Super Mario…(Feeling Retro)

SM 1SM 2SM 3SM 5

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Pattern… After This…


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Revisiting Mutamba… (Colourful Memories)


A few years ago, I had the privilege of meeting fashion designer Jackie Cohen Hope, wife to legendary Mutabaruka, the Jamaican Rastafari dub poet, musician, actor, educator, and talk-show host. I was fortunate to receive an invite to their beautiful home in Jamaica through a mutual friend and picked up a few fabulous pieces, through one of the best shopping experiences I’ve ever had. I bought this beautiful printed dress, which is nothing short of timeless. I love it more now, than I did then during its initial purchase, close to eight years ago..


This is me at their home, when I first tried on the dress. I got this piece along with these 2 other pieces below…


I had the pleasure of meeting up with Jackie & Muta again, at my own fashion show experience during Caribbean Fashion Week in Jamaica, when I participated in 2013… see link below


(I tried to do bangs with my dreads…lol)

I came across this video of Jackie speaking a bit about her journey….

This dress brought back a lot of great memories, ..and the day I wore it was a really lovely day…


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The Thrill of the Frill…


Nothing like a couple of frills to make a girl feel girlie.. 🙂


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Sweet Dreams Are Made of These…

d h 1d h 2d h 3d h 4d h 5d h 6d h 7d h 9d h 10d h 12d h 13d h 14d h 15d h 16d h 17d h 18d h 19d h 20d h 11

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You Know What it is…Black&Yellow, Black&Yellow, Black&Yellow, Black&Yellow…

by 2by 1by 3by 4

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A Vintage Touch…Polaroids..

polaroid 4

I’d wanted to get a Polaroid camera for a few years but for some reason or another, never could. At the end of last year, my timing and finances were miraculously in sync, considering how broke Christmas can make us. I bit the bullet and decided to officially buy one for myself as a Christmas gift. When I was searching online, I had no idea that there were quite a few choices for these types of cameras, so I watched a couple of  Youtube video reviews and decided on the Polaroid One Step 2 I-Type. I’m just getting familiar with it, but I’m loving the fact that I can have a physical copy of a moment in my hands. I’m actually going to buy an album. I haven’t bought one of those things in years.

polaroid 3polaroid 1polaroid 2

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Pretty in Leopard… & Pink..

pink & leopard 3pink & leopard 1pink & leopard 2pink & leopard 4pink & leopard 5pink & leopard 6pink & leopard 7

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Denim Again..Every Girl’s Go-To

d & d 3d & d 1d & d 2d & d 5d & d 6d & d 7d & d 8

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Cloggy’s Restaurant..

cloggys 8

The girls from work and I, have started an end of year / new year tradition, of celebrating the fact that we made it through the madness of the previous year. Last year was Papa’s Restaurant, this year was Cloggy’s Restaurant. We didn’t take many pictures this time, but the food was amazing, the location was beautiful and we had a great time. Here are a few of the pictures that I was able to snap.

cloggys 5cloggys 4cloggys 2cloggys 1cloggys 9

I took this picture, so i’m there in reverse. 🙂


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