The Key….Part 2

She  was beyond pissed. It was probably the most worked up she’d gotten about the break-up. Nadhira felt defeated. She wanted to remain even keeled about the whole ordeal, keeping her evil thoughts to herself, but she suspected their little altercation a few moments prior in her office, not only changed the game, but upped the ante. She heard a bugs bunny voice go….

Nadhira began pacing back and forth in her office. She looked at the plans for the new school she was working on that were on her desk and decided to call it a day, because if she tried to continue, she would completely  fuck them up. Her chest began to get tight and her pulse and heart rate were racing as if she had been working out. It was a familiar feeling, though she hadn’t experienced it in months. She started taking deep precise breaths, trying to calm herself down and talk herself out of thinking she was having a heart attack. He succeeded. Transference of negative emotions. That son-of-a-bitch was successfully able to put his bullshit on her plate. She shook her head, mad at herself for not just telling him to get out of her office.

Nadhira undid three buttons for her shirt, pulled it down around her waist and took off her bra, expecting some relief from the tightness in her chest. The deep breaths barely worked and she knew she needed fresh air. She threw her bra on the desk, quickly pulled her shirt back up before anyone entered her office and then sat on the sofa by the window to try to gather herself. It was reminiscent of how she had been feeling the last few months of their relationship. Nadhira would wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat, whether she was at home in her own bed, or at his place. She would have to run to the bathroom and splash cold water on her face, get a drink of water and try to calm herself down for at least a half hour before she could go back to bed. She had seen 3 different doctors about it, expecting at least one of them to tell her she was having some kind of heart problem, but they all confirmed what each other said. Anxiety attacks, with prompt prescriptions for ‘calm down crazy people pills’ as she would call them. She never filled any and had all three prescriptions in her bag to prove it. She never told Evan about it and if he noticed, he’d never said anything to her, which was fine by her, as talking about it was the last thing she wanted to do.

Nadhira was done for the day. She needed fresh air and staying in the office was not an option, as she desperately feared having an attack in front of anyone. She grabbed her bag, stuffed her bra down inside it, picked up Evan’s key, then shut  down her computer .   Everything was left exactly as it was. Nothing was more important than her health. On her way out, she told her assistant that she was calling it a day, then went to Mason Craig’s office, who was one of the senior partners,  to let him know she was leaving, as she had some personal business to take care of.

“Are you ok?” He asked genuinely concerned.

Nadhira was not one to call in sick, come in late, leave early or miss any deadline, so he was more than a little shocked.

“I’m good. Something just came up. I may come back in later this evening though, if I can’t get any work done at home.” She replied.

Mason stared at her, trying to keep his thoughts professional. It had always been difficult for him, as most times when they were having a conversation, he envisioned her coming to his office, clearing the clutter off his desk in one dramatic sweep and bending her over it. He shook his head to shake the steamy thoughts away, but his eyes could not focus on anything but her chest. She did not re-fasten all of the buttons, the most critical button of all, and all Mason could see was the flesh of her breasts, that looked kind of glowing and sweaty.

“Go. Just go. You don’t need to come back until tomorrow. Clearly something is up and you need to handle it. Just lemme know if you need more time.” He said sweetly.

He meant it. He genuinely did like her. He thought she was a very smart woman and a real asset to the company, but she was also ‘hot as fuck’, so in the end, even though she had the smarts and was his intellectual equal, all he wanted to do was divide her across his desk. He was even thrilled when he heard the gossip about her and Evan being broken up. He always thought Evan was a bit of an uptight asshole, and that Nadhira could do much better with somebody like him. He could just never work up the nerve to tell her how he felt. There was also the little issue of his wife.

“Thanks Mason.” she said and left.

As she walked away, he watched her from her heels to the top of her head. He even wanted to lick the red bottoms of her shoes. Mason followed behind her until he got to the threshold of his office door, then gave her a final wave as the elevator door closed eliminating her from his sight, but not his mind.

When Nadhira got to her vehicle, she put her bag on the floor of the passenger side, put the key to Evan’s place in her glove box, then took the top off her jeep. She needed to suck in all the air that she could into her lungs. She never appreciated her car purchase more than at that moment.

Her tires screeched as she pulled out of  her parking spot. She had no idea where she was going, she was just going. A couple of minutes into the drive, she noticed that the tightness was gone and that she didn’t have to try to breathe. She grabbed a cd off of the holder on the sun visor and popped it in.  A smile promptly emerged on her lips when the music started to play. She hit re-wind and let the system do what it was meant to do.

Her set was sounding awesome. If her car seat was masculine, it would have been very happy at that moment, because as she was driving, she was twerking it. Without realizing it, she was taking the extremely long and scenic route to her house. This was when she loved driving most. Not too many cars on the road, just long stretches without obstruction, and very few assholes on the road to invoke road rage. She felt good. She never, ever just took off and shirked her responsibilities before, but this felt damn good. By the time she passed Jolly Harbour and Sugar Ridge, she felt completely relaxed.

Maybe having a good afternoon was really too much to ask after all, because all of a sudden …

“Oh shit!” she screamed.

This was gonna be bad……

Nadhira floored the brakes when she saw a silver motorcycle  shoot across to her side of the road. The tightness across her chest immediately came back and she held her breath. She closed her eyes, praying to God that whatever just happened, that the rider on the motorcycle would be alright. When she realized that her vehicle was at a complete stop, and that she was still alive, she opened her eyes. She never felt a bang, or heard the sound of things crashing together, so she concluded that there was no impact. When she saw the rider was still on the bike and intact, she was immediately relieved, then full of rage.  Suddenly she felt heavy drops of water sprinkling all over her and the interior of her jeep.

“What the fuck?!” she said out loud.

It wasn’t rain. She was fuming inside thinking ,

“Am I in such bad shape that I have my own personal rain clouds like in those cartoons. Can this be happening right now?”

Then she heard…

“Yo Yo Yo,..tun off the pipe, tun off the pipe, tun off the pipe!” yelled out in rapid succession, by the man on the motorcycle.

She looked to the right and saw two guys, scrambling with an extremely large, anaconda like looking hose. It looked like they had been washing down some trucks and they were both soaked head to toe. Eventually, the water bombs stopped hitting her and she jumped out her vehicle, ready to go batshit crazy on everybody. Nadhira stormed up to the helmeted rider no holds barred.

“What the fuck man?! Are you some kinda scunt? You min day a try fu kill yaself or kill me?” She yelled.

He was kind of stunned by the level of vulgarity she was spewing, because at first glance, she looked like a polished lady. She looked beautiful. He also only heard half of what she was saying, because his eyes were fixed on her breasts, that were completely visible through the newly wet fabric of her shirt. He couldn’t speak. He lifted off the helmet to stare at her without obstruction.

Nadhira swallowed her spit and the other curse words that were ready to come out of her mouth when she saw his face. The only thought that came to her head was,

“Oh ma panty crutch!”

She took a step back and stopped arguing. For the first time since she jumped out of her jeep in a rage, she heard everything else but her voice. A few people came on their galleries when they heard the screeching brakes, the commotion of the guys fighting with the hose, her bougie/Antiguan cussing and the loud music from her jeep. When they realized that there were no blood and guts, they quickly dispersed. All he could hear now was the music coming from her sound system and see was her standing there looking extremely fuckable. He should’ve been shaken up by almost getting pummelled by her very large vehicle, but all he wanted was to know her name. Who was this very expensive, bougie looking girl standing in front of him, with a wet shirt, perfect tits and still the good sense to listen to Vybez Kartel.

“What’s your name?” he asked.

“Huh?” she replied.

“What’s your name?” he asked again.

She promptly brought back up her guard.

“Why? So you can try to find me and finish off the job.”

He then realized that he never apologized for what happened. He had just gotten the bike and was testing it out and was really just learning its intricacies. He didn’t expect that it would bolt off the way it did. It would have been a very tragic accident had she waited one more second to hold her brakes and not ride up on the sidewalk.

He put on his best non dialect.

“I’m real sorry miss. I don’t know what I can do, I don’t know what else I can say.”

All she was thinking about was what he looked like naked. He leaned the bike up on its stand and dismounted. He was about 6′-3″ when completely erect. When he stood over her she felt moist, and not from the hose incident either. He extended his hand and took her palm to shake it, but he ended up just holding it. Neither of them could speak. She was supposed to be mad and raising all hell like satan, but he just out the angry fire inside her and lit another kind of fire. After a few seconds, she concluded that she was standing in the street holding a perfect stranger’s hand, so she yanked it away and folded her arms. It was only then she realized that he could see through her blouse.

Out of nowhere, a black MR pulled up next to them. The guy driving, stuck his head out the window and yelled.

“Yow Dillon, everything safe?”

Dillon looked at her and asked,

“Are you ok?”

Yes, no harm no foul. Thank God, we’re fine. I gotta go. Just make sure you learn to ride that damn thing where there are no cars around please.” Nadhira said shaking her head.

She turned to leave, but he grabbed her arm gently.

“You’re not gonna tell me your name?”

She hesitated for a few seconds, then told him. She gently pulled her hand away, then went back to the jeep. He got back on the bike a slowly rode it back to the right where the other guys were, so that she could move. As she drove off, shaken and stirred, she looked in her side mirror so that she could get a last glimpse of him.

“Fuck me!” she said to herself.

He may have been the most beautiful looking guy she’d ever seen.

As she drove her fancy, un-scratched, black jeep away from him, he noted the license plate number.

“Dillon who da gyal?” his friend asked.

“I dunno, but I will find out.” He said….

The Key…. Part 3

When Nadhira got home, she went straight to her bedroom, tossed her handbag into a corner, then flopped down unto her bed. The tiredness she felt was probably comparable to that of a railroad track builder. Her shoulders were tight and she felt burdened by her thoughts, which were all over the place. There were no logical explanations for her to be this physically tired. None. She didn’t have to either lift, pull, push, carry or toss heavy things, or anything for that matter, for a  living, but her body sure did feel like she did. She didn’t know what was going on with her and there really wasn’t anyone she could talk to about it. Unfortunately, on her quest for success, she managed to only make decent acquaintances along the way, never really a true keeper friend, and there was no way she was going to talk to her mother about how she was feeling.

Though Nadhira’s mother was very proud of her daughter’s academic achievements while she was growing up and happy that she was doing financially well, she had always considered Nadhira’s crowning achievement to be snagging Evan. Imagine that. A woman’s psyche can be so complicated, that one that was maternally attached to another, could still consider their female child’s best accomplishment, was not building her own home without the help of a man before she was 30, or building a home for her own mother, or beating out a stellar group of applicants for a job that paid beyond a scope either of them could have ever wished for, or being just a truly nice and decent human being, who for the most part only brought accolades to her parents about their child rearing skills, but having a man who was just barely said child’s equal. This bothered Nadhira to her core. If she called her mother, the only thing she would have said to her would be…

“Call Evan nuh. Tell him you still love him and ask him to take you back.”

That was a heaping smelly pile of bullshit right there and Nadhira wanted no part of that, especially with the way she was feeling.

She had always heard about people being at a crossroads in their lives, but this would probably be the first time she’d ever come across any. The thing about Nadhira, was that she always had clear set goals and back-up plans, should set goals fall through. Evan had been an integral part of her life for a few years now and initially she thought he was ‘The One’.

They had met at Antigua State College and had always had brief, but pleasant passing interactions. They really connected however, in art class and soon became inseparable. Their only extended time apart, was when they went to two different universities in the United Sates. They were however both in the same state, so were still able to physically connect and keep the relationship fire burning. After they completed their studies, they both returned to Antigua. Evan scored a job quickly at Taft Craig & Shields Architecture firm, while Nadhira taught art at her old high school for the first year upon returning. She loved teaching, but the pay sucked and she had bills to pay, so when Evan told her about a couple of openings at the firm where he worked, she applied and was thrilled to get a job. They’d never worked directly with each other, which was perfect for them, as they didn’t want to end up getting sick of each other, due to  constantly having to be in each other’s space.  All was well in Evan and Nadhira land.

Evan was so handsome. Even her mother thought he was a walking GQ Magazine. He was extremely intelligent and very driven. In her mind, she had graphed out their relationship successes, even keying in when they would get married, start their family and then open their own business together. The problem was however, that after a while, Evan began to look good only on paper. Technically, he was supposed to be her perfect match, but after getting over the initial ‘I’m so very much in love with you’ honeymoon phase of the relationship, she recognized that he could be a real asshole at times. Also, what started to bother Nadhira, was that he acted as if he was born with a  silver spoon in his mouth and tried to get her to act that way too. He had started to succeed, but she began to hate herself a little bit more each day. The relationship was stifling the life and the joy out of her. Evan was way more spontaneous and fun-loving in the initial stages of their relationship, but over the years, he’d become consumed with trying to climb the social ladder. The people he was trying to rub shoulders with, were not people Nadhira would even want to set foot past her front gate. They may have had money and social clout, but as her late father used to say, “A turd in a suit is still a turd.”

Nadhira was proud of her background, struggle and all. It made her the person she was, but anyone never knowing Evan as a child, would have thought he grew up in a mansion with maids and not that his mother was one, and worked her ass off to help him become the man that he was. Nadhira wished for her father to just manifest out of thin air, hold her in his arms and calm her until she fell asleep. He was such a good man and he was taken from her life far too soon.

Though Evan had begun to really chip away at  her, she never really entertained thoughts about leaving him beyond 10 minutes , because on paper things seemed technically to be as they should be . She was just too busy trying to be happy, to actually do what was really going to make her happy. She knew him leaving her was the best thing to have happened to her in a long time, but she’d never gotten around to the relationship back-up plan. So now she felt as if she was faltering. She wasn’t really shocked that he ended up going out with someone like Terah. She was pretty, she came from a very wealthy and respected family, so she knew that was a major step for him on his social-climbing quest. What confused Nadhira about her though, was that even though Terah came from all of that money, she was just never on pointe. She seemed to try really hard in the fashion department, but she was just always off somehow. The clothes she wore may have been expensive, but she still managed to look cheap in them. The one thing that Nadhira was surprised to find out about Terah, was that it took her 6 times to pass her bar exam and that even though she was now technically a lawyer, her father only had her doing clerical things at his law firm, which unfortunately was on the third floor of the same building that she worked in.

Gossip is a helluva thing. Nadhira had only ever seen that girl in the elevator occasionally when they were both going to and fro about their business, and never knew didly squat about her. From the moment Evan and her had broken up, she had heard Terah’s life story from just water cooler chat in the office. The only thing about her relationship demise that she found a little difficult to take, was the way it had ended. Evan had started talking to and seeing that Terah person, probably close to a year  before he ended things with her. It disgusted her that he was more than likely sleeping with both of them at the same time. She was just really thankful that she was always adamant about using condoms with him, though she was more trying to stick to her plan about when they should have kids and not save herself from a disease.

Things had really begun to unravel about fourteen months prior, after the firm had a position available only being offered to existing employees. Nadhira’s name was thrown in the ring, because she had been performing remarkably, and worked a  few major projects. She was very surprised and elated to get the position and most people seemed happy for her. She however noticed, that the person who was supposed to be her biggest champion and the one who should have been so proud of her, couldn’t muster anything more that congratulations. That job was apparently like getting a fast track to possible partnership in the firm and though he wanted  his woman to be successful, Evan wasn’t trying to have her outshine him. It was the beginning of the end.

