Bring on the Nostalgia…A Musical Saviour…..

D'angleo Concert in Maryland.

D’angleo Concert in Maryland.( Peep My Sexy Afro.) 🙂

…Aka.. The Black Messiah.

Words cannot express how this man’s music hits me to my core. I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting,..sometimes seemingly in vain, for him to come back from his musical hiatus, but in this case, GOOD things came to she who waited. I felt like I did when I first fell in love with him, his melodies and his instruments, when I heard these new tracks,..especially the song ‘Really Love’. The man is just gifted.

I just laid there listening , then remembered that summer’s day, when my girlfriend Ana & I drove from Washington DC to Maryland, for one of his concerts. We were just beside ourselves throughout the entire show, but when we got right up to the front of the stage (He was singing ‘How Does It Feel’ at that time mind you), I felt as if I was going to burst into tears. Oh my God! Words cannot describe how amazing, he was up close. I never wanted that concert to end.We sang all of his songs on the drive back home at the top of our lungs like crazy people, not caring who gave us dirty looks from the other cars.

That picture above, was taken when the concert was over, and we were feeling that ‘all is well with the world’ feeling, that comes after extreme joy or pleasure has been experienced. Most of the music of this last decade, doesn’t make you feel that way anymore, so any kind of peek into glory no matter how small, is welcomed. That day was a perfect day, and I think he came back to me at the perfect time. Thank You D’Angelo. I missed the hell outta you. Peep the awesomeness below.

It’s not Throwback Thursday yet,..but he left me feeling some type a way…lol..


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I am a woman trying to balance motherhood and womanhood, while pursuing her dreams. Hopefully I get to keep at least foot on the ground during the process.
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