Floral after the Dark…


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Rainy Day Fashion…


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Devil …Scratch that..Angel with the Blue Dress on…


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Lace Romper…


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Earth Magick Essentials…


Beauty is so much more than skin deep. Throughout our journey as women, we evolve and try to figure out what works for us in many different aspects of our lives. From career choices, to romantic relationships, education, health and skin care. Speaking from first hand experience, our skin has a way of revealing many things that  are happening within our bodies and we need to listen to it and treat it kindly. Skin is the largest organ of our bodies, and it is as much a sponge as it is a barrier. I am amazed at some of the chances I’ve taken with my skin over the years and am now on a quest to treat it better, so that I’m not spending the rest of my life trying to fix it, but enjoy being the skin that I’m in.

As Women, we’ve been targeted with every kind of cream, lotion, potion, pill, oil, serum, all in the name of beauty, youth and restoration. We’ve slathered at least 75% of what we’ve seen on our bodies, because the commercials were pretty and had  effectively sold us a dream in a jar or tube. I’ve certainly fallen for a lot and I know I’m not the only one, as it is a billion dollar industry. With time, I became more of a minimalist. When I started being more aware of what some of these products were made from and that I had to use high tech syllabification just to pronounce them, I decided that I needed to change directions. My skin breathed a sigh of relief. My policy is, if I can barely pronounce it, I’m not putting it in my mouth or on my skin.


All we need to do is get back to the basics. Earth Magick Essentials is simply that.


There are a few good options for the natural body butters and oils, but this is an amazing combination of all elements.


Earth Magic Essentials is the love child of Timeca Abercombe.

Brightred_Lips: What prompted you to start making a line of body products? It seems like an ambitious undertaking.

T.A: I didn’t actually start out with the intention of doing anything like this at all. I was just tired of using a lot of costly products that didn’t really seem to do what I wanted.

Brightred_Lips: Basically, necessity is the mother of invention…

T.A: Indeed. I started doing online research about different types of natural raw materials that were good for the skin. I then began to purchase them and started to experiment with blending and coming up with concoctions and mixes of different body oils and butters that suited my skin type. I do all of this at home by the way. Basically I was trying to create something that would work for me and my family. When I was satisfied with the final smells and textures of the blends, I asked my close friends to try them out and everyone’s opinion was that it was great and that I should do them for sale. That was when I began to think  a little bit bigger.

Brightred_Lips: How long did it take to put the line together, come up with the name etc?

T.A: I knew that I wanted the word magic in the name immediately. I toyed around with a bunch of different names.The word organics had a great chance but thought that it was overused. I wanted something that represented natural without putting the word natural in the name. What word signifies natural,..outside of using that same word, better than the word earth? Took a little while, but I loved the way ‘Earth Magick Essentials’ rolled off the tongue. Because I didn’t give myself any crazy deadlines, I never worked with a timeline. I just wanted it to be a good product and packaged nicely, so I took my time choosing the bottles and designing the labels. It was never a pressure type of situation.

Brightred_Lips: What products do you have in your line?

T.A: For now, I have the hair and body butter, (daily skin and scalp application /treatment) and the bronze body glow, that gives your skin a beautiful shimmer. I also use it as a black girl tanning oil. Yes black girls do tan.

Brightred_Lips: Do you plan on adding more products to your line?

T.A: I’m still working on different mixes for the hair and body butter. I’m very interested in doing my own line of head wraps (my own prints). I even styled the head wraps on the models in my ‘Earth Magick Essentials’ photo shoot.

Brightred_Lips: What is your hope for Earth Magick Essentials?

T.A: That people genuinely love what the products do for their skin. Of course I want the business to grow and be a great source of income, but it would be lovely if it grew by word of mouth, because people truly appreciate what the product does.

Brightred_Lips: Where can your products be purchased?

T.A: For now, directly from me. I’m not in any stores yet, but that is the aim. I can be reached via e-mail earthmagickessentials@gmail.com or via dm on instagram @earthmagickessentials @meeks_magick


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Flowers Fix Everything…A Designer’s Bohemian Tale…


This past weekend, my mom’s backyard became host to a small birthday get together for my sister-in-law. Timeca (my name sake). What can I say, I am a spectacular sister, so my brother decided he couldn’t go wrong with the name, though mine is spelled Tameka. 🙂

Anywho..I had blogged about their wedding,  an amazing day, which was a beautiful outdoor celebration as well. I’m feeling really nostalgic right now just thinking it.