Nadhira was so tired, she couldn’t even find the strength to take a shower. She took her clothes off and threw them into her laundry hamper, heated up the slice of extra cheese pizza that had been in her fridge for a few days, had it for her dinner, then washed her face and brushed her teeth. She didn’t have to wash and freshen anything for anybody, and she felt like just laying in her funk and feeling miserable. She jumped into bed in just her panties and cacooned herself beneath her fleece comforter. When she turned off the night-light, she thought about three things. How she must really be depressed, because she can’t recall going to bed before 10 o’clock since she’d been a child, how she dreaded going to work now and the beautiful face of that guy named Dillon who nearly had her killed earlier in the day. She smiled.

After tossing around in her bed trying to invoke sleep, she grabbed the remote for her stereo and turned and pressed play, hoping what came out would have been soothing enough to lull her to sleep.

Nadhira considered taking Mason’s offer of taking some time off. She thought about just not going in from the following day, but figured instead of taking a leave where she would still be doing work from home, she would finish the project she was working on, then take an official vacation. That was the last thought she had before drifting off to sleep.

The next morning she woke up feeling really refreshed. There really was something amazing about going to sleep early. She felt energized, however, the closer it got to time for her to leave for work, the more drained and unwilling to leave the house she felt.

“Suck it up chica.” she said to herself.

When Nadhira got to work, she went directly to her office. She’d gotten in around 7:30am and most of the staff was not there yet, which was exactly how she liked it. She hunkered down at her computer and was getting some serious work done, but then she started feeling kind of nauseated. She didn’t have any breakfast, so the gas was kicking in. It was 11:45 am before she showed her face to the rest of the office population. Nadhira went to the staff lunch room to make some hot tea. She chit chatted for a bit to her assistant, who was in there having an early lunch, then headed back towards her office. It was then she got the shock of her life. Down the hall on the way to her office, she saw something so familiar, it felt like she got punched in her stomach. Evan stood holding his fiance’s hand laughing and talking to Glen Taft, who was one of the partners. The shock was not seeing Evan and Terah be affectionate to each other however.

It was that Terah was wearing her clothes. Clothes that she had left behind at Evan’s, but never bothered to pick-up, then subsequently forgot about . Nadhira felt her skin get hot, and she felt a muscle throbbing in her neck. She also noticed the large ceramic cup in her hand with hot tea shake, til the liquid inside looked as if it was going to erupt.


The Key….Part 4


A black, pencil, knee length, skirt, with a zebra stripe and a fitted short sleeve black cardigan with a thin coloured trim around the sleeve. Nadhira was just thankful at that moment, that she didn’t leave any shoes behind. She began to breathe deeply to try to calm herself, but it wasn’t working. Not even a little bit. Her mind was telling her to stay calm, to remember where she was, but her body seemed to be moving involuntarily.

It should have taken about 15 steps to get to where they were standing, but Nadhira took about 5 stallion strides before she was right up on them. She said nothing to any of them, even when Glen Taft greeted her.  The next thing she knew, Terah was screaming at the hot tea running down her chest. Nadhira threw the ceramic at Evan hoping it would split his face open, while she grabbed Terah in the throat and backed her up the hall, away from where they all originally stood.

“Why would you wear my clothes you silly twat?!  Why?! She said that at the top of her lungs.

The folks who had been busy about the office doing their jobs, all stopped and looked in horror at the spectacle. Terah was screaming for Evan to come to her rescue, but what she did not know, was that Evan backed away from all fights. He was not going to let anyone hit him in the face and ruin it. He avoided confrontation at all cost. Evan knew for a fact that Nadhira would fuck him up, because he knew how vile she could be and how physically strong she was and of course he had his image and reputation to think of. He watched in horror as the woman he loved, woman handle the woman he was going to marry. He was completely stupified. He could hear the brawl music in his head as he watched Nadhira, with all of his muscles clenched.

Glen Taft stood there with a semi-hard on, at the sight of the two women engaged in their kerfluffle. What was it about two women going at it that intrigued men so? Even the ones who were supposed to be intellectual and above it all. Nadhira finally had Terah backed up into a wall and she held one hand in her neck and began ripping at the buttons of her once favourite sweater.

“You have got to be the craziest bitch I know. Why would you put my clothes on? Does this seem sane to you?”

Terah was unable to speak as she was being seriously choked. Her eyes danced wildly, trying to connect with Nadhira’s and plea for mercy. She barely put up a fight. Nadhira thought her lack of fight was pitiful and that she was indeed perfect for Evan ‘Don’t touch my face’ Walker.

“Nadhira…. Nadhira….Nadhira!!

“Huh?!” she replied startled by her assistant.

“Where were you just now?”

Nadhira shook her head, realizing that her attack on the clothes stealing bitch was all in her head. She was still standing there in shock at the thought of another woman doing something so unbelievably questionable. Especially a woman with money and access to probably more than she had. She shook her head in disbelief.

“Dhira, ana ya skirt dat da gyal hab on?”  Natalie her assistant asked.

Natalie could barely contain her laughter.

“Wait dey, ah you blouse dat too?”

Natalie was normally very proper, but during juicy gossip, the Antiguan dialect would fly out uncontrollably.

Natalie began laughing soo hard she felt out of breath. Nadhira felt the corners of her lips curve upwards at the absurdity of the entire situation before her. Before she knew it, she was laughing too.

“Evan got himself a real fine psycho there. Didn’t she think somebody would realize? It doesn’t even fit her right. She has absolutely no ass or hips.” Natalie said.

Nadhira and Natalie never had those types of conversations. They had a great working relationship, and Natalie respected her and loved her style. They usually kept it professional, but because Nadhira had no hard edges and was so easy to talk to, they did have moments where they’d both let their guards down and have a good laugh. Now was one of those moments.

Mr. Taft, Evan and Terah could hear Natalie laughing her ass off in the distance and turned around to see what was cause for the hysterics. Nadhira grabbed Natalie’s hand and lead her back into the lunch room. When they got back into the room, she set her tea down and just began to laugh uncontrollably. She laughed so hard tears came out of her eyes. It was at least 5 minutes before she regained her composure. By the time she and Natalie resurfaced, the hallway was clear, and they both headed back to Natalie’s cubicle just outside Nadhira’s office.

“Do you think he realized what she was wearing?” Natalie asked.

“I would really love to say no, but he had to. He knows that I design some of my own clothes and have them custom made, and he was really familiar with that skirt, because he used to compliment me on the the way the stripe swirled across my behind. I don’t know why he would let her do this, because it just makes them both look so stupid. Most people on this floor will recognize that skirt, even if they don’t remember the sweater so much.”  Nadhira replied.

“Well, before the end of the day, I’ll tell you what I heard about little miss swagger jacker. I’m sure it will be good.”  Natalie said snickering.

“Honestly Natalie, I don’t wanna know anything about that headcase. But thank you. I needed to laugh today, and boy did I laugh.”

Nadhira went into her office and closed her door. She sat behind her desk with a very slight smile, swiveling her chair, thinking about Terah walking around wearing one of her personal designs, completely clueless that what she had intended, which was probably to get a serious rise out of her, had completely back fired. Everyone knew she was a fraud now and it was all due to her own confirmation.  Nadhira knew she had a few other articles of clothing at Evan’s and she wanted them. She didn’t need to see Terah in another one of her pieces to realize that she had to get them all back. They weren’t just clothes to her. It was one of her secret passions. Designing them and seeing them come life gave her just as much of a thrill as seeing one of her buildings built. Nadhira decided to stay put in her office for the rest of the day. She ordered a pizza late in the afternoon for her and Natalie, sat at her desk and ate.

They both left late that evening around 6:30pm and by then, most of the people had left. When they got to the parking lot, she saw Evan driving off alone, which was strange, because he always left with Terah, regardless of the time. Natalie then informed her, that the talk got back to Terah about the one of a kind nature of the skirt that she was wearing, that looked exactly like the one that belonged to Nadhira and she had felt so embarrassed, that she left early. They both shook their heads and had one final chuckle, then went to their vehicles.

Nadhira was not in the mood to cook anything, so she called and ordered some chinese food just before she left her office. She headed directly to the New Thriving Chinese restaurnat on Airport Road to pick up her dinner. As she pulled up in the parking lot, she realized that she still had another 10 minutes before her food was going to be ready, so she leaned her seat back and closed her eyes. She reclined comfortably for a few minutes, but was startled by a tapping on her glass. She was pleasantly surprised to see the beautiful face of the guy who nearly got them both killed.

She didn’t want to seem happy to see him, so she tried to remain steely and indifferent, but inside she was thrilled and her heart was racing….

Somehow, the song playing on her stereo seemed more than appropriate. 😀

The Key…. Part 5

….She sat up from her reclined position and slowly turned the volume for her car stereo down. Nadhira reminded herself not to smile.

“Nice to see you again.” He said with a gorgeous colgate smile plastered across his face.

“It is?” She asked surprised.

“Yeah, why wouldn’t it be?” He asked.

“We didn’t exactly meet under the best of circumstances, if I recall. Unless almost killing a woman is your idea of excitement and an awesome way to meet chicks.” Nadhira replied sarcastically.

“It’s not the way I normally try to get a woman’s attention, but with you, it doesn’t really matter how I met you. I’m just glad I did.” Dillon replied, wide beautiful smile still in tact.

She smirked slightly.

“I saw that.” He said.

“Saw what?” She replied.

“Your smile. At least your attempt to try and not smile.”

“You think that I’m forcing myself to not smile?”

Dillon stared at her without blinking. He thought she was extraordinary. His look unnerved her to her core, causing her feet to shuffle restlessly and her gaze to be all over on everything else, except his beautiful face.

“No bike tonight?” She asked with sarcasm still in tact.

“No, no bike tonight. I’m driving my truck.” He gestured towards a silver  pick-up truck.

“Very Nice. I’m assuming you got here without mowing down any innocent pedestrians or your fellow vehicular transported road mates.” She said in a soft cheeky voice.

Her smile could not be hidden anymore.

“I promise you, I am a very good driver and truth be told, I’m not too bad on a two-wheeler either. You just caught me at a bad time, but maybe one of these days, you’ll let me take you out and you can judge for yourself.” He said in a very serious tone,  smile remained.

“Take me out where? And I hope you don’t think I would ever get on the back of one of those death traps?” Nadhira replied.

Motorcycles petrified her. She admired how beautiful they looked, and thought most men looked very sexy on them, but she preferred to be an onlooker and shunned the idea of ever being a passenger on one.

“I would love to take you out on my bike, but if it makes you uncomfortable, we can just go out in my truck.” 

“Wait a minute! I was unaware I was giving you an option. What makes you think I’m going to go anywhere with you?”

Nadhira was chuckling at this point, trying to contain herself and mask how much she was really diggin’ his presence and conversation. She quickly glanced at the time on her dashboard and realized that she could go inside and get her food. She politely asked him to ease back as she rolled her windows up, switched off her car and grabbed her handbag in order to exit. When she descended from her jeep, he had only stepped back far enough so that she could open the door a portion of its way to get out. She turned to close the door and when she turned back around, he wasn’t more than 6 inches away from her toe to toe. God he was built like a brick shit house.  He was solid and fine and tall and beautiful and handsome and she wanted to say to him, ‘Please take me in the back seat of your pick-up truck’ but all she said was,

“I think my food is ready. I’m assuming you are here to pick up food also, so I’m guessing yours is ready too.” 

“Actually no. I recognized your jeep and your plates, and I really wanted to see you.”

“What if I hadn’t been the driver? What if my man had been driving?”

His heart sunk a little. He knew that the odds were that she WOULD have a man, but he hoped that God was smiling upon him and that she wouldn’t. After all, he had prayed and asked God that if she did have a man, that he would not run into her again. He had hoped his prayers were answered when he saw her jeep driving into the parking lot of the restaurant.

“You’re seeing someone?”

Nadhira hesitated for a few seconds. She thought she may have been seeing things, but she could have sworn she saw disappointment slap him across his face, when she alluded to having a man.

“No, I’m not.” She said with a soft smile.

Dillon breathed a sigh of relief.

“Good. I prayed that you didn’t. I just didn’t want to have to go through all of the drama of having to take you away from someone.”

She began to laugh.

“You believed that you would have succeeded?” She asked, marveling at his confidence.

“I KNOW that I would have succeeded, because I know that you have probably been thinking about me, almost as much I have been thinking about you.”

He was right. But she was not about to confirm or deny. Dillon stared her up and down trying to decide what he loved most about the way she looked. He grinned at the outrageous pair of shoes she was wearing, which made her look almost as tall as his 6′-3″ frame, but when he stared again at her face, he decided that it was her smile. He also couldn’t get her breasts out of his mind, from since the day she got soaked after their accident, but he tried his best not to focus on her chest while he stood in front of her, because it was definitely not polite to get a noticeable hard-on in front of a woman who you are trying to get to take you seriously.

“How do you walk in those shoes?” he asked.

She averted her glance from his beautifully chiseled face to her feet and smiled.

“Practice I guess.”

Nadhira began to feel very uneasy about his closeness. Not because he was too close, but because she rather liked it and in some ways wished he was closer. She took one step back, then angled away from him towards the restaurant, than began to walk. He followed along side her. When she got to the counter, and asked for her order, she was told that her order had been accidentally given to another customer and that hers would be done in a few minutes. A couple of apologies and head bows later, she decided to just have a seat at one of the tables to wait. Dillon joined her. A pretty waitress came over and asked them if they wanted to stay, instead of taking the food to go as in the original order and Dillon instructed her that they would stay. Nadhira shook her head at his presumptuous nature, but was happy to sit in his presence for a bit longer. He was making her smile on the inside. Something that she hadn’t done in a while.

Nadhira and Dillon talked, laughed, argued, laughed, got to know each other and laughed some more, over so really good chinese food.

Nearly two hours had passed and two bellies filled. In the end, there were two empty plates, two empty glasses, and stories were shared that neither of them had ever expected to talk about. He got a bit of the Evan and Terah scoop, which was when a lot of the laughing happened and she got a bit about what really happened the day they nearly crashed into each other, his amicable break up with his last girlfriend a few months ago, how accomplished and smart he was, how spontaneous he was and how much she truly enjoyed his company.

They both decided that they needed to get home before the niggeritis set in, so he escorted her back to her car. They stood in almost the exact same spot as before they went inside. Dillon felt a sudden rush of bravery, then leaned in to kiss her. Nadhira was  about to let him, but just as his lips were about to touch hers, she turned her face away and he caught the corner of her mouth.

“I had a really nice time.” He said smiling

“I did as well.” She replied. She wanted to say soo much more though.

“Make sure you don’t lose my number.” He said.

She tapped the outside pocket of her bag where her blackberry was and assured him that she wouldn’t. She unlocked her car and Dillon opened her door  and held her bag so the she could get in comfortably. He handed it back to her after she was seated and said goodnight.

