Hey Guys,

It’s been a while, but I’ve been very busy…not slacking off. 🙂 Please check out my new space at (Bright Red Lips) and enjoy my new layout. There is familiar content that you guys can re-examine,

and lots f new posts to come. My blog journey is just beginning and I am truly excited.

I’ve been coming in to my own in all aspects and I feel positive and can’t wait to see where this leads me.

By the way look for me on instagram @brightred_lips

I did a new foodie post today Boxing Bird…so check me out.


SHARE SHARE SHARE. Thank You in Advance. 🙂

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Pillsbury Casserole…June Clever back in Effect..


My usual dilemma with cooking, is figuring out what the heck I even want to cook. Today was not that day, because since  I was told about this recipe earlier up in the week and I went online to figure out how to make it, I’d made up my mind that this was what I’d prepare for Sunday dinner / lunch. It was very simple to make, so I know that I’ll be preparing this more often. The pictures are pretty self explanatory.



Season the chicken breasts that were cut up, then add the broccoli and carrots.


Saute’ them in a deep frying pan of coconut oil for about 10 minutes, …


Next add the cream of mushroom soup, then cook for another 10  minutes…


Butter a glass baking dish to prevent sticking, then pour this mix.


Top off with Pillsbury dough…


Bake in Oven @ 375 degrees for 18-25 minutes, or until top is brown.


bon appetit

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Like my previous post stated, my blog absence was not due to plain old neglect or laziness. My life was / is just kind of hectic, and It got too involved for me to even take the time out to blog. I decided to turn this into an endless summer recap kind of post, to show what my summer was like. The kids are now back to school and into a new routine. That cycle of my life has started all over again. All in all, it was a pretty good summer. They both celebrated birthdays over the summer vacation, so I am now officially mother to a teenager. WTF! I’m still a teenager my damn self. At least I feel like it. Any who…enjoy my endless summer collage depicting some of what was carrying on during my blog absence. It was lots of food, family & fun. You can’t beat that. 😀

IMG_20160714_143827IMG_20160714_143850 IMG_20160717_181256 IMG_20160717_181303 IMG_20160717_181307 IMG_20160717_213050IMG_20160717_215105  IMG_20160717_215356   IMG_20160717_215136IMG_20160717_215347IMG_20160717_215356IMG_20160731_183828IMG_20160731_184255IMG_20160731_184249IMG_20160731_183833IMG_20160802_171207IMG_20160802_171231IMG_20160814_085021IMG_20160814_085649IMG_20160814_093236IMG_20160814_093942IMG_20160814_094006IMG_20160814_095219IMG_20160814_100553IMG_20160814_100652IMG_20160815_205354IMG_20160815_205142IMG_20160815_203717IMG_20160815_203713IMG_20160815_203713IMG_20160818_195627IMG_20160818_195600IMG_20160818_195423IMG_20160818_195322IMG_20160818_195318IMG_20160818_195314IMG_20160818_195314IMG_20160818_195228IMG_20160818_195216IMG_20160818_195205IMG_20160818_194853IMG_20160818_194825IMG_20160818_194737IMG_20160818_194602IMG_20160818_194502IMG_20160818_184445IMG_20160821_170653IMG_20160828_183122IMG_20160828_183046IMG_20160828_183043IMG_20160828_182947IMG_20160828_180708IMG_20160828_180705IMG_20160828_110532IMG_20160828_110415IMG_20160821_170719IMG_20160821_170714IMG_20160821_170702IMG_20160821_170658IMG-20160706-WA0007IMG-20160706-WA0005IMG-20160802-WA0002IMG-20160802-WA0001IMG-20160820-WA0003IMG-20160820-WA0002IMG-20160820-WA0001IMG-20160817-WA0000IMG-20160425-WA0009IMG-20160425-WA0008IMG-20160829-WA0009IMG-20160829-WA0008IMG-20160829-WA0007IMG-20160829-WA0005IMG-20160829-WA0011IMG-20160829-WA0010


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I promise you, I wasn’t imprisoned. My lengthy blog hiatus is because I’ve just been super, super overwhelmed with work, personal projects and family ‘ish’. This is the longest it’s ever taken me to post a blog since I started years ago, but I truly have been giving it my all behind the scenes,..'(cue My All by Mariah Carey) 😀 cause I’m literally singing that in my head right now.

You can now uncomfortably continue to read, with that sappy ass song as the soundtrack to this incredible post. I cockily say incredible, because I know I’ve been terribly missed and just about anything I post right now, might be considered good book worthy. lol. Lemme stop playin’. 😀

I’ve been diligently working to improve a lot of things in my life, including this blog, so for the 2 or 10 or 20 of you read somewhat consistently, I haven’t abandoned you. I love you guys. 😀 It’s been a long time since I started my blog journey and I have no plans to give it up any time soon.

“Even though I try, I can’t let go..”  cue other excruciatingly sappy but beautiful Mariah Carey masterpiece….

