Like my previous post stated, my blog absence was not due to plain old neglect or laziness. My life was / is just kind of hectic, and It got too involved for me to even take the time out to blog. I decided to turn this into an endless summer recap kind of post, to show what my summer was like. The kids are now back to school and into a new routine. That cycle of my life has started all over again. All in all, it was a pretty good summer. They both celebrated birthdays over the summer vacation, so I am now officially mother to a teenager. WTF! I’m still a teenager my damn self. At least I feel like it. Any who…enjoy my endless summer collage depicting some of what was carrying on during my blog absence. It was lots of food, family & fun. You can’t beat that. 😀

IMG_20160714_143827IMG_20160714_143850 IMG_20160717_181256 IMG_20160717_181303 IMG_20160717_181307 IMG_20160717_213050IMG_20160717_215105  IMG_20160717_215356   IMG_20160717_215136IMG_20160717_215347IMG_20160717_215356IMG_20160731_183828IMG_20160731_184255IMG_20160731_184249IMG_20160731_183833IMG_20160802_171207IMG_20160802_171231IMG_20160814_085021IMG_20160814_085649IMG_20160814_093236IMG_20160814_093942IMG_20160814_094006IMG_20160814_095219IMG_20160814_100553IMG_20160814_100652IMG_20160815_205354IMG_20160815_205142IMG_20160815_203717IMG_20160815_203713IMG_20160815_203713IMG_20160818_195627IMG_20160818_195600IMG_20160818_195423IMG_20160818_195322IMG_20160818_195318IMG_20160818_195314IMG_20160818_195314IMG_20160818_195228IMG_20160818_195216IMG_20160818_195205IMG_20160818_194853IMG_20160818_194825IMG_20160818_194737IMG_20160818_194602IMG_20160818_194502IMG_20160818_184445IMG_20160821_170653IMG_20160828_183122IMG_20160828_183046IMG_20160828_183043IMG_20160828_182947IMG_20160828_180708IMG_20160828_180705IMG_20160828_110532IMG_20160828_110415IMG_20160821_170719IMG_20160821_170714IMG_20160821_170702IMG_20160821_170658IMG-20160706-WA0007IMG-20160706-WA0005IMG-20160802-WA0002IMG-20160802-WA0001IMG-20160820-WA0003IMG-20160820-WA0002IMG-20160820-WA0001IMG-20160817-WA0000IMG-20160425-WA0009IMG-20160425-WA0008IMG-20160829-WA0009IMG-20160829-WA0008IMG-20160829-WA0007IMG-20160829-WA0005IMG-20160829-WA0011IMG-20160829-WA0010



About bak2moi

I am a woman trying to balance motherhood and womanhood, while pursuing her dreams. Hopefully I get to keep at least foot on the ground during the process.
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