He watched her drive slowly out if the parking lot and after she was out of his sight, he looked at his phone with her number still on the screen and said..

“Thank you God”.

His only dilemma was whether or not he should call her when he got home that same night….

After all, a brother didn’t want to appear desperate.. 😀

The Key….Part 6

“O God, why couldn’t I just be a slut?” She said to herself as she pulled into her driveway. She wished that she was escorting him into her home at that very moment.

Before she got into a comfortable lazy zone, she removed her work clothes, took them into her laundry room, then headed directly for the  shower. Nadhira knew that if she had only put her head down, she would have instantly passed out from the ‘itis’.

She had hoped that the shower would not only wash the days hardships and built up dirt from her, but also thoughts of him from her mind. Incredibly vivid, lustful thoughts that she could not bear. It had been a long time since she’d last felt Evan, but the days of missing his touch were long past. She busied herself with her life and was surprisingly content in her single-hood, but this Dillon Micheal person, who had served up some of his life story over their impromptu dinner, stirred about her mind and her loins, making her extremely uncomfortable. She wished she could just fall asleep to stop thinking about him. She picked up her phone and stared at his number for the longest time, then rested it next to her pillow, as if it was her lover, staring at it wanting. After she could no longer stomach the sound of her own heavy breathing mixed with the loudness of nothing, she turned on her stereo. Every time she did, she thanked God for the wisdom and foresight to have it hooked up through surround sound, so that no matter what room she was in, she could feel as if she was in a concert hall, should she please.

Nadhira stared at her phone’s screen, willing it to ring, but the last thing she noted on it before she drifted off into sleep, was the time of 11:27pm.

The next morning when she woke up, she looked at the screen to check the time to make sure she hadn’t overslept. Not only did she have time for another 45 minutes of snoozing, she saw a little envelope flashing.

“Thank you for last night, hope you slept well.”

She grinned from ear to ear. Nadhira then grabbed one of the cold unused pillows on her bed and put it between her legs and squeezed them shut. She began to snicker to herself as she slowly realized, that she was hornier than the brass section of a jazz band. She began to hum a song that she considered to be corny as hell, but just as much of a sexy guilty pleasure.

She laid there with her big fluffy pillow crushed between her legs, like prey being tended to by an anaconda, wishing for a big, stiff sumthin’, instead of a big, soft pillow.

‘What is this guy doing to me?’ she thought.

Nadhira cordially replied to his text, even sending a smiley face at the end of it. After it registered as successfully sent, she typed

‘I am sooo friggin’ horny!’, wishing she could send that to him as well.

Nadhira rolled over, intent on getting  the extra sleep that waking up a little too early allowed, wondering how she was going to quell the fire that began to burn hot inside her.

When her alarm went off, she got up, made her bed then went into the shower. She still didn’t wash him away though. He made her feel giddy and weird inside, something that she hadn’t in a while. She stood in the middle of her closet looking left and right. Normally she would stand staring at the right side, because that’s where her ‘take me seriously mutha fuckas’ sexy work clothes were, and the left side was her, ‘I’m still a girly girl’  clothes. She was unconsciously having a lickle wine to some Krosfyah, as she got ready to go in to work.

She felt nice. A ‘just smoke a spliff’ nice. An ‘I have something to look forward to’ nice. It was nice to feel nice. Nadhira turned to the left and began to eye a pretty floral frock and self debated.

“Yeah I’m gonna.” she said, smiling to herself and bubbled out of the closet to go and get dressed.

At work, for Nadhira, it was always earth tones, or dark colours with only hints or splashes of brightness.  Today she felt incredibly sunny and hopeful and she wanted to project that. She was more than satisfied with what she saw, when she looked in the mirror. She was a little bit worried that the length of her skirt was too short, but she dismissed that thought after about 15 seconds.

From the moment she stepped off the elevator and made her way down the hall, everything seemed to go in slow motion for Evan. He had been having a conversation with Mason Craig and mid-sentence, he completely lost his train of thought and stopped speaking. Even Mason lost focus as they saw her striding in their direction, looking beautiful like a floral Pegasus. She acknowledged them with a nod  as she passed and her vanilla scent bitch slapped them both into fantasy land. When Nadhira was no longer in their view, they both stared at each other for a few seconds without saying another word, but very much having the exact same thought, then headed for their respective offices to have necessary alone time.

“Jesus Christ! Do you have a hot date today ‘Dhira?” Natalie asked.

“No I don’t.”  she replied.

“You should. You look freakin’ awesome.” Natalie said, while staring at her boss, thinking for a few seconds, that she could possibly switch over to the other side.

“Thank You.” She could feel a warmth over her cheeks.

Nadhira went to her desk, checked her cell phone to see if Dillon texted her. She was disappointed when she didn’t  see the little flashing envelope, but she just shook it off, said oh well, removed herself from cloud nine, then began cranking out some serious work.

After about three hours, Nadhira heard a light knock on her door and in came Natalie with a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

“Now I see why you look extra pretty today. You met someone!”

“More like I ran into someone.” Nadhira snickered.

“Come again?” Natalie asked curiously.

“Long Story.”

“Who are they from?”

“Lemme check and see before I get my hopes up and it’s just some random fool.”

Nadhira pulled out the card and read it, quickly letting out a quick gasp of horror, shaking her head. She didn’t know if to laugh or cry.

“What’s the matter?” Natalie asked.

“I’m fine. I swear. Gimme a few minutes.”

Natalie now more curious than ever, reluctantly left. Nadhira sat at her desk unable to function. The flowers were from Dillon just like she’d hoped, but the message on the card made her want to shit twice, then die. She stared at the words, waiting for them to change and read something else. She even shook the card to see if she was dreaming, but alas, the words still read..

“These are just to brighten your day, But if you let me, I can take the horny away.” Followed by a big smiley face.

After about a minute, she grabbed her cell phone and checked her sent messages. To her horror, her last sent message was to Dillon and it read ‘I am sooo friggin’ horny!’ She wondered how she would ever be able to look him in the face again.

Her cell began to ring while she stared at the message. It was her mom. Nadhira welcomed the distraction for about two minutes, then her mother began to press her about Evan. The beep on the other line was a welcomed out, so she rushed her mother off the phone, by telling her she had an important call coming in and quickly switched over.

“Nadhira speaking.”

“Did you get my flowers?”

OH SHIT! she thought. Outta the frying pan into the fire.

She was frozen. She frantically searched her mind for the right words to respond to him but nothing would come. Dillon could not contain his laughter anymore. He’d been having spontaneous bursts of laughter from the moment he received  her text. He figured that she sent it unintentionally and could only imagine how she must have been beside herself. He hoped that she was not trying to send it to another man and accidentally sent it to him instead, but he was doubtful about that scenario.

His infectious laughter had the corners of her mouth quivering. She listened to what she could only describe, as a laughter of pure joy and in the end, she couldn’t stop herself from following suit.

“Dillon, I’m so sorry.”

“Sorry for what?” 

“That text I sent you was sooo inappropriate. I honestly had no intention of sending that to anyone.”

“Was it true? Is that how you feel?

She couldn’t believe he wouldn’t just let it slide. She really didn’t want to talk about her sex life, or lack thereof in this case.

“Are you really doing this to me right now?”

“What am I doing. I am asking you a question that I would love to know the answer to.”

Nadhira hesitated for a moment, not really wanting to go down that road with him, but decided to just give up and answer, as he didn’t seem like the type to give up.

“Look, Evan and I haven’t been together in a long time. Even before we officially broke up, we had stopped being intimate. I’ve been fine. I didn’t even really miss him. Honestly, I don’t miss him now. I guess my physical just doesn’t feel like being compatible with my emotional.  My body is betraying me. “

She began to snicker.

“No it’s  not. You need someone.”

“I don’t need someone. I’m sure if I bought myself a dildo, I’d fix that shit right quick.”

Nadhira could not believe she said that out loud. It’s just that she absolutely detested anyone telling her that she needed a man. He was also stunned by her response, but it just solidified that she was someone he wanted to get to know.

“Come downstairs.”

“Come downstairs? Why?”

“Just come downstairs please.” He said, then hung up, without giving her a chance to respond. She checked her face in one of the metallic edges of a picture frame on her desk, which held her father’s picture, then headed for downstairs. As she exited the turning door at the main entrance for the entire building..

she saw it. It looked so powerful. That damn bike that nearly had them both killed.

She had to admit it, the bike was very easy on the eyes. She heard a psssssst, then looked to the right towards the shade, and saw him sitting on the low wall in front of the fountain. He had been staring at her since she’d exited the building, just wanting her ’til it hurt him. She walked towards him slowly and when she was close, he stood up rested his helmet on the wall, then hugged her. It was their first embrace and it felt better than she wanted it to. Waaay better. Neither wanted to let go. After about a minute she began to pull away. The last thing she wanted, was for any of her co-workers to pass by and see her. He sat back down and she sat next to him.

“Don’t be mad.” He said.

“Mad at what?”  she replied looking at him curiously.

He leaned forward and kissed her lightly on her lips. She unexpectedly reciprocated for a few seconds, then pulled away.

“What are we doing? Why did you kiss me?” She asked.

“To see if I was right.” He replied.

“Right about what?”

“What it would be like to kiss you. To see if would feel as good as I thought it would.”

“Did it?”

He didn’t answer. He just leaned in and kissed her again. Harder and deeper, right there sitting by the fountain. If she had been standing, her legs would have surely buckled. This time not only did she have to lean back, she had to put her hands up to push him away.

“I have to get back to work.”

“You’re lying. You don’t. It’s just about lunch time. Come take a ride with me.”

“Are you mad?! I’m not getting on that thing. You see what I’m wearing. And besides  you only have one helmet.” She was satisfied that she gave him sensible reasons behind her no’s.

Dillon put the helmet in her right hand, then grabbed her left hand and whispered in her ear.

“Come with me.”

She let him lead her to his bike. She stood there looking at the beast for the longest time, then said,

“Are you really sure you can ride that bloody thing?”

“Let me show you.”

He undid the updo from her hair and let it fall,then took the helmet from her and put it on her head. He sat down, then reluctantly, she sat behind him straddling the tough leather. She eased right up on  him making sure that her dress remained beneath her ass. Her breasts on his massive back, her front on his rear end, and her legs on his legs. She wrapped her arms around him and held on for dear life.

“Don’t let go.”

The vibrations between her legs as he started the engine and began to rev scared her shitless and turned her on simultaneously. As the bike moved off slowly, she breathed hard and gripped him. He felt her embrace tighten and it excited him. He thought about her gripping him like that last night, but instead of being on a bike, they were in his bed.

As Dillon’s bike moved off with Nadhira on the back,Evan stood at the turnstyle door, feeling as if a vein in his head was going to pop.

Nadhira was beyond petrified at first, but just feeling him and the way he maneuvered that damn bike as if it was feather light, made her see that not only did he know what he was doing, he was very much a boss. Dillon recognized that she was getting comfortable when her grip relaxed a little and he smiled. She trusted him. They rode around for about half an hour, then he decided to not push his luck anymore and take her back to work. When he rode up in front of the building, she didn’t want to let him go.

Nadhira got off the bike as lady like as she could, trying not to show her bits and pieces, then removed the helmet and handed it to him. He pulled her wrist and drew her closer, then kissed her lips again.

“I’m too old for this shit. I’m not playing any coy games with you. I want you and I believe that you recognize that. You don’t have to say anything. I believe that you feel the same way, but you’ll say it when you’re ready.”

He said an ambitious mouthful, to which she had no response.

“Can I see you later?”

He hesitated but for a moment, then said,…

“I don’t see why not.”

“I’ll call you.” He said.

Over the next few weeks, Nadhira and Dillon spent every free moment they had together. She tried her best to not become freakishly attached to him, but it was difficult. She kept waiting for him to start doing assholish things to turn her off, but the more she was with him, the fewer faults she could find. She was petrified about crossing that final barrier, which they had come ridiculously close to, more times than she could count, before she put the brakes on and left him with the bluest of balls and her the wetest of crotches. She thought he would tell her to fuck off for sure, but he was patient.

“You’ll know when you’re ready.” He would say, clenched jaw and all.

Though she was a woman who appreciated romance and the whole candle light, soft music, sexy lingerie idea, she was way beyond the facade of romance to create a perfect moment. She had had those nights with Evan and though she would be a liar to say they weren’t wonderful, there were many nights where after the candles melted, the soft sexy RnB music got boring and the lingerie was tossed to the side, she still felt empty. By God, Evan was good at just about everything he did and sex was not excluded. But his vanity and competitive nature made it seem more like a head and mind thing for him, instead of an emotional or heart thing. Nadhira didn’t know what she was holding out for, but she knew when the right moment was there, she wouldn’t push him away.

Late one Saturday afternoon, Dillon came by and told her he was taking her for a drive. He felt it to be the best way to spend time with her, without being in a confined and private space, because it literally got harder and harder to be alone with her. In order to respect her wishes, he had to get creative. He told her to walk with a sweater and a couple of blankets, because he wanted to go up to Shirley’s Heights and watch the sunset. He thought they may end up chillin’ out there for a while  and as it did get quite chilly up there at times, it would be wise to be prepared.

When Nadhira exited her house, she had 2 big pillows and a big plastic bag with what looked like a ridiculously large quilt.

“Woman, we not going camping you know.” he said laughing at her.

“I know. But the back of your pick up is huge. We could just spread this out in the back and get comfy.”

He nodded in agreement.

“That’s why I love you.” he said smiling.

They both sat in stunned silence. Neither of them had said the ‘L’ word to each other before. He recognized that an elephant just jumped out of his mouth.

“Did you mean that?” she asked quietly, unable to ignore it.

He took a moment, then looked straight into her face.

“Yes. I mean it.”

Neither of them said another word. Nadhira turned up the wicked sound system in Dillon’s truck, so that they could just enjoy the drive and not feel forced to talk.

When they got up to Shirley’s Heights, they saw the most beautiful view.

They remained seated inside the truck for a long time, just watching the sun slowly go down and getting lost in the music. Eventually, Nadhira suggested that they put the things she brought along to good use. When Dillon opened the bag, he realized there was this wide thick sponge to lay on the floor of the pick-up back, as well as a really big fleece blanket and of course the 2 pillows. They kept the back flap of the pick up down, so that they could stretch out their legs comfortably.

“I like the way you think baby.”

“You know I know how to use my noggin’.” she replied with a cocky smile.

There were just a couple of other people up there enjoying the view as well, though none that close in proximity to them. They laid down, with Nadhira’s face on his shoulder and their legs intertwined beneath the blanket, taking in  the view and the music.

“I love you.” she said.

Everything felt perfect. Everything felt right.

Nadhira could not think of a better time.

“Put your hands on me…” she whispered in his neck.

He knew exactly what she meant. As many times as he’d pictured what it would have or should have been like to be with her in that way, he always thought it would have been the typical romantic notions and gestures that women were fooled into thinking meant something. That moment just showed him how real, she really was.

“And I love you…” he said,

Slipping his hands beneath her close fitting t-shirt.

“I’m not going to stop you…” she said.

Then she began to help him unbutton his pants…….

