No Such Thing as a Bad Pick-Up Line…


….Just the wrong pick up artist… 😀

Ok…I have a confession to make…well not really a confession,…but I noticed something that made me wag my finger at myself. 😀


So,..the other day, a gentleman that I have a fairly decent acquaintance with, decided to get bold with me. Now he’s said what I deemed to be somewhat questionable things in the past to me before, but I categorized them as harmless, and just reminded him that I was married and would not entertain that type of conversation. Nothing that I could not handle at all. He was pleasant enough for the most part, so other than the extra exercise my eyes would get from being continuously rolled, I had no issue. Now this person did business with the company I had worked for, so I tried to keep things as professional and easy going as possible.

I had my moments where I wanted to tell him, that not even if the fate of humanity depended on us coupling, would there even be an inkling of a spec of hope for him with me, but it was not truly necessary. I kept my thoughts to myself. I suppose I should be flattered though. There is no woman that would deny the joy or ego stroking satisfaction, of being admired and appreciated by the opposite sex, within reasonable expression of said admiration. It feels nice to be the object of someone’s affection.

I am assuming that on that particular day, he was hit with a spirit of boldness, or was sipping alcohol, because he then said to me after I handed him the documents he’d come by my office to collect, and I quote.

“I want you to sit on my face.”

I instantly got a visual.


LMAO!! 😀 😀 😀

I was like WTF?! Are you serious dude?!


I must mention that said individual is much older than I am and should not only know better, but have waaay more game than..

“I want you to sit on my face.”

I wanted to tell him, I’m gonna tell my electrician husband what you said, so he can take one of his drills and bore a hole in your ass. lol 😀

I suppose he gets an A for effort, but he gets an F for timing, an F for delivery and a spot in the Bad Pick-up Line hall of fame. I was stunned to say the least.Of course I’ve heard vulgar things before, but there was just something extra about being told something like that, by somebody who was clearly as serious as a heart attack. I laughed the whole thing off, but dude gets nothing but Michelle Obama side eye when I see him now. 😀 lol


So here comes the part where I need to wag my finger at myself.

As I’ve said to people before, being married is like the catalyst to your eyes opening up to every fine ass prospect you never noticed, or fine ass prospect who never noticed you, prior to your legalized union. The key however, is to either not acknowledge or ever act upon or trod on newly discovered terrain.

All I’ll say for this part of the story, is that he was beautiful, very charming, and said something quite vulgar. He however, said it in such a sexy way, that I sighed, even though I was also shocked by his boldness, but blushed  and crossed my legs to keep my juices in. lol

#shameface lol 😀


What he said was worse than the previous offender, but my internal reaction was the complete opposite in terms of how I received and mentally processed his words on my WTF Meter :-D. Had it been the other guy, I would have probably felt like the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland and gone all

“Off with his head!”


Why was cheshire cat, the only physical reaction I could muster up to his frank but wanton words? Hypocritical much? Hmmmmm…


So,..from my own perspective, the problem for the most part isn’t what’s being said, but who’s saying it. Awful I know… but it is what it is.. 😀

I felt like doing…

Call Me

Peep some of my favourite Bad Pick-up Lines, from equally bad messengers.



These are sooo bad, that they’re good. Good enough to make me laugh my ass off. Hopefully, anyone who is lacking a mature enough game and unable to avoid these or other vulgar ones in kind, will be smart enough to make sure they can blame their lapse in judgment, on the alcohol they hopefully had been sipping. Otherwise, instead of being drunk in lust, they just be pathetic. 😀

But maybe that’s the trick though. Maybe they want to make us laugh, because if you can make a woman laugh right off the bat, you get your foot in the door. However, they have to make sure that she is laughing with them and not at them.



About bak2moi

I am a woman trying to balance motherhood and womanhood, while pursuing her dreams. Hopefully I get to keep at least foot on the ground during the process.
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