The Consequences of Desire….(Summer Heat)

Consequences of Desire 3

It’s not summer yet…but it sure does feel like it. Its been a while since I’ve posted some poetry, in honor of the heat and a sexy feeling…enjoy. 🙂

The air is so thick right now,

That I can feel and hear every single breath of uncertainty between us.

The same uncertainty and trepidation that was in our voices when I consciously, but

Reluctantly answered your phone call not even 20 minutes ago.

Hearing you say, “Baby, where are you?”

Awakening the butterflies within me, yet again.

I’d almost forgotten that I ever had butterflies at all, ’til I met you.

My initial instinct is that I should lie and say that I was in bed, or that I was busy, or that I

wasn’t feeling well,

But my voice betrayed me and I heard her saying, “I’m just driving aimlessly.”

The truth shall set you free, but in this circumstance, the truth just set me up.

Then again, I was presented with another opportunity of questioned hesitancy,

“Can I see you? Can you come over?”

Every fiber of my being screamed NO I CANNOT!  I CANNOT!

But my voice, forever the dissenter,

Whispered,  “I’ll be there soon.”

I didn’t even have to change direction, but now there was purpose in my journey.

As I slowly drive up to your house, I notice that you’ve left the gate to your driveway

open, so I turn in.

The moment my car clears the open barrier, I see it shut automatically behind me.

I am now aware that you,…1. Are watching me, and…2. Mean business.

There is now no escape unless I flee on foot from this place. The fluttering increases.

I grab my bag, my phone, then my keys, and span the surroundings that I’ve always

tried to avoid and am only familiar with from the outside.

I’ve never dared to venture beyond, but this is all about to change.

As I stand in front of you now, my mind races to the moments just before your hot minty

breath began to exhale on me.

Like when I walked slowly up your paved driveway, feeling like a pig about to be


Like seeing you emerge from the door by your garage, greeting me,

Beautifully naked from the waist up.

Like noticing the crystal beads of sweat sparkling all over your torso,

And you looking so delicious, that I was weakened.

Things were not going very well.

At all.

Everything that I’ve done so far, today, yesterday, last week, last month,

A few years ago, has lead me to this hot, thick, moment standing in front of you.

I know in my head that I should kick this overdrive into reverse,

But I know in my heart, that not only am I very present, conscious and of sound mind,

But I want to be nowhere else but here, and with no one else but you, not even the one

That I’m promised to.

You greet me with extended palm, and I instinctively accept it,

Feeling the instant rush of  electricity surge from your body into mine.

You lead me right to this very spot where I stand, and your intense stare

hypnotizes me.

I am frozen, yet I am melting.

You take my phone, immediately put it on silent then turn it face down on your


You relieve me of my bag and my keys and put them on the desk you have in

the corner by your tidy work space.

Your room is deep browns and earth tones, crystals, incense, photographs and cds, and the

music playing was all too perfect,

Designed to be the defining soundtrack of this moment.

It will be the song that makes us uncomfortable, blush, smile, horny, and

Remember every wicked thing about this wicked game that we’re playing right now.

That heavyweight punch of nostalgia, that will change any mood we’re in, regardless of

where we are, what we’re doing, or who we’re with.

It will be off limits for the rest of the world.

It will forever be our song.

It will always be the yellow brick road and the bread crumbs that lead our thoughts to now.

And maybe all we have is right now.

It’s so Caribbean hot in here,

That I can feel the thin vest and the denim cut offs that I am wearing,

Begin to stick to my skin because of sweat.

It’s so hot, that your ceiling fan spins warmth instead of cool.

It’s so hot, that perspiration runs down our faces, and even down my thighs,

Though on second thought, that may not actually be sweat on my thighs.

It’s so hot, that the two glasses of water that sit on your dresser have moisture halos

puddling beneath them,

And I can hear the ice crackling on each other and make musical tinkles on the glass as

they slowly melt.

The only words I utter as the heat of the sun becomes threatened by our passion and

the inevitable cool of the darkening afternoon were,

“I need you. Please fuck me.” My voice, yet again she betrays me.

And you whisper,…. “Absolutely!” with quiet  delight.

Absolute ecstasy, passion and desire fulfilled,

At the cost of my possible peace of mind, my morality, his trust, and  thirty pieces of silver.

Before your cock crows, I will act as if I never even knew him.

Our only concern for details or numbers never go beyond 96 & 69.

I am now so wet, that my conscience is dry,…

And you,..

You are now so far deep inside me,..

Maybe all around, today is just a good day to tell a lie.


About bak2moi

I am a woman trying to balance motherhood and womanhood, while pursuing her dreams. Hopefully I get to keep at least foot on the ground during the process.
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2 Responses to The Consequences of Desire….(Summer Heat)

  1. PassionPoet says:

    My Gawd that was amazingly hawt….

  2. chattinatti says:

    Nice detail and very descriptive! Summer Heat is quite an apt title…lol the heat was certainly brought!

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