……..Nadhira felt as if she had been walking around on cloud nine. She had always been a pleasant person to be around, at work, even through the whole Evan engagement debacle, but everyone noticed a distinct difference in her. They all figured that she had been seeing someone, because love had to be the only culprit to cause this woman to have a fixed smile on her face, and the newly infused sets of colours in her wardrobe. The new talk at the office now, was that Nadhira had to be getting something good and proper from the hot guy on the motorbike that she would occasionally be seen talking to at the front of the building. She would neither confirm or deny, not even to Natalie, who she would engage in a bit of chit-chat with, from time to time. But Natalie had all of the evidence she needed, in the love bites that would pop up on boss lady’s neck. She was happy for her and so were most folks, except for Evan. He mean-mugged her every time they crossed paths, so she did her best to avoid him, even more than she had been doing for the past few months. He never said a word to her though and she was thankful for that. Then one day, it was as if she were having Deja vu.

Evan barged into her office late one afternoon after Natalie had left work and just went off on her.

“How could you fuck with that loser? I mean what is he?  What does he do for a living? Are you his suga mommy? “

“Whadda you care, you uptight son of a bitch? What if I am his suga mommy? I work fucking hard for my money, so if I wanna spend it on a man who works hard fuckin’ me, then I see no problem. You need not worry about my pussy escapades, worry about your nut case fiance’. I assure you, I’m fine. And not that it’s any of your business, but my man does very well for himself and he takes excellent care of me and he worries more about my well-being, than brown-nosing and trying to climb that invisible social ladder that you are so desperate to get up. You need to get your ass outta my office Evan. There is absolutely no reason for us to ever speak.” She angrily replied.

Again, he completely threw her off balance, by putting whatever his frustrations were, on her. She wasn’t gonna do any more work. Nadhira called Dillon to let him know she was ready to leave and he told her that  he would be there in less than 5 minutes. It was nice to be picked up and dropped off. Though she cherished her independence, and loved that she didn’t need a man, it felt good to have one that loved her back and was dependable. For the past few weeks, she’d given her jeep  a rest, as Dillon  enjoyed taking her any where she needed to go. There were also times when he would just drive it himself, like today.

It took her a little bit longer to shut down her computer, as one of her programs froze up. It took her about 15 minutes before she got downstairs. She headed towards her vehicle , trying to calm herself down with each step. She didn’t want to put any of what had just transpired with Evan on him. When Nadhira reached her vehicle, she noticed a look of anger on Dillon’s face.

“What happened?!”

“The guy that drives that black BMW, that’s your ex-man right?”

“Yeah Why?!”

She was intrigued. Why the hell was Dillon mad? Did he just have a confrontation or something.

“You know what that asshole just came up to me and said?”

“He said something to you?!” She was beyond pissed.

“He said that he could get you back from me, if he ever tried.”

“Is that so? I’m so sick of that fucker. He is the one that broke up with me, he is the one who traipses that bitch up and down our corridors  when she doesn’t work there, he is the one  who had her wearing my fuckin’ clothes…”

“Come again?!”

“Before we broke up, I had some clothes at his place in case I stayed over, or for just whatever and after we broke up I never got around to asking him for them. Our break up was pretty messed up like I told you and I really didn’t want to speak to him. Truth be told, I even forgot about them, then a couple weeks ago, I see this bitch at our firm, wearing one of my outfits.”

“Gyal, tap lie!” he said laughing…

“I’m serious like a judge. That crazy bitch was wearing my clothes.”

“So when you gonna get them back? Don’t tell me you’re just gonna leave them there?” Dillon asked.

“Well, I do want them back, but I don’t wanna speak to him. I did think about using the key that I had for his place to get in and get them, but I don’t wanna  be that chick..”

“What chick?”

“You know.The crazy chick.”

Dillon opened the glove box for her jeep.

“You mean this key?” He said, with the most mischievous smile on his face.

“What are you thinkin’?……” Nadhira asked curiously….

The Key….Part 7

(Please listen to the musical selections that I include, as they really do  assist in the vibe of the story. 😀 )

……“Well, I do want them back, but I don’t wanna speak to him. I did think about using the key that I had for his place to get in and get them, but I don’t wanna  be that chick..”

“What chick?”

“You know.The crazy chick.”

Dillon opened the glove box for her jeep.

“You mean this key?” He said, with the most mischievous smile on his face.

“What are you thinkin’?……” Nadhira asked curiously….

“I don’t know what I’m thinking. You know what, that’s a lie. I’m thinking I would love to punch that dude in the face. I’m thinking he’s a jack-ass and I’m thinking you should use this key to get your shit back. It’s not like it’s gonna be breaking and entering. And, it’s not like we’re gonna steal his stuff.”

“WE’RE! What’s this we shit?” Nadhira was laughing her butt off.

“Baby, I don’t know his schedule. What am I gonna do, go to the house and pray he doesn’t come home and catch me there? Or what, you gonna be my look out? I’m not comfortable with this idea. I really do want my stuff back, but I dunno, maybe I can appeal to whatever little bit of goodness  left in that wrinkled up thing in his chest he calls a heart.”

“What if you asked him for your stuff and he decides to hold them ransom? What if he says bitch, you not getting them back. I’m gonna burn them shits in my back yard!”

“He does not talk like that!” Nadhira was laughing uncontrollably at Dillon, who was trying to imitate the way he thought Evan sounded.

“What if he tries to spite you and destroys them. As it stands now, he probably doesn’t even think you care about them. I’m sure he lays them out on  the bed when Tarah or whatever the fuck her name is, is not there and tries to fuck them.”

“Fuck what?! My clothes?!” Nadhira was screaming with laughter..

“I bet he walks around with your panties on his head.” He was laughing so hard.

“Bwoy you fool you know?” I’ll  think about it. But I am really not comfortable going into his royal highness’s kingdom. I wouldn’t want to touch anything. He’s like that guy in the movie ‘Sleeping with the Enemy’. You know the movie with Julia Roberts, when she runs away from her husband who was ridiculously tidy and used to beat her when things were not in order? Well, Evan is just like that, without the beating my ass part. He is positively anal about tidiness. I thought I was neat, but I swear he takes the cake.”

“So you’re saying to me, that everything in his house is soooo perfect, that the moment he walked in, he would know someone was there?”

“Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying”. She replied.

“So fuckin’ what?! He’s gonna know the clothes are missing, so OF COURSE he’s gonna know that someone came into the house.”

“I’m not trying to do that weird ex-girlfriend shit. How would you feel if your ex still had a key for your place and used it to get shit she’d left behind, unbeknownst to you?”

“First off, that would never happen, ’cause if she’d left something behind, I would have the decency to send it to her without her asking. Especially if I thought it was something she would really want. Why should I want to hold on to it? It’s silly. Evan is an ass and a hole. Stop being a chicken shit and let’s go get your stuff. Unless you wanna see fashions by Nadhira being modeled by his so-called upgrade, sometime in the near future.”

“Aaarrrrggghhhhhhhhh! Quit pressuring me man.” She tried to appear serious, but he seemed to have invisible strings on the corners of her lips, preventing her from maintaining a serious front.

“Can we get outta here please?” Nadhira said, when she realized that they were still in the parking lot at her office building.

Everyday for about two weeks, Evan would take the key out of the glove box, wave it across her face as if it was the mechanism he needed to hypnotize her and everyday of those two weeks she would say,…

“No, I’m not doing it. I’ll figure something out.”

Dillon was indeed wearing her down and she totally adored the beautiful, mischievous smile that would take over his whole face, whenever he tried to encourage her to use the key. She was stronger than a smile though. She held her ground, no matter how shaky it was. Though she was  able to avoid crossing paths with Evan most times, he was able to make any small encounter with her, as uncomfortable as he possibly could. It was as if he tried to grind the broken pieces of their relationship, into her soul with his eyes. If he was Medusa, she would have been dust in the wind already. If he hadn’t been so concerned about his image and the possibility of losing out on a promotion and rubbing shoulders with the elites, he would have slapped her for sure, she thought, because of the way he always clenched up his fists and tensed up his shoulders in her presence.She snickered to herself at her thought, about the way he seemed to  stiffen up like a giant penis, when he was angry. Fortunately, her office, which was far away from his, was a haven, which she tried to leave as little as possible.

One Friday afternoon, as she was pounding away at her computer, her phone did that quick double ring, alerting her that it was an internal call. When she saw Evan’s extension flash, she was more than a little hesitant to pick up. After the 5th double ring she answered.


That yeah could have been translated to “What the fu*k you want?

“Can I come talk to you?”

“What for? You can talk now.”

“I don’t wanna say what I’m gonna say over the phone, I wanna say it to your face.”

“Look, Evan, if you gonna come over here and start something, I could do without the interaction. “

“I just need to talk to you. I’m not interested in starting a fight with you.”

“Really!? YOU are not interested in starting a fight?! It’s all you’ve done since we’ve been broken up. What’s so funny, I have no idea how I allowed you to have your cake and eat it too. You are the one that left me, you are the one who’s engaged, yet you are more bitter than a rotten stick of aloe. Shouldn’t I be the one with the shoulder chip? What the hell did I ever do to you?!”

There was a long silence, then he said,

“Can I please come talk to you?”

“I guess.”

She felt terribly uneasy awaiting his entrance. It was close to the end of the day and she was soo looking forward to spending it with Dillon. Now she was setting herself up to enter her Friday evening, in not the best of moods.

If she could forget how much if a jack-ass he was, he may have looked tempting as he walked through the door. Evan was good looking and he knowed it..not knew it, he knowed it…lol 😀  She was curious to hear what he was going to say. He seated himself on the couch and stared at her for too long in her opinion. Just as she was about to press him to start talking, he began to speak.

“Do you ever think about me?”

She was more than a little surprised by the question. Nadhira crinkled her forehead and lowered her eye lids. She didn’t say anything at first, but just sat there waiting for more words to come out of his mouth to clarify himself somehow. He said nothing else. Already, she was irritated.

“Think about you how? You mean the old times? You mean the way we broke up? You mean the way you’ve been trying to make me feel uncomfortable here?”

He shook his head from left to right.

“Then think about you how?”

“Do you ever miss us?”

She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She wanted to go off on him, but then thought for a few seconds that he seemed to be offering some kind of olive branch, so she didn’t want to throw it back in his face.  She could stand down, take some of the usual punch out of her delivery and possibly stroke his ego in the process, making her work life a heck of a lot easier. After all, she wasn’t mad at him for ending their relationship, she was quite thankful that it ended, as she had not been happy for a while.

“Evan, when we were good, no one could touch us. I truly saw my future with you and I would be a liar if I told you that I regretted our relationship. But you changed a lot. You and I began wanting different things and I guess you truly realized that before I did, hence you left. Was I mad at first? Was I hurt about the way you ended it? Fuck yeah! But, ….you were right to end it. One of us should’ve a long time ago.”

His shoulders hunched a bit for a few seconds, then he stood up with an unexpected look of anger on his face.

“So you’re trying to tell me that you don’t see us ever being able to get back what we had?”

Nadhira was truly flabbergasted.

“Get back what we had?! What the fuck are you talking about? What about Terah, your soon to be wife? Remember her? Oh yeah, what about my man? What’s going on with you?”

“So you gonna let all those years we had go down the drain?!” He replied.

“Me?!” FOHWTBS! Are you serious? Negro! YOU LEFT ME! If you were so concerned about the well being of our relationship, you would have listened to me when I suggested that we talk about things, when I noticed they weren’t going so good. But noooooooooo! You hated it when I told you that your only focus was your career. You hated when I told you that you were lowering yourself to unnecessary ass kissing to some of those sharks. You thought I was holding you back. And on top of that, you start fucking some ditz while we were still together. And you know something, when I got this position is when you really started to show your ass. You acted as if I was slowing your progress, but when something like this happens for me, you act like a five year old. And instead of being proud of your woman, you go try upgrade to a clothes stealing ditz. Need I go further?” Nadhira yelled.

“You know, I see you wanna try to put everything on me. I was the bad guy. But you never see all those nights when you stayed here working late, trying to do the very thing you’re accusing me of. You stopped noticing me. You stopped caring about me. You used to rub my shoulders and give me massages just because. You and I used to have soo much fun in the beginning. You used to be sooo spontaneous. It’s not all my fuckin’ fault you bitch.”

Evan turned from her and headed for the door to her office. Nadhira felt tears welling up inside her, and her frustration with their entire situation just bubbled over. She took up the picture frame from her desk and tossed it at him, hitting him on his right shoulder.

“You are such an asshole.” she screamed.

“You wanna know how much of an asshole I am. I fucked Terah in our bed while we were still together.”

He smirked at her then turned away, slamming her door on the way out. Natalie ran into the office almost immediately after his departure and saw her boss lady standing there with tears pouring out of her eyes. She could only hear snippets of the once civilized sounding conversation, but she had a pretty good idea of what was said in the words she did not hear directly. Natalie walked over to her without thinking and just hugged her. Nadhira hugged back tightly, not knowing what else to do or say. They both stared at the floor, looking at what had to be the mirage of the symbolic dead carcass of any type of amicable relationship she and Evan could have ever possibly shared.

She was about to call Dillon and tell him that she was ready, then realized that she had driven to work that day. She sat in her jeep for about 5 minutes, without being able to move. Evan’s words were ringing in her ears.

“You never see all those night when you stayed here working late trying to do the very thing you accusing me of. You stopped noticing me. You stopped caring about me. You used to rub my shoulders and give me massages just because. You and I used to have soo much fun in the beginning. You used to be sooo spontaneous. It’s not all my fuckin’ fault you bitch.”

She started her vehicle and drove home. She needed a shower. Nadhira laid on her bed naked, feeling fresh and clean, mowing over some of the things that Evan had said to her, and the more she thought about them the angrier she got. What seemed to keep killing her over and over again, was the part about him fucking Terah in the same bed they used to sleep in, while they were still together. She had gotten over the whole him cheating on her thing, but the thought that he had had sex with her in the bed she was still sleeping in, made her sick to her stomach. She needed to get out of her house. The walls began to close in.

Nadhira grabbed a pair of cut off shorts and a black t-shirt, jumped in her ride and headed for Dillon’s place.

She pulled up in front of his house and beeped the horn, alerting him that someone was outside. When he looked out, he was surprised that it was her, because normally, she would pull into the driveway or garage and just come right in to the house. Dillon came outside in a pair of tattered jeans, no shoes and no shirt. For a few seconds she forgot about being angry and frustrated. The man was just so damn fine.

“What are you doing out here? Come in.”

“Nah, can we just go somewhere? Anywhere.”

“Sure. Are you ok?”

“Yeah.” she lied.

He knew she was lying, but he didn’t want to press her for answers yet.

“Lemme go get a shirt and some shoes.”

He was back in less than a minute. After driving around aimlessly for a while he asked,

“You know where we going?”

She had no clue. She just intended on driving. Neither of them were dressed to go anywhere.

“We gotta go to the gas station before anything else.” she said when she noticed her gauge.

They pulled into Percival’s Gas station right up to a pump, but it seemed as if there was only one attendant and three other cars were there before them, so she shut off the engine and they waited.