Such a fitting song to express my ever growing love, and my fabulously, fashiony un-prison stripy look.. 🙂

The pictures aren’t the clearest, but you get the general gist of my awesomeness. .(And yes,..I wore this to work.) Don’t hate… 😀

IMG_20160829_194709 IMG_20160829_194845 IMG_20160829_194852 IMG_20160829_194922 IMG_20160829_195001

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Give of Yourself…


One of the reasons that I’ve been sooo overwhelmed, it this right here. Starting a new shipping company with my business partner of 7 years is no small feat. As with anything new, it took a good deal of time, energy and patience to begin to feel settled,but I think it’s safe to say we’re almost there.

One of our clients spoke to us a few weeks ago, about the local basketball association that they’re heavily involved with, so we felt it was pertinent to become involved by offering our services as a shipper, and donated the space required, for their cargo to be shipped for free. Needless to say, the cargo arrived in Antigua, with no hiccups, in time for the team members to be finely dressed in their sports gear and represent our little island, looking their best. That was good enough for me,…then one day while going about my business, I received a call from a frantic person 🙂 ( who shall not be named….)

Frantic Person: Tameka, where are you?!

Tameka: Running errands for the office.

Frantic person: Well hurry up, the official presentation starts soon.

Tameka: What official presentation? I’m confused.

Frantic Person: The one handing over the cargo you shipped in for the basket ball                                                association.

Tameka: I have to be there?!

Frantic Person: Yes!, come now!

Tameka: Seriously? Is this going to be on t.v?

Frantic Person: Yes.

Tameka: I don’t have to say anything do I?!

Frantic Person: No.

Tameka: Cool. Thank God. See you in a bit. 🙂

Fortunately, I looked kinda cute. 😀 Peep some pictures from the presentation below.

IMG_5769 IMG_5770 IMG_5772



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Nerd Swag in Full Effect….


Here’s to embracing your inner nerd. 🙂  I haven’t taken pictures in a while,..not sure why, but these new glasses gave me inspiration. Photo credit goes to my fabulous daughter Genesis.


Have a coke and a smile… 😀

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Lemme Distract you with some Food…


Touloulou is one of my favourite restaurants in Antigua. The food is really really good, and it does not put my wallet into cardiac arrest. 🙂 I’ve been kind of M.I.A from the blog, which happens from time to time, as I am working on soo many things, but this place is worth bringing me out of my slight hibernatory blog state. I personally have not been hibernating, it’s just that real life has a way of getting in the way of posting sometimes. I know it will get better, as soon as some of my projects get completed. In the meantime, peep the awesomeness of some of the food I’ve been partaking….


Even through out the stress of it all,..I am soo blessed and grateful to be able to dine and sometimes….IMG_20160309_122526IMG_20160308_123133

…. get work done…. in places like this. 🙂

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There are dark girls in The Inn..Tralalalala…

Bak2moi's Blog

“Until the colour of a man’s skin,                                                                                                      is of no more significance than the colour of his eyes..                                                                                   Me say War…”

Call me a pessimist, but this is one war that will never be won. It hurts my heart to say that, but I stand by my statement. I would love to be proven wrong, but sadly, I don’t…

View original post 2,318 more words

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Vlog # 2 Final..My Editing Fears…..

So why did I decide to do this again? This whole thing felt like a freaking exam final. It’s all well and good to want to do it, no doubt, but after you’ve somewhat overcome the fear of your actual vlog content, then, it’s.. how the freakin’ freak, do I put this together, without it looking like a pile of hot camel shit? I had to give myself a crash course in editing, and I seriously questioned my own sanity.


Yet again, Why am I doing this? lol

Well I would like to be graded on my vlog above, because I was absolutely relentless on my quest to do an at least semi decent job editing.

“Please remember that I’m an artist, and I’m sensitive about my shit!”   😀

I strongly suggest a_grade_plus


Nah…Let me know what you think of my editing skills. I want to get really good at this, and not only provide great content, but I want it to look good and flow well.  I’m looking forward to your feedback. 😀

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My First Vlog ….Overcoming Fears…

“Courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it.”

I had to repeat that to myself many times. Doing a Vlog is something I’ve been thinking about for 2 years, more seriously, the last 8 or 9 months. I’ve been extremely reluctant to see myself in motion for some reason. I’ve been able to hide behind my written words, both fiction and non-fiction on this blog, which in a way is a form of security blanket, when putting myself out there. I’d recently watched an inspirational video, where Steve Harvey was talking about ‘Jumping’,.. or taking a leap of faith. It struck such a chord with me, that I had to have a conversation with myself, trying to figure out why I kept standing in my own way.

If we never jump, nothing ever happens. We stay stuck in the same spot never knowing what might have been, had we jumped.

10 Steps for Overcoming the Fear of Making a Change


I don’t want to live a life of regret and shouldda couldda wouldda. Soooo this is me…


As he said, expect to get scrapes and cuts, and wounds along the way, but the reward on the other side of the JUMP, will be worth it.

‘Unless of course you are trying to commit suicide and just want to jump off of a cliff , bridge or a tall building. Then that’s a different kind of jump and this blog / vlog is not for you. In that instance, DON’T JUMP! Back away from the edge and think of another option ‘ 😀


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