A Vintage Touch…Polaroids..

polaroid 4

I’d wanted to get a Polaroid camera for a few years but for some reason or another, never could. At the end of last year, my timing and finances were miraculously in sync, considering how broke Christmas can make us. I bit the bullet and decided to officially buy one for myself as a Christmas gift. When I was searching online, I had no idea that there were quite a few choices for these types of cameras, so I watched a couple of  Youtube video reviews and decided on the Polaroid One Step 2 I-Type. I’m just getting familiar with it, but I’m loving the fact that I can have a physical copy of a moment in my hands. I’m actually going to buy an album. I haven’t bought one of those things in years.

polaroid 3polaroid 1polaroid 2

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Pretty in Leopard… & Pink..

pink & leopard 3pink & leopard 1pink & leopard 2pink & leopard 4pink & leopard 5pink & leopard 6pink & leopard 7

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Denim Again..Every Girl’s Go-To

d & d 3d & d 1d & d 2d & d 5d & d 6d & d 7d & d 8

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Cloggy’s Restaurant..

cloggys 8

The girls from work and I, have started an end of year / new year tradition, of celebrating the fact that we made it through the madness of the previous year. Last year was Papa’s Restaurant, this year was Cloggy’s Restaurant. We didn’t take many pictures this time, but the food was amazing, the location was beautiful and we had a great time. Here are a few of the pictures that I was able to snap.

cloggys 5cloggys 4cloggys 2cloggys 1cloggys 9

I took this picture, so i’m there in reverse. 🙂


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Afro Treats…

chichia 5

I originally bought this skirt Thursday December 22nd, 2011. Very specific I know, but I can be this precise about the purchase date, because I’d blogged my initial excitement about its purchase. Please see initial post link directly below.


chichia 7

The above picture was my very first time wearing it. I loved it then, and I think I have more appreciation for it now. it’s amazing how one simple piece can be revamped time after time.

chichia 1chichia 2chichia 6chichia 5chichia 4chichia 3

I Love It!

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Musical Chairs Part 2… Pleasant Surprises




I hope you guys enjoyed your

first term of classes. Did I

make you work too hard?



No Mrs. Tyler!”



Remember, there won’t be any classes

for two weeks, but that doesn’t mean

you guys are gonna lazy around the house

and not stretch or anything. Ok?!! Promise

me that you will continue to practice your

routines and stretch over the break, so that I

don’t hear your little bones cracking when classes

start back.

Jaklyn was smiling sweetly at their beautiful little faces, as they looked up at her with the most earnest eyes.



Yes Ma’am. !

The students all slowly shuffled out of line to get their duffel bags and other dance gear.


Kiana, your mom called and said she’s

not going to pick you up because she has

a last minute meeting. Your brother

is going to come get you so I’ll wait with you

‘til he gets here ok.


Thanks Mrs. Tyler.

Jaklyn and Kiana chit chatted for a little while as she tried to tidy up after class. Kiana then found a cushioned window seat just at the right side of the studio, reached into her bag and took out a sketch pad, then started to doodle. Jaklyn locked up the odds and ends in the dance lockers that the kids always seemed to leave behind, regardless of how much she’d insist on them being careful about forgetting their stuff. About 20 minutes after everyone else had left, she was finished cleaning. She did more than she’d intended, but figured why not, as she was waiting for Kiana’s ride to get there anyway. She looked up at the clock on the wall and it was not quite 7:30 pm. Jaklyn decided to stretch for a little bit and if no one came in the next 15 minutes, she’d take Kiana home herself. She took one last look out the front window, just about ready to tell Kiana that she’d take her home, only to see a tall man walking up towards the step. It was a bit dark, so she could not quite make him out, but she recognized Kiana’s mom’s car.


Kiana, grab your stuff, I think

your brother’s here.

Jaklyn put her dance shoes in her duffel bag and turned off the back lights in the studio. She timed it at 30 seconds from when she saw him approaching, then hit the buzzer for the main door so that he could access the building. She heard the heavy thud of the door closing back in, then heard the voice call out for her student.




I’m here Aidan.

Jaklyn gave the studio a final once over, making sure bathroom faucets and lights were off, then went back to the front to say goodbye to Kiana. She was completely taken aback when she saw him. She was immediately self-conscious. He reached forward to greet her with a handshake.