“You wanna drink?” she asked.


She jumped out of the jeep and went to get two drinks. He stared at her going inside the mini gas station supermarket, marveling at the way her ass looked in her shorts. He also noticed a passenger in one of the other cars staring at her as well. He smiled to himself thinking, “you can look all you want buddy, but she’s mine.”

Dillon turned up the stereo a little, while he waited for ‘Dhira to return and the attendant to come put in the gas.

He was continuously impressed by the bass in her jeep. His mood instantly took a nose dive, when he saw a black BMW pull up beside the pump next to them. He immediately saw Evan’s smug face, along with who he assumed was the girl that Nadhira had told him about.

“Oh Shit.” He whispered to himself.

Dillon could only imagine the expression on Nadhira’s face when she came back outside. He hoped that Evan would get served petrol before them, so that they could leave before she returned with the drinks. From what he could see inside the mini-mart, there was only one other person in front of her in the line, so he knew that they would definitely see one another. All Dillon could do was shake his head.

Nadhira came back out with a small plastic bag and her emotionless face turned to a frown as she headed back to her vehicle, when she saw Evan and Terah.  She could not disguise her disgust. From what she could see, they both seemed to be formally dressed up, as if they were going out to dinner or some fancy function. She tried not to look directly at them, as it would make them feel important. As she got back into the driver’s seat, she looked at Dillon and gave him a sad smile. He knew certain things still kind of bothered her and he had a feeling that Evan had said something to her at work earlier that day. He reached over and touched her face and she smiled at him, just feeling thankful to have him in her life. The attendant finally came over to fill up her tank and she was happy to get it over with and get him out of her eyesight.

“What did you get? I thought you were just gonna get two drinks?”

“I did get two drinks, but I also got sustenance.” she replied with a smile.

When he looked in the bag, there was box of Pinehill Bajan Cherry juice, the vitamalt he’d requested, a munch, a kit kat, a bottle of water and a large bag of cheese curls.

“Woman, I like the way you think.” He said.

They left everything in the plastic bag and she reached behind to put it on the back seat. As she looked back up, there were Evan and Terah kissing and feeling each other up, like horny, exhibitionist, teenagers. She was disgusted.

“Oh my God.” she whispered.


She gestured him to look in the direction of the BMW. Dillon laughed out loud at the pathetic spectacle.

“You know that’s for you right?” he asked.

She just shook her head and said,

“Gimme a napkin.”

He reached into the glove box and pulled put a napkin and while doing so, she got a flash of the shiny key. A mischievous thought flew into her  mind and a mysterious smile appeared across her lips.

“Why you smilin’. Dillon asked.

“You’ll see.” she replied.

After her tank was full and she paid, she drove out of the gas station knowing exactly where she was going. Nadhira turned up her stereo.

“Damn girl, I can’t believe you have this song.” He said impressed yet again by her eclectic musical taste.

He could tell her mood was better, but what changed, he didn’t know. After about fifteen minutes of driving, Nadhira drove into a nice residential area. She went around to the back of a nice house then shut off her engine. There were no houses at the back, just undeveloped land.

“It’s nice over here. Where are we?” he asked.

“Let’s go get my shit.”

Nadhira reached for the key in her glove box grinned from ear to ear……..

The Key….Part 8

(Please listen to the musical selections that I include, as they really do  assist in the vibe of the story. :-D )

“It’s nice over here. Where are we?” he asked.

“Let’s go get my shit.”

Nadhira reached for the key in her glove box, grinning from ear to ear……..

Dillon perked up out of his slouch immediately. He moved his head all about, similarly to that of an ostrich, that just pulled its head from the ground.

“Oh Yeah?!” He said excitedly.

“Oh Yeah!” she replied in kind, smile still in tact.

“I know they looked dressed up as if they were going to be out for a while, but I think we still gotta be quick. In, get your shit, get out, keep it movin’.” He said.

It sounded like he was giving her a pep-talk just before a big game. She looked at the joy in his face and just smiled. Nadhira was tired of feeling like she was in some strange relationship purgatory. What she ultimately realized that day, was that Evan was the one who had not moved on. In some way, it was as if he had hoped that she would have been one of those women, who would ‘fight’ for a relationship. The mere fact that he was asking her questions like ‘if she missed him’, or ‘thought about him’, or ‘if she was really gonna let all of the years they had spent together go down the drain’, was making her think that all of his actions where Terah were concerned, were just about making her jealous and to invoke some kind of rage  in her. His behaviour was immature and similar to something that a teenager in high school would do for attention. How could he not think that his logic was flawed? How could he not think, that the round about way he was going to try to get her attention, would not keep them apart, instead of drawing her more to him? Maybe he did really think that he was all that and that there was no way she would let him slip away.

“Shall we go inside my good man?”

“Hell yeah!” Dillion said.

He was totally loving the cahounas that his woman seemed to grow and he truly felt that getting her stuff, was a way of standing up to Evan’s bullying and freeing herself from that last of her past relationship’s burdens. He could hear the ‘Rocky’ theme music playing in his head. Nadhira reached behind, grabbed the bag of sustenance, then got out of her vehicle. Dillon followed closely behind.

“Woman! How long  you plan on staying inside? Is there some reason why you need to bring our food?”

“Jus’ cool nuh. I’m hungry. We can grab and eat.” She said while flashing her most disarming smile.

Nadhira and Dillon walked up to the side door. She pushed the key in the door and looked back, very glad that Evan had no neighbours on that side of his house. She turned the key and felt the bolt release in a metallic thud. She shared a quick glance with Dillon, then turned the knob and entered the house into Evan’s kitchen. When they were in, she put the house key and her car key in the front pocket of her shorts, then quietly closed the door behind them. Evan had some dim pot lights beneath his upper kitchen cupboards, so she turned them on to get her bearings. Just as suspected, the place was immaculate. She felt strange being back there. He sensed her sudden uneasiness, so he closed the small gap between them and embraced her from behind, then began to lightly kiss her on her neck.

“Are you ok?” he asked.

“I’m good.”

She turned around to kiss his lips in reassurance, then moved away from him and headed towards the living and dining room. There was enough light from the neighbours’ outside lights at the front of their houses and the street posts, for them to navigate through the house with ease.

“He’s got good taste.” Dillon said, noticing all of the artwork and the beautiful furniture.

“Thanks.” Nadhira replied.

“You mean this is all you?”

“All me. That mutha fucka wouldn’t know art, if it fell from heaven and hit him in the face, then wiggled on it.”She replied smugly.

Nadhira cheupsed loudly, then sat on the couch in the living room that she’d picked out herself. It was almost as comfortable as the one in her own house. Dillon could feel her resentment bubble to the surface. She put the plastic bag on the floor beside her feet and he went over and sat beside her. She turned her back to the arm rest, then put her feet up, resting her legs on his. She was suddenly sad all over again. Dillon reached for her face, then began to stroke it.

“How much time do you think we have?” He asked.

“Knowing Evan, I believe at least 2 -3 hours.”

Nadhira looked at the clock on the wall in the living room and it registered 8:30pm. Dillon reached down and took the box of Bajan cherry juice out of the bag, shook it, then opened it and gave it to her to drink. She leaned her head at the back of the couch, took a few big gulps, then handed him the box. Dillon did the same. He handed it back to her and she reached behind the armrest to put the box on the side table. In doing so, she knocked a couple of the cds that stood in their cases, so she reached over to tidy them back. She picked up a couple of them and tapped them on the arm rest to realign them, but when she looked closely, she noticed her own handwriting. She shuffled through all  and recognized her handwriting on each of them.

“What the hell?” she whispered.

“What’s the matter?”

“I’ve been looking for these damn things for months. When we first broke up, I asked him if I’d left them here and he said no. I recorded all of these in college. He doesn’t even like most of these songs. What a jack-ass!”

“Lemme see them.”

Dillon shuffled through the cds as well, with a smirk on his face. He tapped her on her legs, gesturing her to move them so that he could get up. He went over to the entertainment system and put the first cd in. He had only glanced at a few of the song titles, but was intrigued to hear the compilation, as he hadn’t listened to some of the songs in a while. When the first song came on, he was amazed by the acoustics. He was grinning from ear to ear.

“Sweet Jesus, I haven’t heard this song in ages.”

“Turn it down a little.”

“Come dance with me.” He said.

“Are you kidding me? You realize where we are right?”

“Yeah, but we have a couple hours. Let’s make the most of it. I mean where else we gonna go?” He replied.

“Ummm, I think we have a couple hours. I don’t know what that fool has planned. We came here to get my clothes and look how distracted we are? We’re like little  kids.”

“But had we gone directly for them, we wouldn’t have found his other hostages, now would we?”

“True dat.” She replied.

“Now come dance with me.” He said holding out his hand to her.

She reluctantly went over to him. At first, she was a little stand offish, because of the sheer ludicrous nature of what they were doing. Seeing him slow wine in front of her was so inviting though and she was definitely feeling lots of lovin’ just like Pete Rock and C L Smooth were rapping about. She went into his embrace and began to slow dance with him. They were indeed being properly serenaded, so why let good music go to waste.

“I love you.” she whispered in his ear.

The moment seemed right to say it.

He responded by pulling her closer. Dillon began kissing her neck, then put his hands beneath her t-shirt, running them from her waist to her shoulders. He was pleased that there was no bra obstruction, getting very much caught up in the moment, the music and the energy she gave. Nadhira completely lost focus . Before she knew it, she was pulling Dillon’s t-shirt over his head.

“I want you.” he said.

He had a look on his face that screamed, don’t you dare deny me.

Dillon guided Nadhira back towards the couch, without releasing his embrace. He sat down first, then pulled her down towards him, kissing her until her lips hurt. He then laid back, pulling her on top of him in the process. He was tired of her t-shirt being a barrier between her skin and his, so he swiftly pulled it over her head, leaving them both only in their pants. He pushed his hands down the small of her back, beneath her panties and began to rub her behind, while simultaneously pushing her into him. They were out of their minds and the music was driving their senses further away from them.  Dillon reached between where their bodies pressed together and unbuttoned his jeans. He also unbuttoned hers. He pushed his hand down inside her shorts again, making her moan an obscenity between his lips. They moved their lower halves as if they were trying to grind away the fabric barrier between them. All of a sudden the lights for a car flashed in front of the house, startling the shit out of them. Nadhira jumped up as quickly as a cat on a hot tin roof. She ran for the front door and peeked through the glass. It was the neighbour in front who was returning. She could not contain her laughter.

“It’s just the neighbour.”  she said.

“Oh my God. I think I may have pissed on myself a little.” Dillon said laughing as well.

“Come back over here.” he ordered.

She walked back over to him, but instead of laying on him as she had been before, she sat on the floor by the plastic bag with the food. She eased up and kiss him deeply, then began rummaging through it.

“I’m hungry.” she said.

Nadhira ripped the bag of cheese curls open, then began to eat. Dillon opened his mouth and she popped a couple of them in for him. He was kind of hungry as well.

“How could I forget?!” He said suddenly.

“Forget what?!”

Dillon reached down in his pocket and pulled out a little rolled up piece of brown paper bag. The smell of it was potent.

“Oh my God…, Boss you ain’t know that drugs will kill you and make you die?”

They both laughed hysterically. Dillon sat up a rolled a spliff while Nadhira sat on the floor eating cheese curls, not really caring where the crumbs fell. After they had their fill of the cheese curls, they finished the rest of the pinehill, then Dillon lit up the gigantic spliff he had just rolled. They passed it back and forth between one another, just vibing to the music.

Dillon started banging on the back of couch, as if he was in a dance-hall telling the sound system to ‘pull up’. Nadhira got up and started to dance around for him. Dillon rested the spliff down on the coaster, then got up to join her. He grabbed her close again and started kissing her hard. They thought each other’s lips tasted yummy.

“What other cds  he holding hostage?” Dillon asked.

She reluctantly pushed him away to shuffle through the discs again. She knew them all, yet still couldn’t remember what was what and from the marking on some of the cd’s, they did not match the cases, so she knew that some of them were mixed up. She just grabbed one and decided to change the cd that was playing, to see what else her old collection had to offer.

“Yoooooooooooo, you have got to be kiddin’ me.” Dillon felt like he was back in school again.

He turned up the stereo, not caring who heard. They began booty dancing in the middle of Evan’s living room, as if it was a house party from back in the day. Dillon started smacking her on her butt and tickling her sides.

“Stop!” she was screaming with laughter.

She began trying to get away from him, and he started chasing her all over the living room. Nadhira bolted up the stairs to get away from him, then headed straight for Evan’s Bedroom. She was trying to close the door before Dillon got to her, but he made it before she was able to actually shut it, so they pushed and pulled on the door simultaneously. Eventually, his strength got the upper hand, and the door was thrown open. The music was as crystal clear upstairs, as it was downstairs.

Nadhira’s smile slowly disappeared, when she really took in her surroundings. Dillon stood by the door and stared at her recognizing what happened. She didn’t feel like having fun anymore. She looked at his bed in disgust, wishing she could set fire to it. She went over to his walk-in closet, and opened the door. She immediately spotted her belongings, as he was so organized. He had a drawer with large plastic bags inside, so she started grabbing them off of the hangers and putting everything of hers into the bags she took out. She felt angry. A rush of his words came back to her and all she could think of was him and Terah having sex there on that damn bed, while she was still sleeping with him. She came back out of the closet with 3 bags of her stuff and stood there in the middle of the room, shaking her head.

“Whats the matter?” he asked.

“Nothing?” she replied.

“You’re lying. You still haven’t told me what happened today.” He said.

She didn’t ever want to speak of it. Nadhira dropped her bags on the floor and suddenly rushed towards him, then kissed him. Hard. He did not need prompting to be instantly turned back on. He wanted her since she’d picked him up earlier that evening and he was driven to the brink downstairs moments before. He was not going to stop this time until he was through. He could feel the anger in her kiss and the eagerness in her embrace. Of all of the places he’d imagined making love to her, where they were was not even a contender for the list. What they were doing was crazy, intense, scary, wild, sexy and so many other words that couldn’t come to his mind in that moment. The way he felt, caused every bit of inhibition to go out the window. They may as well have been in a hotel room somewhere with unlimited time on their hands, because he was not going to hold back and from the way she was behaving, she didn’t want him to hold back either. The music propelled them further and further away from reality. It was as if they were in a trance.

Unexpectedly, Nadhira shoved him back from her. When he tried to step back towards her and embrace her again, she pushed him back hard. Dillon was wondering what the hell was going on in her head. He attempted to embrace her again, then she punched him in the face. She imagined that he was Evan for a few seconds.

“What the fuck?!” he said.

He grabbed her wrists, then shoved her back hard on to the bed. Dillon then went to look in the mirror hanging on the wall. His face really hurt. He stared at his reflection for the longest time, then looked at her. She had a devilish look on her face.

“Why the fuck did you hit me so hard?” He asked shocked by her behaviour.

“What are you gonna do about it? Are you gonna hit me back?” she replied cockily.