My sister-in-law has great, yet very simple style, which translated that day and also into her 30th birthday event, this past weekend.

I always thought that my mom’s yard was very pretty, but it’s been very dry for the last few months, due to a drought that the island has been experiencing. Her landscape seems to be holding up regardless, so it was still the perfect outdoor setting to execute the idea, that the birthday girl had in her head. I kept asking my mom for updates with how the setting up was going, so she began to whatsapp pictures to me. I was absolutely floored by what I saw and immediately started asking questions. Who designed this? What’s going on? I didn’t know it was going to be all of this fabulosity..What the heck?.. Everything looked spectacular 🙂

See for yourself below:


I spoke with Timeca,(The Birthday Girl) who told me that she was only able to execute her vision, because of her talented designer friend Sheena. Of course you know the Oprah in me had to speak with Sheena, as I was truly intrigued by her style and vision.


Timeca & Sheena (The Designer)

Designer: Sheena Samuel-Overton



Brightred_Lips: Is design your main source of income, or do you do it as a passionate hobby?

S.S-O: A bit of both.

2. Brightred_Lips: When did you realize your passion for design? What was the moment in your life that determined that this was something to pursue in some way? 

S.S-O: I consider myself to be an artist. Anything to do with creativity, drawing, painting, music,.. it all intrigues me. As far back as I can remember, I’ve always been obsessed with flowers. My philosophy is ‘Flowers fix Everything’. I started off designing floral bouquets, then got a job doing professional floral design at Flower World here in Antigua. I worked there for a few years, then went on to Seneca College in Toronto, to pursue a 2 year certification course in floral design. I subsequently became a member of the Student Chapter of the Canadian Academy of Floral Arts. A pretty big highlight was entering a Seneca  floral competition and winning, which was an amazing boost to my confidence.



I currently work at The Pink Mongoose here in Antigua, but I do have my own business where I do floral and party designs. I also still plan on pursuing a degree in design.

 Brightred_Lips: Can you remember your first design projects independently?

S.S-O: Mini bouquets and I sold them all. For some reason I ended up with a wide variety of excess flowers in my house, and I decided to design some small bouquets. I set up a table in St.Johns and people walking by bought them. 

Brightred_Lips: What aspect of design are you most interested in? Meaning do you prefer designing for parties and events , or for residential / commercial properties.

S.S-O: Parties or Events….. Preferably children’s parties, as I usually get to be whimsical and have as much fun as I possibly can.

Brightred_Lips: What is the most frustrating aspect of design?

S.S-O: Difficult customers who still want to lead. It makes me wonder why I was even hired.

Brightred_Lips:  What was the theme of this party, and how did you go about executing this idea so flawless?

S.S-O: Timeca & I have been friends for a long time. We’d started to discuss a bohemian themed birthday party idea that she came up with, a few months back. Every time we thought of something, we either purchased or collected the various elements, leading up to this event. We both had a clear vision of what she wanted, so we just made sure to get the right fabrics and flowers (of course), to execute the vision. The location was perfect, so that made things a lot easier. 

Brightred_Lips: If someone keeps rejecting your ideas, what do you do?

S.S-O: I Want to please the customer, but I  will not continue a job if an idea that won’t work is being forced. I don’t want to do anything I am not comfortable with or proud of.

Brightred_Lips: What’s more important, budget, innovation, or style?

S.S-O: Innovation. Hands down. I believe that you can execute an idea with almost any budget, but you just have to be creative with the the purchases. It doesn’t have to be expensive to look good. Being naturally stylish is a plus, but innovation is where budget and style meet. This is where you are forced to think outside the box.


Flowers Fix Everything….. More of Sheena’s designs below.



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Opposites Attract / Dressed Shirt & Cut Offs…


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When It’s Nice, You Wear It Twice…


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Chinese Floral…


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Striped & Strapped…


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