Hi, I’m Aidan, Keke’s older brother.


I’m Mrs. Tyler. You can call me Jaklyn though.


Very nice to meet you

 They said that in unison.

After a few seconds, Jaklyn realized that her hand was still in his. She began to gently try to retract from the grip, but he did not comply. This was definitely awkward according to hand shake protocol. Aidan seemed to have slipped into some sort of mild coma / daydream, and quickly apologized then released her, when he recognized that he was holding her in handshake hostage. They said a few more absent minded pleasantries, then said goodbye. When Aidan and Kiana walked out, he couldn’t help but look back and stare for a couple seconds. They waved an uncomfortable goodbye, and Jaklyn turned her back, and resumed grabbing her things to leave. She sighed deeply.


Oh my God’ WOW


Jacklyn was pacing up and down backstage a show of some  fancy hotel she’d never been to before. She had agreed to do what she now referred to as ‘this stupid thing’, while being completely consumed by depression after being dumped by Brian. She now regretted it more than she could have ever imagined.  It had been so long since she’d said yes to it and had completely forgotten about it, until being reminded when she got the call for a dress rehearsal. She had attempted to back out of it, but decided to follow through, as it was not her style to go back on her word, especially on such short notice. Jill was backstage with her trying to calm her down, and re-assure her that this was something new and exciting and that even if she never did it again, that the one time would be liberating and worth it. Jax wore a sheer fitted body suit with her private parts only covered by glitter and sparkles. Jill rubbed her shoulders and continued her pep talk, until “Pyramids” by Frank Ocean started playing…

…which was her cue to get on stage. Jax had only vaguely worked out a routine in her head, so she was going to go out there relatively free-style and give it her all. Jill kissed her quickly on the lips and said…


You’re gonna to be amazin’ luv..

Jacklyn went into performance mode, and for a few minutes she was a temptress trying to make every man in the room fall to her feet in lustful desire. Her risqué costume was initially covered up by a heavy black trench coat and a mask the covered her eyes and half of the right side of her face. She sat on the chair side ways then turned to the front straddling the chair. As the bass kicked in she ripped open her coat and she could hear the audience gasp and whisper. She could not see anyone as the audience was in darkness and the spotlight was on her. In the audience, Aidan watched the woman mystified by her provocative movements. He felt as if he was getting hard. When she ripped the mask off towards the end of the routine, and he noticed that it was Mrs. Tyler he almost dropped his camera. Jaklyn had resolved to just let go and give the performance her all. Odds were that most of the audience would have only comprised of hotel guest from abroad anyway.



That was fuckin’ awesome Jax.

If I was a guy I’d be soo mackin’ on you right now.


Thank you love. I feel good, but I’m glad it’s over.


The following weekend, Jaklyn and Jill casually strolled the aisle of the Epicurean, during their usual weekend grocery shopping excursion. As usual, one gigantic basket, half filled with practical groceries, that fell under the proper food group headings, and the other half, the part that Jill filled, was goodies and snacks.



Jilly I forgot to pick up the orange juice.



I’ll go get it. Meet you in the next aisle over.



Jaklyn began to hum unconsciously, getting lost in the ‘anal label reading’ that Jill always argued with her about. The tap on her shoulder startled her, causing her to fumble the box of hot chocolate mix.


Mrs. Tyler?




She shrieked back, wishing she could have turned her response down by a decibel. She took a few seconds before she continued.


How you doin’ Aidan?



I’m good. And you? You look good.

I mean I’m sure you’re good. I mean,

nice to see you. Class starts back

1 week from now right?



Yeah. 6 pm sharp on Tuesday. So how

are you enjoying your vacation? You’re home on

vacation right?



Yes I am. It’s been interesting. I’ll see how

things go.


(He couldn’t stop thinking about her in the hotel that night.)





When do you go back to school?



Sometime in August, September. Not quite

sure yet, it might be after. I’m still trying to figure

a few things out.



How’s Kiana doing? Tell her I said that she better

be stretching.



I will. Are you here with your husband?


He kept looking around expecting a big burly guy to emerge from around the corner, which made him uneasy, but he really wanted to talk to her. He did notice that her demeanor changed.



Any way Aidan, I’ve got to hurry and get out of here. It was

nice seeing you again.