Dillon pursed his lips, feeling slightly annoyed and extremely turned on by her. She laid there on the massive king sized bed, in just a pair of unbuttoned cut off shorts, with her feet on the bed and her knees apart. He wanted to tear her apart. He took one last look in the mirror, then went over to her. He stood over her, with a menacing stare. He knelt down on the bed between her legs, then pressed his upper body against her. He pressed his entire weight against her, leaving her a little breathless.

“Don’t ever do that again.” he scowled.

“Or what? Are  you gonna punish me.”

He snickered a little.

“Punish you? Is that what you want? You want me to punish you?”

“It depends on the kind of punishment.”

He bit her lower lip. Hard.

“Jesus, that hurt.”

 “I know. You fuckin’ punched me. That hurt.”

Dillon began to grind on her hard through the fabric of their jeans, and she felt her underwear begin to flood. She moaned softly. He started kissing her ear, then whispered.

“I guess that’s the kind of punishment you want.”

“Uh huh. But you’re torturing me. Take your pants off.”

“Not yet baby. Not yet.”

She started to squirm beneath him, and tried to force his jeans down, to which he responded by pinning her wrists.

“I said to wait your lil ass.”

“Are you gonna make me beg for it?”

He stared at her…

“Beg me. Tell me how much you want it.”

“Please baby, don’t make me beg. You know how much I want it.”

“Not good enough.”

She desperately tried to get her wrists free. She tried squeezing his torso between her legs, but he only seemed to become mildly uncomfortable. Every time she fought to sit up, he shoved her back down. He recognized that he was wearing her out. He’d never seen her like that before. As much as he was torturing her, he was torturing himself too. He wanted to be inside her so bad, but he was trying to hold out as long as he could. Her breasts glistened with sweat  and he couldn’t resist putting them in his mouth any longer. He finally let her wrists free and she immediately began to push her shorts and underwear down. She felt desperate. Dillon eased up off of her to give her room to remove them, then he began tossing the pillows off the bed. He maneuvered their bodies up towards the humongous headboard, so that their legs no longer hung over the edge. He pulled her shorts and panties off of her ankles, then stared at her. She could see his hard through his jeans, and she wanted to feel it without the denim obstruction. Dillon looked around the room and noticed a few pictures on the night stand. One was of Evan and Terah and one was just him alone and both pictures looked as if they were staring directly at them. He’d almost forgotten where he was.

“You really want me to fuck you in this bed?”

Nadhira didn’t answer. She just reach up and unzipped his pants. That was all the answer he needed. He stood up and yanked his jeans off as if the were fastened by velcro, and before she could even brace herself for his massive erection, he was inside her. She screamed out in agony and joy. He looked into her face  and said,

“Am I hurting you?”

“Yes.” she replied.

“Good.” he replied.

The Key Prt 8

Then he began to grind her mercilessly. She cried and grabbed him and pushed him and pulled him and bit him and licked him and called out his name and cried some more. He didn’t stop for one second. When she plunged her long fingernails into his back, he knew what it meant and he went into over drive. As she screamed his name he slammed his palm into the head-board making it sound like an explosion. Afterwards,Dillon’s only movement was his chest going in and out. He desperately tried to catch his breath, but couldn’t for the longest while. They laid there in complete shock and were overwhelmingly tired. The last thing she heard before she drifted off into sleep was,

“I love you baby”

When Nadhira opened her eyes, Dillon was still very much inside of her. He felt like a ton of bricks. She kissed his cheek and began to stroke his back. The house was completely quiet. Then she heard the clock in the bedroom alarm. It was midnight.

“FUCK ME! Dillon baby get up! Get up, get off me! It’s midnight! Shit get up!

It took Dillon about 30 seconds to stop being sleepy stupid. He stared at her completely out of it, then she slapped him in the face.

“Wake up! It’s midnight. Evan is going to be home any minute. We gotta get the fuck outta here!”

He looked around, realized where he was, then jumped up off the bed as if he had been thrown by an ejector seat. They scrambled like running ants. She pulled on her panties and shorts simultaneously, as did he with his underwear and pants. He flung the pillows back on the bed haphazardly and she grabbed her plastic bags and they ran downstairs. Nadhira picked up her t-shirt and after she put it on, she took her cd out of Evan’s stereo, grabbed  the others and threw them all in the bag with her newly recaptured clothes. Dillon picked up the plastic bag with the rest of the snacks she’d bought earlier and threw the empty pinehill box in it.

“Where the car keys?” he asked.

“Shit, I dunno!”

After a couple of seconds, she remembered that she had put it in the same front pocket of her shorts with Evan’s house keys, when they first entered the house a few hours earlier. They looked around to make sure they had everything, then all of a sudden they saw the headlights to a car pull into the driveway out front. In unison they both said,


They heard the thud of a car door slam, then ran frantically to the kitchen. Before they could open the kitchen door they heard the sound of keys jingling and the front door opened. Nadhira opened the door for the utility room, which was in the kitchen and they slipped inside. They stood as still as they could, so that the plastic bags wouldn’t rustle, but when Dillon let out a light fart, Nadhira could all but hold it together. Dillon tried his best to hold in his laugh, while he clasped his massive hand over her mouth to stifle the sound. They could hear Evan stirring about in his kitchen and it sounded like he was getting a drink. They heard the sound of keys being thrown on his granite counter tops, then the kitchen went quiet…. They didn’t know how the hell they were gonna get out of there….. Evan stood there feeling uneasy. He could have sworn he’d turned off the pot lights underneath the cupboards…..

The Key Part 9 ah go mad yuh!… 😀

The Key Part 9

(Please listen to the musical selections that I include, as they really do  assist in the vibe of the story. :-D )

……They stood as still as they could, so that the plastic bags wouldn’t rustle, but when Dillon let out a light fart, Nadhira could all but hold it together. Dillon tried his best to hold in his laugh, while he clasped his massive hand over her mouth to stifle the sound. They could hear Evan stirring about in his kitchen and it sounded like he was getting a drink. They heard the sound of keys being thrown on his granite counter tops, then the kitchen went quiet. Neither of them knew how the hell they were gonna get out of there. Evan stood there feeling uneasy. He could have sworn he’d turned off the pot lights underneath the cupboards….

Dillon and Nadhira could only communicate through osmosis. She was trying her best to be still and muzzle her laughter, but there was this unexpected presence of her 5 year old self, jumping around like House of Pain inside her. It was as if she had been super imposed back into her living room, rolling around on the floor with her dad. He would tickle her and blow air bubbles onto her tummy and just about any part of her body that she flailed at him; her arms, her legs, whatever, causing her to scream with laughter. Her daddy was so awesome. She remembered laughing the most, when one time, they were laying on the floor singing “Rock it Baby” by Bob Marley and the Wailers.

He was using his thumb as the microphone. Then his thumb slowly started to bend and lay down.

“Daddy stop it! What you doin’ to the microphone? I can’t get to sing.”

“Dee, the mike is broken and I’m tired.”

“But we not finish singing yet dad!”

“Well you gotta fix it then.” He replied.

Nadhira reached for his thumb, which was hanging down and sad-looking and she held it by its joint, trying to get her dad’s thumb to go upright again. As she grabbed it and pulled it upwards, he let out a loud fart, which caused her to scream with laughter and disgust. He would let his finger go limp again and she would try to straighten it out again, only to have the same result of a resounding echoing fart. They laughed like vagabonds. Her mother was absolutely disgusted by them both.

“Ewwww ! Daddy, that’s gross! She said laughing.

“Nicolas and Nadhira Thompson! What the hell is going on out there? Nicolas, you can’t be seriously doing that with our child. What is wrong with you? That is just disgusting. Nadhhira, what your father is doing is not funny, so please just stop laughing.”

Her mother may as well have been talking to the pots and pans in the kitchen, because it was as if they did not even hear her.

Dillon could hardly keep it together himself and hold in the other fart he had brewing. With his hand still tight over her mouth, he began to shake her head from side to side, in an attempt to shake the laughter away from her, but it was not working. Of all the times to have a laughing fit, this was the worst possible time. Out of sheer frustration, he released the grip from her mouth and grabbed her shoulder, pulling her into a kiss. Nadhira gripped the handles for the plastic bags tightly and let out a soft sigh between his lips. She didn’t feel like laughing any more. After about a minute, he pulled away gently and smiled at her.

“You cool now?” he whispered.

“Yeah,..just don’t fart again. Besides you see we in here locked up with no window. Wha’ you a try fu do, stifle me?

She felt the corners of her lips move upwards.

“We gotta get outta here.” he whispered again.

“No shit Sherlock.”

They stood absolutely still for a moment and did not speak. Nadhira could swear she heard the click of the switch being flipped, to turn off the pot lights beneath the cupboards. They heard no more stirring about the kitchen, then about a minute after, they heard the sound of footsteps treading up carpeted stairs.

“He’s going upstairs, we gotta get out now!”

Dillon immediately reached into her front pocket and took out both keys. He gave her Evan’s house key which she dropped into one of the plastic bags she was holding, then they both took a deep breath, quickly exited the utility room, yanked the side door open, and ran like Kunta Kente. They knew they only had seconds, because the moment he entered his bedroom, he would begin his ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ monologue. Also, if he looked out his bedroom window, he would see where she was parked, so they had to move like the wind. They didn’t even bother closing the door, out of fear that it would make a sound drawing Evan back downstairs. She jumped into the passenger side of the vehicle, and tossed the bags she was holding on the back seat,  and he jumped in the drivers side tossed the bag he was holding on her lap, and peeled rubber. When they were about  2 minutes away from the house, he pulled over and stared at her. They immediately began screaming with laughter.

“Oh my God! You are absolutely nuts?!”

“You’re no better. You were the one who planted the idea in my head in the first place.” She replied, still unable to curb her enthusiasm about what had just transpired.

“I can’t believe we just did that.” Dillon said.

“Me either. But I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a rush, and the most fun I’ve had in a long ass time.” Nadhira replied.

He leaned over and kissed her passionately. He’d never felt that way before about anyone, nor had he ever experienced the rush and intensity of emotions he had just moments prior. It wasn’t just about what they’d done in terms of crashing Evan’s house, but the fire he felt within himself and saw in her was downright overwhelming, addictive and a little bit scary. He had a lot swirling around in his mind. Most importantly, was the fact that when they had sex that night, he did not withdraw when he came, like he was accustomed to. He was absolutely flabbergasted at his thought process or lack there of , when that reckless decision was made. It was a heavy topic and he believed that it was on her mind as well, but he decided against bringing it up, as he suspected it would bring them down from their high. What was to be, would be.

“So where we gonna go next Robin Hood?” He asked cheekily.

“Negro, you see what time it is? Let’s not push our luck. Are you gonna sleep by me, or am I gonna sleep by you?”

“Come stay with me. You never stayed a whole night at my place and I have at yours. It won’t be as much fun as what we just did, but then again, what would be?” he started laughing again.”

“Maybe we can do it again. You know, become the key bandits. We’ll search homes for spare keys outside  and when they’re gone, we go all Goldilocks gangsta on their ass. We just wait for them to leave and take over their house for a few hours.” She laughed and shook her head simultaneously at her outrageous suggestion.”

“Sounds like a plan to me.” He replied, still smiling.

When they pulled up in his driveway,..they reclined their seats and relaxed, both feeling very lazy to get up. Nadhira started looking through the plastic bag of goodies to see what was left.

“You want the kit kat or the munch?”

“Gimme the munch?”

They laid back and in their seats feeling a weird sense of contentment and tiredness.

“Are we gonna talk about it?” She asked softly.

“Talk about what baby?”

“What we did at Evan’s.”

“I thought that was what we were doing.” He replied.

“Yeah, I don’t mean that, I mean….”

” I know you mean.” He interrupted..

“I dunno what to say. It happened. Do you want me to say I’m sorry that I did it?” He asked.

“No. I want you to just say how you feel. And no, didn’t do anything. We both did. I don’t recall asking you to stop. To be honest, I don’t think I wanted you to stop.”

Dillon stopped eating his munch and studied her face. She looked worried.

“Are you scared?”

“Shitless.” she smiled nervously.

Nadhira’s mind was reeling. Everything between them happened incredibly fast and neither of them seemed to have enough common sense to slow it down.

“Don’t be. Don’t ever be scared of me.”

“But what if…”

“What if  nothing. What will be will be. Stop being scared. Look at it this way. What if I turn out to be an asshole?  The kind of woman that you are and the position that you are in your life, you’d still thrive, regardless of what I do or any man you’d ever allow into your life. You don’t need anyone, you don’t need me. And while we’re being honest, that scares me a little. I’ve never been with anyone who didn’t need me in some kinda way. Maybe I had hero syndrome. But you? You could tell me to kick rocks any second and not flinch. As much as I love your independence, it scares me. You remind me of my mother so much in that way, who by the way I think its time you meet. A man and a woman don’t break into someone’s house together and not be serious enough to introduce each other to their parents.” He couldn’t contain his smile.

“Now you’re saying we broke in?!” she laughed.

“Ok , we illegally let ourselves in.”

They laughter re-emerged. He reached over and touched her face.

“Seriously baby, I dunno why we allowed what happened in that bed to happen, but I’m not sorry. At all. I don’t think you are either. I’ll just have to make an honest woman outta ya, sooner than I’d intended. That’s all.”

Nadhira didn’t respond. Her mind was so full, she couldn’t pick out randomly connected words to form a proper sentence.

As confident as he sounded, she could tell something weighed heavily on his mind. No doubt, as much as he was trying to be bold for her, the thought of her possibly getting pregnant was the elephant in the jeep that they still danced a jig around. She wasn’t going to press. They’d cross that bridge when they got to it. After she finished her kit-kat, she told him she was ready to go inside. They’d had a helluva night and she was still very tired. All she wanted to do was get in his bed and curl up next to him and go to sleep.

It didn’t take very long to find slumber and he held her as tightly as he could without suffocating her.He loved the comfort she gave him. At around 4 am, Dillon awakened and was unable to fall back asleep. He finally released her, and sat up resting his head at the back of  his headboard in a soft thud. It instantly brought back memories of Evan’s headboard. He began stroking the back of her head, as her body was turned away from him. The last thing he was worried about ,was if she was pregnant. Yes it was cause for concern, but what he had to talk to her about, was way more pressing. After about 45 minutes, he scooched back down and embraced her warm body.

Throughout the remainder of the weekend, they chilled out at his  house, never leaving once. Nadhira lounged around in his t-shirts and boxer shorts, looking as cute as he’d ever seen her and he loved every minute of it. He adored seeing her so comfortable in his space. Things were laid back  and relaxed, and they spent most of it in Dillon’s bed, happy no not be rushed to get out of it. Sunday evening was when she became overly concerned about their Friday night escapade, because she KNEW that Evan would be waiting for her like a cross dog. He would’ve suspected no one else. It had to have been obvious that it wasn’t some random intruder breaking in and robbing his place, simply because all that was taken were her cd’s and her clothes. Who else would do that? She had no idea how she was going to play it off, but her only viable strategy was to AVOID, AVOID, AVOID! Then avoid some more.

“Why you look so worried?”

“I’m not really worried. I’m just dreading seeing you know who.”

“He can’t do a thing to you.It doesn’t matter what he knows or suspects. Don’t even think about it anymore.”

