From Chicken Breast with Love… No Seriously,…


So I brought a pack of chicken breasts about a week and a half ago. It’s my go to quick prepare meat of choice, as I usually dice it up into cubes and can do a quick stir fry for the family. What a surprise I had when I opened up the pack, to find my two pieces off breasts joined in the middle. It looked like a beautiful heart. I almost didn’t want to cut it up. Anyhow, I had to feed my kids, so I took a picture for posterity, then kept it moving by proceeding to season, then dice it up.


I did a chicken and broccoli mix with  Don Peppe rice shaped pasta. It was pretty friggen awesome. Peep the results of my awesome June Clever-esque self.


Yuh see how it pretty? 🙂

bon appetit

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My Life In Pictures This Past Month…

Staring down at everything ready for WTF ever... UGHHH! #meanmugonfleek  :-)

Staring down at everything ready for WTF ever… UGHHH! #meanmugonfleek 🙂

A lot has happened and been happening in my life this past month. My life is switching courses, and I can feel the earthquake tremors because of it. My view from this place of not knowing what’s next, has been pretty good, so I’m thanking God for all the blessings that I’ve received and the blessings I see on the horizon.

The view from my office has changed, well… actually my office has changed. 😀 I’ve been making my desk up in some pretty cool spots, so I dare not complain. There is too much going on right now to get into too much detail and to be honest, ‘Me no ready fi talk  ma bizness yet’. 🙂 so, here’s my shit in a nut shell of pictures, consisting of shoes, food and offices,, dipped in awesome sauce.

IMG_20160301_135737IMG_20160301_135847IMG_20160301_135857IMG_20160301_141215IMG_20160309_122526IMG_20160308_123133IMG_20160304_140348IMG_20160318_165114 IMG_20160311_140645IMG_20160311_140637IMG_20160401_153407IMG_20160309_124956IMG_20160311_140650IMG_20160324_111944IMG_20160324_111948IMG_20160311_090542IMG_20160321_183156IMG_20160307_183238IMG_20160319_191929IMG_20160323_154422IMG_20160307_182859IMG_20160324_154414IMG_20160321_183455_874


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Trying to Curl My Dreads….


It ain’t easy being me.  🙂


End Result.

End Result.

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Not Looking Back…

AK6A6947 B

This is the first time since I’ve started this blog, that I’ve taken this long in between posts. I’m still here, I promise, just really, really busy. 🙂  A lot has changed and is still changing. Many good changes, some sad, some strange, some unexpected, but it’s all embraced. The only thing constant and consistent in life, is change, so we all have to accept it. I’ll stop with the vagueness now, but will give better details next post, which will be soon.

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A New Beginning….

New Beginnings

This is  the time of year, when we all try to wipe the slate clean, start over with our best foot forward and do all the things we’ve been promising ourselves. I’m not one for new years resolutions, but ultimately, it doesn’t matter when we decide to be better versions of ourselves, but that we make the effort and actually start, before it’s too late.

Words  to live by & things to contemplate in the new year.


We also need to remember to truly experience our moments, instead of worrying about how they will be received, or how many likes we’ll get on social media.

truthtruth 2truth 3truth 4


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Early Christmas Magic Prt 2…Magic Bullet…

Magic Bullet

I was recently introduced to the joys of the Magic Bullet by a close friend. Actually, they had a Nutri Bullet, and decided to make me a smoothie, and I became instantly hooked. Well, I went online to source one and the Nutri Bullet was just not in the cards financially, but, I was given other suggestions online and was lead to the Magic Bullet, which was considerably more affordable. I did some online comparisons, and watched a few Nutri Bullet, Magic Bullet gun fights at the OK Corral on Youtube. They seemed on par in what they could do, so I got the Magic Bullet as an early Christmas gift for the household. Technically, it’s for me, but saying it’s for the household, makes me look good. 🙂

I have never used a kitchen appliance other than my refrigerator and stove, this much. I’m absolutely obsessed with it. I’ve been making a lot of banana oat smoothies, but I will be graduating to some other fruits shortly. Mango season cannot come fast enough. 🙂

IMG_20151212_134801IMG_20151212_101943IMG_20151212_102015Peanut ButterIMG_20151212_132044IMG_20151212_132111IMG_20151212_132055IMG_20151212_132809

End Result is Yummmmmmmmmm 🙂


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Early Christmas Magic….. Iceberg Slim..


I saw the documentary of Robert Beck aka Iceberg Slim a few months ago, and became semi obsessed with getting my hands on some of his books.  Beck,  was an American pimp who subsequently became an influential author among a primarily African-American readership.

Slim Art

I put it out in the atmosphere, and the book Gods answered my prayer in grand style, just before Christmas. One of my sisters remembered me telling her about the books and decided to get me….


and then,…having always been a book connoisseur, she delved into her archives and dug up…..


I’m soo looking forward to winding down from all of this crazy, Christmas, hectic, shipping bullshit and just mellow out in my bed, and delve into fantasy land for a few hours. It’s time for some ‘me time.’

There is nothing like a good book.

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Boss Lady, Boss Kids,…


…When my kids come to work with me, they go downstairs to the Bike store on the first floor where my office is. They love it there, as they get to be around bicycles, which they both love and are very good at riding. They’ve even started to help out with bike assemblies, and I’m proud of them. That’s them in the pictures above and below, working strenuously like Santa’s little helpers. Maybe I can convince the owner to give them summer jobs next year so their little asses can start bringing in some income. 🙂


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…To Reality…

Tree Gyal Logo

..My sisters and I have watched one of our babies flourish from conception, to grown ass woman and I’ve never been more proud of us for staying the course and seeing our ideas become a tangible entity. I never thought I’d get soo emotional over getting a pen, a company pen at that. 🙂


Here’s to 3 Gyal and a bright future…


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Checking it Twice,…I can honestly say I’ve been Naughty & Nice…


…It feels like forever since I’ve blogged. Actually it’s been quite a while, and I’ve missed it. I wear many hats in my life, and one of my professional hats is as manager of a shipping company. The shipping business during Christmas season, is like a hooker during fleet week., busy as f^*k. 🙂 I’ve barely been able to get a moment for myself and the things that I enjoy, but I suppose it’s just the nature of the beast, so I’ll try to not complain.

Santa’s almost  here and I’m trying to figure out if I’ve been naughty or nice, or just straddling the line. I’ve been making a mental check list, and my list is looking like that little girl with the curl in her forehead. 😀  …..


Santa may wanna spank me….and I might like it.. lol.. Santa and I will cross that bridge when we get to it, but in the mean time, I’ll try to get out of the bad blogger dog house and post on a few things.

Seasons Greetings


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