What Men Really Want…

A few years ago, comedy genius Dave Chapelle stated that women are getting all of their information from the wrong sources. Apparently ladies, things are not as complicated as we think they are. From what I understand, there are really no mixed messages, we just like to make excuses for men. These excuses act as bridges that keeps us connected to the men we desire, even if they do not reciprocate the same desire and are very clear in their words and or actions about what they really want. I did look into what he said, especially about the drivel that a lot of magazines put out in big script, next to attractive celebrities. 100 ways to please your man, 20 ways to give good head, Karma Sutra,.. 1000 ways to f^*k his brains out, blah blah blah.. I must add, that these articles are usually written by women, who also according to Dave Chapelle, don’t know what the hell they are talking about. So,… I figured I should just do some research and ask some men a few questions. Now why didn’t I think of this before. 🙂

I was like Sherlocka Holmes..lol 😀 . I wanted specifics dammit. I wanted nitty gritty, and I did not want politically correct answers.

According to Mr. Chapelle, a man’s requirement list in a relationship is only four things long…and I quote…

1. Play with his balls. 😀

2. Suck his dick. (smdh)                                                                      

3. Make him a sandwich. (lol)                                                            

4. Don’t talk soo much.

There you have it.  😀 Relationships according to Dave. I must also add, every man in the audience cheered loudly and gave him a standing ovation, so there must be something to what he said. 

Evidently my dear Watson, if you ask specific questions, there is a slight possibility you will get the required answers.

These answers below are from an anonymous source. I actually laughed my ass off when I read this.

1. Stay thin or the same size/weight when we met you.
2. Don’t ask us for anything for the first 6 months.
4. We dont wanna here about your fukked up ugly azz friends problems, we’ve seen the bytch, we know what her problem is.
6. No you cant borrow our car or credit card.
7. Fu^k like its gonna be the last dyck you’ll ever have.
8. Dont ask how much we have in savings. 9.If you have ugly toes don’t wear flip flops.

A man who is pretty clear about what he wants.

Here’s another answer, from someone I admire..

RESPECT: Our relationship must be based on the values of a buddy buddy friendship. Don’t ever let Romance switch up the rules. You know that way that you never sell out your friends or disrespect them. But soon as love enters the picture shit gets crazy. I value RESPECT more than LOVE. People do crazy things for love but we do the right thing when respect is concerned. ALSO… Keep my name (and OUR name) out of people’s mouths… act accordingly (Like you have a man and I’ll reciprocate… because of RESPECT)TRUST: Don’t ever let me second guess you. I tend to over think things… don’t let your loyalty to us or your reactive chain fo thought EVER be the target of my overthinking.

AFFECTION: I’m affectionate. Don’t turn my affection away & don’t take, take, take without giving back. I love comfort too.

PRIDE (in the relationship… don’t act like your ashamed of me in public etc… Make me feel like you’re proud to be with me.)

PASSION: Passive is cool but I want somebody who has the ability to get under my skin… EFFORTLESSLY.

Cuss me when I’m wrong, tump me in my face, buss my head… dat kinda passion. Till death do us part kinda shit. Don’t let me walk away.

Another Survey Participant said ….
(1) Being able 2 tlk bout almst evrything (trust)
(2) Common intrests
(3) Separate hobbies that allow time awy frm ech othr 4 a lil while
(4) respecting ech others brains ( meaning I’m not gonna ask u about supm den call my mommy 4 da final word. An vice versa)
(5) Good sexual chemistry. (the act of sex, but also knowin ur partner is attracted 2 u an u can make her hot from miles away jus thinking bout u n vice versa)
I couldn’t use all of the responses, but  the average list length was 6 points long, the longest being 9 and the shortest being 3.
I have to admit I thought I would get more answers that had heavier dependency on sex.  Sometimes, to me, a lot of poor decisions men make usually involve sex in some way or even finances.
Ok, in the relationship the list is short, but what about prior to the whole “will you be my girl” question? What is it about a woman who peaks a man’s interest, then makes him want to find out more about her?  This part is a little more complicated, because different men, varied preferences. We all like different things and  find different qualities attractive.
What does it take for a man to put a girl in his life?
Apparently, this is the part where most of the games are played. People not really putting all their cards on the table, and just putting forth the right bait to snag the partner. So, what’s the best bait? A Push up bra? A weave, make up? Pretending to like what a man likes, just to appear cool, cooking for them, sex, by either giving it up, or dangling it as a prize they should compete for. There are so many roads that lead to that,..”will you be my girl?” question. The relationship problems usually appear, however, when we can’t keep up with the facade,… When we pretend to be what the person wants in order to get to be with them. Eventually, we all gotta take off our masks… show who WE really are and do what WE really want.

Maybe the question in a relationship should be…



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I am a woman trying to balance motherhood and womanhood, while pursuing her dreams. Hopefully I get to keep at least foot on the ground during the process.
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6 Responses to What Men Really Want…

  1. Floree says:

    i absolutely love this post! and i love your blog! your sense of humor and thought trains are very engaging

  2. Nati says:

    Great post!
    Guy #2…I’m feeling that! *nodding my head*
    Good read Tameka! You keep inspiring me to do the damn thing!

  3. Linisa says:

    *sighs* …….. this has been my argument for the last couple of years, the question truly is ‘what do I want’ and does this person fulfil that. Me being what a man wants, depends on him, and not me to make myself more ‘attractive’ looking for him. Plus it is wayyyyyyyy to much work to pretend.

    Word Up Tameka!

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