“I’ll try not to.”

As she sat in her jeep, finally leaving to go home, Dillon leaned in her window and kissed her passionately, making him want her to stay the night again. He just always wanted her. Nadhira was definitely a keeper,and he just hoped that she was going to want to keep him.

Monday morning brought about a similar sense of dread, though this time, it was multiplied to the 10th power. She stood in front of her mirror and pep talked herself.

“It doesn’t matter what he says, he can’t prove anything. Just don’t let him get to you.”

She took one last look in the mirror, clicked her heels three times like Dorothy, then headed for work. She braced herself for the inevitable confrontation. Nadhira may have been an optimist, but she was no fool. When she pulled into the parking lot, she saw Evan’s car, gleaming in the morning sunlight. She prayed she could make it to her office, without running into him. When the elevator dinged open to her floor, she hustled her feet as fast as she could, to get to her office. It was a pretty typical morning. By about 10’o clock, she had begun to feel at ease. She wasn’t completely relaxed, but she was not as edgy as she was when she’d first arrived. Every footstep outside her door did not cause he to jump anymore. Nadhira began to feel a bit of an upset stomach, so she called Natalie to ask her to get her some tea, but she was not at her desk. That meant she had to go get it herself.

She peaked out the door of her office, to check out the activity in the hallway. There was hardly anybody moving about, so she decided to bolt and go get her tea, quick fast and in a hurry. She made it there successfully, made her tea then bolted back out. There he was, with a grimace like Lurch from the Adams family. He was having a conversation with Glen Taft and two other associates that she was familiar with.

“Play it cool ‘Dhira. He can’t do a damn thing to you.” She whispered to herself.

She saw Evan mouth the words, ‘excuse me’ to the gentlemen, then headed her way. All she could think was ‘Oh Shit! Oh Shit! Oh Shit!

“We need to talk.” he growled softly.

“No we do not.” She growled back.

“If you think I won’t cause a scene in here, you need to think again.” He replied.

“Cause a scene then. It’ll be your ass, not mine.”

She was so infuriating to him. Without thinking, he grabbed her forearm and squeezed. He knew that she would not cry out, because she was so damn dignified in the office.

“Let go of me.! Have you lost your mind?” she questioned sternly.

He tightened his grip. She couldn’t believe it was happening. Nadhira noticed Glen looking over in their direction with concern on his face, but he still did not stop his conversation. She heard the ding of the elevator door opening and looked around. Dillon must have felt her need for him, because there he stood, gloriously heroic. He was such  a welcomed site. Evan immediately released Nadhira’s arm and took an uneasy step back. Dillon stared at Evan as if he was a lion ready to pounce on his prey. He slowly walked towards his woman and Evan and stared menacingly at him. Upon seeing the young man approach Evan and Nadhira, Glen Taft immediately left his conversation and headed towards the three of them. As he got closer to them, the widest smile Nadhira had ever seen on his face, appeared. He extended his hand to Dillon as if he’d known him for years.

“Michael! My boy it’s so good to see you. How are you?How is that old bastard you call a father?”

“He’s doing well, very well.”

Evan and Nadhira looked at each other with the same quizzical wtf expression on their faces.

“I’m sorry. You two know each other?” Nadhira asked,  feeling very surprised by the interaction between her man and Glen Taft, one of the senior partners in the company she worked for.

“I’ve known him for many years. I watched him grow up into a fine young man!”

“Come again?” replied Nadhira.

“This is Michael Shields, Lucas Shields son.”

“Lucas Shields, as in senior partner, Lucas Shields?” Nadhira asked, feeling like she was gut punched.

Dillon Micheal-Shields stood there, never expecting to run into either of the other two partners in his father’ company. This was not the way he had intended to tell her……

The Key Part 10

“It go Mad are you”…

The Key….Part 10

Dillon must have felt her need for him, because there he stood, gloriously heroic. He was such  a welcomed site. Evan immediately released Nadhira’s arm and took an uneasy step back. Dillon stared at Evan as if he was a lion ready to pounce on his prey. He slowly walked towards his woman and Evan and stared menacingly at him. Upon seeing the young man approach Evan and Nadhira, Glen Taft immediately left his conversation and headed towards the three of them. As he got closer to them, the widest smile Nadhira had ever seen on his face, appeared. He extended his hand to Dillon as if he’d known him for years.

“Michael! My boy it’s so good to see you. How are you?How is that old bastard you call a father?”

“He’s doing well, very well.”

Evan and Nadhira looked at each other with the same quizzical wtf expression on their faces.

“I’m sorry. You two know each other?” Nadhira asked,  feeling very surprised by the interaction between her man and Glen Taft, one of the senior partners in the company she worked for.

“I’ve known him for many years. I watched him grow up into a fine young man!”

“Come again?” replied Nadhira.

“This is Michael Shields, Lucas Shields’ son.”

“Lucas Shields, as in senior partner, Lucas Shields?” Nadhira asked, feeling like she was gut punched.

Dillon Micheal-Shields stood there, never expecting to run into either of the other two partners in his father’ company. This was not the way he had intended to tell her……

He felt like a small, furry, animal, with the end of an extremely large double barrel shot-gun, pointing in his face. There was a look of pain on her face. It made him ache inside, knowing how confused she had to have been feeling at that moment. He wanted to grab her and whisk her away, far away from everyone, so that he could explain himself. At the time, it seemed like a good idea to withhold that part of himself. He thought that there was a possibility, that she would shy away from getting to really know him, had she known of his tie to the company she worked for. When they’d had their impromptu Chinese dinner that night, he was ready to share his situation, in regards to his relationship with his father, especially after she had talked to him about hers and how great her dad was. However, after getting into the whole Terah & Evan debacle and letting him know how uncomfortable working at Taft, Craig and Shields had become, he decided against it. He didn’t know what would come of them, all he knew was that she lit a fire in him, and he wasn’t ready to have it fanned out.

Maybe she would think it was counter productive to get involved with the boss’s son and he didn’t want to risk it. She seemed like such a proud, I can do it by myself, type of chick. He knew that she would take issue with any of her successes within the company being tainted by gossip, because of their involvement. He didn’t really think it through properly, but if he was to be honest with himself, he wouldn’t change anything, if it meant that she would not have given him the chance to be with her and get to know her, in the first place.

Nadhira did not know how she was feeling. She was still trying to process Glen Taft’s statement. She could see the look of fear on Dillon’s face, but she didn’t want to display any type of reaction in front of Evan, who stared intently at them. For a couple of seconds, she realized that her problems at work may have just been immediately squashed, due to her newly discovered affiliation, with someone Evan would have viewed as a heavy weight.  Evan ‘I’ll do whatever it takes’ Walker, realized that he may have stepped in a heaping, smelly, pile of bullshit, being such a bully. Nadhira had an ally in her corner, that he could not compete with and definitely did not want  to piss off. He did note however, that she seemed as surprised by the news as he was, and his curiosity was peaked.

“Excuse me.” Nadhira said, as calmly and straight face as she could.

She felt really overwhelmed and needed to put some time and distance between her and the shituation she’d just found herself in. She needed to figure out exactly why she felt hurt, if what he did was or was not nearly as bad as she was thinking and to take a break from Evan and his room filling attitude.

He watched her walk away. Evan left him and Glen deep in conversation, re-joining the other two associates he had originally been talking to, before he’d tried to confront Nadhira. Evan was quite troubled. Turns out the bum who he thought could not hold a candle to him, could not only do so, but cast a big shadow as well. He wished that he hadn’t opened up his big mouth that day downstairs.

Back in her office, Nadhira paced a short line up and down. Her bra hung over the edge of her desk and her chest glistened with tiny sweat beads. Not even the central air could cool the fire that raged inside her. The more she thought about Dillon, the angrier she got and the worse his actions seemed. In an instant, she recognized that she was not going to get any work done in the office. She went over to her computer and saved her changes, then uploaded her drawings to her flash drive. She was calling it a day. Any work that was going to get done, was going to get done at home, on her laptop, in the comfort of her bed. She typed an e-note for Natalie, letting her know her plans for the rest of the day, and began packing up the things she needed to take with her. Maybe she did need to take that vacation after all.

“You’ve got every right to be angry at me.” 

Nadhira spun around when she heard the deep baritone behind her. She gave him a cold icy stare, but couldn’t put all her thoughts together well enough to give him the grammatically and intellectually profound fuck you’ that she wanted to. It needed to be epic. She chose to say nothing. Silence is golden they say, so that would have to be her approach until she could get it together. Her Evan ‘fuck yous’ were always ready and waiting, but she’d never expected that she would have to have some for Dillon. Nadhira turned away from him and continued to do what she’d been doing, as if he wasn’t there.  He knew she was going to make him work for it and rightfully so. He was not surprised by her reaction, he was just hoping she would be more verbal. Her silence was scarier than her rage. It reminded him of his mother. Whenever his mother went quiet, was when things changed drastically. When she was fed up, she would never speak, she would just react.

The feeling she gave him, immediately took him back to the day his mother picked him up from school and brought him home to a new house saying,

“This sis where we live now.”

He remembered her telling him that his father was going to be a part of his life in a different capacity and that they would no longer be living in the same house with him. Anna-Maria Shields was tired of Lucas’s philandering and womanizing. She’d given him 12 years of her life and a lot of her dignity during their time together. Lucas was a good father, but a poor excuse of a husband. He thought because he was able to give her whatever she needed financially, without her working, that she should just let him be a man. Anna Maria Michael Shields, was not having that. She had her child to think about. Lucas caused her to stress herself enough to lose their unborn child years before and she was not going to let him cause her to lose another child, especially one that she had loved and nurtured for 9 years already.

Dillon was her everything. Over the years, she saved most of the money her husband allowed her. Eventually, she bought a piece of property, with a beautiful house on it, using her maiden name, which was Michael, in an effort to keep it private. Quietly out of her pocket, she slowly renovated the house for herself and her son, and a month after the renovations were completed, they moved in. The timing was perfect, as Lucas had been away on ‘business’, which was always his reasoning to be out-of-town.

He had resented his father for many years, not because of anything his mother did or said, but because of the abuse she suffered at his hands, both verbal, occasionally physical, and of course emotional because of all of the cheating . When he was 14 he begged his mother who had mostly gone back to being known as Anna Maria Michael, to change his last name from Shields to Michael, but instead she added her maiden name to his birth certificate. His full name became, Dillon Aidan Michael Shields. His father was a little hurt and a lot of furious, but he was thankful that Anna Maria didn’t drop Shields altogether. She was lucky too, because he would have given her hell if she had tried, especially because he was very generous with supporting Dillon. So that no one he knew would ever confuse his son’s last name, Lucas started calling him Michael, and it just stuck. Some people called him Michael, some called him Mr. Michael, some people called him Dillon, but Nadhira never heard anyone call him Mr. Shields. It seemed as though the Shields part still got lost in the shuffle sometimes. He had made peace with his father many years ago. One could even say that they were friends, but his heart belonged to his mother. He wanted a woman strong like that.

Nadhira stuffed her bra in her bag, picked up her lap top, took a deep breath then turn to face him. She had no choice but to walk towards him as he was blocking her exit.

“Please move.” she said in a soft sharp voice.

He didn’t comply. He tried to engage her into eye contact, but she wouldn’t look him in the face.  He held her chin and forced her face in his direction and he saw wet eyes brimming.

“Look, Dillon, or Michael, or Mr.Shields or whatever the hell your name is, please move out of my way. Just let me pass.”

“Just let me explain myself.”

“Explain what? That you’re a liar? That you made a fool of me just like Evan? That I slept with a man, whose name I don’t even know? That I was a joke to you? Should I go on?”

She was right. What could he possibly say. She was extremely hurt at that moment and has every right to be. He knew that she needed time.

“If you meant anything you said to me and love me like you say you do, you’ll let me pass.”

Dillon stepped aside from the door way without saying another word. He just listened to the sound she made when her beautiful heels hit the hardwood in the hallway. He couldn’t bear looking at her walk away. If ever he needed to talk to his mother, it was now.

As she drove towards her house, she wished she had windshield wipers for her eyes. The tears just would not sop coming. In a way, it was as if she was crying not just for what happened with Dillon, but  the magnitude of what happened with Evan as well. It all came crashing down. As she was driving, her phone rang. She picked it up from the open console between the seats. It was her mother. She contemplated not answering, but against her better judgement,  she picked it up anyway. She made sure to steady her emotions, so her utter despair would not resonate in her tone.

“Hi mom.”

“Hi baby. I was just calling to say hi. I’m cooking your favourite today, you wanna take lunch and come by me?”

“I’m on my way. I am on the road right now, cause I was going home to work for the rest of the day, so see  you in a few.”

“Ok .”

When Nadhira walked in the front door of her mother’s house, she was hit with the amazing aroma of her mother’s pepperpot. She could also smell fresh-baked bread. It was ecstasy for her nostrils. For those few seconds, all was well with the world again. She dropped her handbag and cell phone on the large comfy sofa and made herself at home around the bar by the kitchen. Her mother had already set an empty plate and a large cool glass of lemonade. She literally moaned out loud at the sight.

She never loved and appreciated her mother more than at that moment. She sat, sipped her lemonade and waited for her deep plate to be filled with her mother’s masterpiece. Her mom studied her face for a bit, and knew something was definitely wrong, but decided to give her daughter some time to just enjoy her meal.

“You ok baby?” she asked just as Nadhira took her last bite.

“Sure mom. why?”

“I don’t believe you. You look as if you’ve been crying. Don’t lie to me either.”

“I’ll be fine mom. I always am. You know this.”

“Is it Evan?”

“No mom. It’s definitely not Evan.”

“Baby, don’t you think you and Evan can work out whatever you guys been going through? You were so good together.”

“Mom, Evan is not a nice guy and we were not good together. He’s been making my life hell. He cheated on me and he’s engaged to marry the twit he cheated on me with.  I never wanted to get into details with you, cause I know you two got along well, but he is really an asshole.”

“Nadhira! Gyal,…know yaself. Watch how you speak to me please.”

“I’m sorry mom, but things hadn’t been good with us for a while, but  I stuck it out for all the wrong reasons.”

“Now I feel like an idiot, because I kept telling you to go back with him. Why couldn’t you just tell me?”

“I dunno. It’s not something easy to talk about. I figured eventually you’d get over it and just stop asking. Truth be told you know how gossip is. I figured eventually you’d hear something with some kinda fact in it. I wouldda confirmed details then. But the less I thought you knew about it, the better for both of us.”

“You really feel that way?”

“Momma, I know you. You would’ve meddled. You would have called him or some silly shit…. sorry mom, or some silly stuff. You didn’t know too much, so you just sat back. Which is how I like it.”

“Is that why you’re sad? Do you miss him?”

“No mom. Not even a little bit. I fell in love with someone else and I believed he was in love with me. But he turned out to be a liar too.”

“Did he cheat on you too?”

“No mom. He didn’t. He lied to me about who he was.”

“How in the hell did he do that? Lied to you in what way? Did he steal someone’s identity?”