     What are you doing later?


She looked at him quizzically, wondering why he would require such information. She felt herself getting slightly annoyed, but not quite sure why. She sarcastically replied…


                                    Are you planning on taking me somewhere?

Aidan then realized how ridiculous the question was and immediately felt like an idiot for asking a married woman what she was doing later.


                                    I’m sorry. You must think I’m such an ass. What I meant

                                   was, do you know of anything interesting happening later.

                                            I’m a bit bored and weighing a few options.



It’s ok. No problem. Why don’t you just go and hang

                             out with your friends? Aren’t they back

for the summer too?




I’ve been hanging with my friends quite a bit

                                 But I feel like doing something different.



 To be honest, I really am the worst person to ask about what’s

                     happening on the scene. I didn’t have anything extraordinary planned.

                        My best friend and I are probably gonna watch  a movie. Not very

                        exciting, but I rather a chilled out evening any day of the week.



You should be going out dancing with your husband.


                                           My husband and I aren’t together anymore.

                                          Is there anything else you would like to know?


Jaklyn suspected that he was fishing for information. That was the second time he mentioned her ‘husband’, and she figured that he may have heard a little bit about their split and was seeking some type of confirmation. Though not sure why. She was a bit taken aback when he said….



I’d like to know lots more about you.


Jill slowly walked down the aisle towards them, with a smirk on her face. She had been lingering the next aisle over, waiting for Jaklyn to emerge, and after feeling as if she was abandoned, she decided to see what was taking her friend so long. When Jaklyn saw Jill approaching, she tried to sum up her conversation with Aidan by hastening the goodbye.


I’m sure you’ll figure out what you want to do.

I do have to go, but it really was nice seeing you again.



Ok…one last question. That new club that just opened up, It’s

supposed to be a bit more sophisticated that the others and

plays exclusively zouk music. I thought you may have been

there. Have you? Have you heard about it? Is it any good?

I really wanna check it out.



You like zouk?


She asked very surprised.

Zouk was her favourite type of music, so her interest in the club was definitely peaked.


Yeah, it’s one of my favourite types.



Sounds like you just made up your mind about what you’ll be doing then.



You should come.




                            Nah…not tonight. but I’ll definitely check it out sometime.


They said goodbye, just as Jill reached them. Aidan said a polite hello,

                                              then disappeared around the corner.


Who was that sexy stick of man candy?



That sexy stick is only a couple years shy

of jail bait. He’s one of my student’s older

brother. He is quite easy on the eyes though.

I think he was flirting with me.



I hope you were flirting back. You should

give him some.


Give him some wha?! Hot Chocolate?



                         If that’s what you wanna call it. Ask him for some whipped cream.

Jaklyn couldn’t help but laugh. It was Jill’s usual effect on her and it was difficult to remain in a bad mood when she was around..


Why ya ass have to be so vulgar?



I’m not vulgar, I’m honest.



                    Girl you mad. You nuh hear wha me min say before. He’s a boy, and

                       he is a relative of one of my students.  Wha I have with that?



                I didn’t say to marry him. I said to fuck him. You realize how long it’s

               been since Brian garn bout his business? And you haven’t been with anybody

               since then. I’m not telling you to go  whore around, but aren’t you hard up?

               That young boy right there will straighten  your ass right out. I saw the way

                You  were looking at him. I know you think  he’s cute.


                             Of course I think he’s cute. I’m not  blind. I just don’t

                                    see how sleeping with  him is a good idea.



Who said anything about sleep.?




                             He told me that new club that’s opening up, the one where

                           RIBIT used to be, will play strictly zouk music.



I heard about that actually. I was supposed to mention it to you.

You wanna check it out?


Actually, I kind of want to. I’m really not up to it tonight,

though.  Maybe next weekend?



I’m gonna hold your ass to that…

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Even Broken Things Are Still Beautiful…


The weather was really weird today…from bright, beautiful and sunny, to dark, gloomy, rainy and windy….(almost storm like), within minutes. It transitioned between those two scenarios all day, very bi-polaresque. The wind broke a few of my smaller plants, even one of my favourite orchids, but until she dries up, she will still make her surroundings beautiful. Cheers to you Violet,..with a big swig of Coca Cola.


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Britt Brat…


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‘Tis The Season…


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