Nadhira proceeded to give her mom, the Miller Lite version of what she’d been going through. She actually surprised herself by telling her way more than she had intended. It must have been the pepperpot. It had to have had truth serum in it, the way she was blabbering on. She was singing like a canary. Though she would consider the relationship she’d had with her mother to be good, she never liked discussing her relationship with her, as she did tend to over extend, in regards to giving advice, about whatever the situation her daughter was in. She wasn’t in the mood for advice. At least she didn’t think she was.

“He seemed so perfect mom. I just miss daddy so much right now. Do our family blessings skip a generation or something? Cause you got so lucky with daddy. Am I doomed for failure in love, but my children will be dealt a better hand?”

Laura Thompson shook her head, smiling at her daughter. It was a sort of sad, heavy smile.

“Whats wrong? You miss daddy too don’t you?”

“Of course I miss him. I miss him everyday. Your father was a good man, but he was very far from perfect. He was not without fault. I know how much you loved your dad and I took a lot of flack from you when you were growing up, because you thought your daddy was perfect and I was miserable, but I never wanted you to see him in any other way, than the way that made you happy.”

“What are you trying to say?”

“I’m trying to say, your daddy was a very flawed man. I’m not going to get into details about it either, just know that he loved you more than anyone else on the earth, and he was a great provider and mostly a decent husband. His positive characteristics combined, always outweighed his flaws, so I was never willing to break up my family over any of the things he did, that I didn’t like.”

“Did daddy cheat on you?”

“Don’t ask me that. That’s not any of your business. You had a good life, we provided everything you needed and if I do say so myself, you turned out amazing. I’m happy as long as you’re happy.”

“So whadda you think about what Dillon did?”

“You want me to make you feel better, or  you want me to be honest?”

“Could you be both?” Nadhira asked her mom smiling?

“Not today baby. You still wanna hear it?”

“Since when you so concerned about whether or not I wanna hear your advice? You always just fling it on me regardless. Who are you and what have you done with my mother?” Nadhira couldn’t help but laugh a little.

“Because you always shut me out, so I have to force my way in. You’re not shutting me out now are you? So I can be polite, instead of trying to break down your damn barricade, I can just knock.”

“Mother, oh my God!. What else have you been growing back there in that garden.”

“Oh shut up.” They were both laughing and relaxed. ”

Laura Thompson took out two wine glasses and poured out some wine for her and her daughter.

“I think you have a right to be angry. I see why you’re hurt. But can you come up with any reason why he would do this? I’m sure you can, because I can. And I think I can understand that. I’m not making excuses for him, but you guys were moving at warp speed. I’m sure he would have told you very soon. And look, he risked getting found out before telling you the way he wanted, to come and make sure you were ok. And by the way. What would make him think he needed to come check up on you? Why would he feel as if he had to? You’re leaving out a piece of this story.”

“That’s not important. “

“Hmmmm. I’m sure it is important, but regardless, he risked getting found out to make sure that you were ok. So that says a lot. I’m sure this young man didn’t want to tell you who he was because he didn’t want you to be with him or not be with him, because of something he had no control of. Maybe it’s easier to be Mr. Micheal than Mr. Shields. Maybe people always want something or expect something from him. Maybe because of how ambitious you are, he didn’t want you to think being with him was a liability. You wouldn’t want anyone to think that you are where you are in the company because of him, and I’m sure he knew that. Whatever his reasons, talk to him. Hear what he has to say. Don’t do what you always do and shut people out.”

Nadhira never responded, but she listened to and heard her mother’s advice. She was really tired  and really full, and slightly buzzed from the wine.

“Mom, I’m gonna crash on the couch for a bit. Wake me up in an hour.”

“Ok.” her mom replied.

Two hours passed and Nadhira was still deep in sleep. Laura awakened her daughter and told her to go up to her old room. Nadhira dragged herself upstairs, took off her work clothes, remaining only in her panties and cuddled with Mr. Smith, her old beat up teddy bear that her dad gave to her. She felt like she was 15 all over again. It didn’t take long for sleep to find her again.

When Nadhira opened her eyes, it looked as if the sun was setting. She couldn’t believe she’d slept that long. The power of the pepperpot, she thought with a slight smile. Then…

She nearly jumped out of her skin when she looked down towards her feet, when she realized that a man was laying at the foot of the bed. She quickly scooched to the top by the headboard causing the bed to jerk. He sat upright. It was Dillon.

“How’d you get here?” she was relieved it wasn’t a psychopath.

“Your mom told me where you were.”


“I was calling your phone and she answered. We talked for a bit, then she told me where you were. Gave me directions and everything. She even fed me. I didn’t mean to fall asleep, but that pepperpot just knocked me out.”

Nadhira shook her head.

“Now that’s my mom.” she mumbled.

“I’m sorry baby. I don’t know what else to say. I was wrong. But I had no bad intentions behind not telling you who I was.” He cut to the chase.

“What else did you lie to me about? Because clearly I took everything you said and didn’t say at face value. I never questioned you once. I mean, I know you do well financially , but are you living off a trust fund, are you really a graphic designer? Or I know! It could all be a front. You could be a drug dealer.” Her anger was coming back.

“Look, I get paid really well doing what I do. You know most of my clients are overseas. You’ve even taken calls for me. Don’t try to belittle everything we’ve been through, because I made one stupid mistake.”

Nadhira didn’t answer.

“Tell me you don’t fuckin’ love me. Tell me you’re done with this and with me. Tell me to my face and I’ll leave you alone.”

She couldn’t answer. He tried not to show how relieved he was when she didn’t respond, as he didn’t want to come from the ‘weak, broken-hearted dude’ angle. He had to show some kind of confidence and dignity, even if he was standing in the gutter. She looked so provocative laying there in her childhood room, clutching her sheet trying to cover herself. He wondered why she would even bother, considering he knew her body better than she did. He went over to her, sat at the edge of her bed in front of her and leaned in.

“I did something stupid, I admit that, but I in no way ever lied to you about the way I felt or still feel. I love you. And I know that you know I’m telling the truth.”

Without warning, he kissed her. It still slow and soft and full of fire. Dillon started to move in closer to her and then wrapped his arms around her, but then she eased back.

“Could you just gimme some time? I just need a couple days to process all of this.”

He thought her request was fair. He reluctantly leaned back from her, squeezed her leg in acknowledgment, then got up off of the bed.

“Can I see  you on the weekend?” he asked almost pleadingly.

She nodded yes. That was good enough for him. He left her alone in her room with her thoughts. He never forced his explanation on her and she never asked.

Throughout the rest of the week, they barely spoke. He would call her to say I miss you, but would never force her to engage in any lengthy conversations with him. She did share with him that work was going well and that  there were no Evanscapades, since the incident that Monday.

Thursday afternoon when Nadhira was getting ready to leave work, she reached into the side pocket of her bag to get her memory stick and pulled out the now infamous key. She stared at it, thinking that she should just toss it. She then thought that she should return it like she had originally intended. Maybe it would finally bring about closure, to put it in his hands, admit that she let herself into his home and collected her things. Own up to it and be big about it. She thought really long and hard while seated at her desk.

“Fuck closure. It’ll come when it’s supposed to. He can’t prove I was there.” she whispered to herself.

She was going to throw it away when she got home and free herself. She didn’t need to give it back, the same way he didn’t need to apologize to her, or her to him. What’s done is done. When she walked out the office, there was Natalie at her desk,snickering away.

“What’s so funny?” Nadhira asked.

Natalie handed her an envelope and when she opened it, it was an invitation to Evan and Terah’s wedding, which was apparently in one month.

“Wow, you going?” Nadhira asked unable to contain her smile.

“You think I’m gonna miss that shit?! Ya mad?! I’ll give you all the details. Who knows, maybe there won’t even be a wedding. He may just bail when he realizes how crazy her ass really is.”

“Nah, he won’t bail. Her family ties are important to him. Now more than ever.”

Nadhira told Natalie goodbye and left work feeling as if a weight had been lifted. She never told her about who Dillon really was, and due to the lack of talk in the office, she suspected that Evan never said anything to anyone either, which was just what she preferred.

Friday came and went in the blink of an eye and just like that, Saturday was upon her. It would be her first time seeing Dillon since the identity fiasco. She missed him ’til she felt sick, but they both needed the time apart. They still hadn’t talked about why he did what he did, even though she suspected his reasons. Whether they were good reasons or not, she needed him to know, that dishonesty was unacceptable and that she was not going to ever tolerate it again. If she could get that point across, they would be fine.  She stood in the middle of her closet, trying to find the perfect dress. Dillon called her and told her to dress for a nice dinner for around 7:30pm, but he didn’t say where. She tried to calm herself with music, the way she always did.

She felt good. She felt love. Then she saw her dress. She’d never worn it before and it even still had the tag on it. She picked out her shoes and put them together and thought it was perfect.

Nadhira then had about an hour to get ready before he got there, so she was able to take a nice long shower and just relax. She was really nervous about seeing him, but still excited.

She twisted and turned and stared at herself in her full length mirror, trying to make sure everything was perfect. At 7:30 on the dot, he was there. She heard his horn toot, took one last look at herself then  went out to meet him.

Initially the drive was quiet, except the music on his stereo. They were both afraid to talk. Finally he worked up the nerve to say something.

“You look beautiful.”

“So do you.” she replied.

“Where are we going?”

“You’ll see.”

“Are you planning to kidnap me?”


She smiled.

“Are we gonna be ok ‘Dhira?” he asked.

“I want us to be.”

Then a few more minutes of silence.

“How’s your mom?” he asked. Changing the direction of their conversation.

“She fine. She asked me about you. I think she really likes you.”

“Well I really like her too. I must add, that if you don’t wanna be with me anymore, you may still have to put up with seeing me, ’cause I’ll be going to her house for dinner a few times a week.”

Nadhira laughed out loud. She  knew he was kidding, but the way her mother’s food tasted, he could have also been very serious. Her mother’s cooking was no joke.

“Has work still been ok?”

“Yeah, it’s been good. My assistant got an invitation to Evan’s wedding. It’s in about a month.” 

“Woooooww. How do you feel about that?”

“Relieved. I hope he’ll be happy. I really do. I think it’s a big distraction for him right now, and I’m glad for that, cause it makes me further off of his radar.”

“Do you ever think about getting married?” he asked her.

“I used to. I used to think I was going to marry him, but then things started to fall apart and the relationship got really difficult. Then I wasn’t sure if I was marriage material, because it didn’t take him long to pop the question to somebody else, but him and I were together for years. So go figure.”

“Would you want to get married?”

“What is this? Are you planning on asking me to marry you or something?”

“No, I just wanna know how you feel.”

“To be honest, after talking to my mom this week, I dunno anymore.”


“When I was little, I always thought I would grow up and meet a man like my dad. He was perfect to me. He was definitely an awesome daddy and I thought he was a great husband…” She stopped talking mid sentence.

“…And he wasn’t?” Dillon asked.

“Well with all the bullshit that happened this week with me and you, I spoke to my mom about it. She really gave me something to think about in regards to moving forward. When I referenced dad and how great things were between the two of them, she shut me down cold. I get the impression that there was a side to my dad, that I never knew and it wasn’t good. I don’t think my mom was as happy as I thought she was and that scares me. If my daddy was so perfect in my perception, but not in reality, and Evan was so perfect on paper, but not in reality, maybe my relationships will only work out in my imagination. I mean we’re not exactly on the path to glory are we? You didn’t even trust me enough, to tell me who you really were.”

He felt as if someone just grabbed his heart and tried to crush it.

“You think I didn’t tell you because I didn’t trust you? I trust you more than I trust myself. Maybe the problem was that I didn’t trust myself enough.”

“You know all of this craziness with Evan was a blessing in disguise. Maybe all of this needed to happen in order for us to get to where we really need to go.”

“Where do you think we should be going?”

“I dunno. I don’t think I want to be apart from you, but time will tell I guess.”

Dillon felt for this woman like he’d never felt for anyone before. As clear as it had been to him for a while, it suddenly got clearer. Nadhira was moving in safe mode with him, and he could feel her reckless abandon slipping away. He wanted the woman that he made love to in Evan’s bed. He wanted her fire and her joy back. He was responsible for it diminishing and he wanted to rekindle it. On their way to the restaurant, he stopped at a little supermarket to get a drink. All of a sudden his throat felt drier than unwanted peanuts at the bottom of a roaster.

“You want a drink?” He asked her.

“No I’m good.” 

She still didn’t know what restaurant they were going to, but she recognized that they were in English Harbour. He came back out with a little plastic bag, that had in a bottle of Veryfine fruit punch and something that looked like gum or a sweets. He threw them into the glove box after he removed the juice and place it the cup holder.

They were at the restaurant about 10 minutes after. He walked around to her side and let her out. She stood for a few seconds while he seemed to grab something else out of the car.

“Can I hold your hand?”

She didn’t respond, she just slipped her fingers between his. When they walked into the dining area, she was floored by how amazing it was.

“Wow. This is really beautiful.” she said.

“No. You’re really beautiful.

They didn’t do too much talking after they were seated. He seemed preoccupied and edgy.

“Are you ok?” She finally asked just after they ordered.

“No not really.”


“Because I have a suggestion and I don’t think you’re gonna wanna go along with it.”

“What suggestion?

“Well I have several suggestions.”

“Ok so from one to several?”


“Suggest away.”

“I suggest we don’t have dinner here, but order the food and take it up stairs, because I can’t sit here and stare at  you any longer, cause I wanna rip your dress off. I suggest that you forgive me right now and tell me that you still love me the same way you did on Sunday. I suggest that we live together. When we leave here, either  you move in with me, or I move in with you cause I don’t wanna sleep alone anymore. I suggest that  you marry me.”

Nadhira immediately started shaking. She had never seen his face more serious.

“You’ve got to be kidding me?” she said.

“No I’m not.”

“What about your parents, I’ve never even met them.”

“It’s not about my parents. I’m a grown man, who’s made his own way. I depend on them for nothing. I may want their blessing, but I don’t need their approval.”

“Are you really serious?”

“I’ve been thinking about it all week, but I kept talking myself out of it cause I keep thinking you’ll say no. But tonight it’s just overwhelmed me.”

He then reached into his pants pocket and pulled out  a  cherry ring pop. He ripped open the noisy wrapper, and pulled apart the plastic bottom, to make the finger area bigger, then grabbed her left hand and said.

“It hit me in the car on the way here, so forgive me, but I will get you the real thing first thing Monday morning, if you’ll have me.”

Nadhira burst out laughing and hot tears rolled down her face uncontrollably.

“You’re such an idiot. I swear you’re a crazy person.”

“I love you.” he said.

“I know you do you jackass. I love you too. Of course I’ll marry you.”

Dillon forced the ring pop on her finger, then knelt in front of her resting in head on her lap. She was so grateful that the restaurant was not yet full. She rubbed his head with one hand and wiped her tears with the next. There she was an emotional wreck. Earlier, her desire to get married was practically non-existent and now , she was engaged. I guess some women never know that they want to get married, until someone asks to marry them, she thought. She stared at her delicious ring and the quirky, funny man whose head rested on her lap and she knew she couldn’t find another ring that would mean more to her….or another man….



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