Time Away in Fiction….A long over due Tee-View


Like all get-a-ways, one must plan and execute the perfect moment , in order to depart from the line up of our regularly scheduled programming. Believe it or not, sometimes just to read a book thicker than 20 pages, actually requires strategic effort as well. This has been my life for the past 2 years.

Now, if one is not in the right frame of mind, or has too much going on personally, it tends to get difficult to mentally get off the hamster wheel, long enough to pay attention to a book, even a good one.  Such has been the case in my attempt to read 4 books that have been on my books-shelf, (staring at me) , whilst I pray for some mental down time, to take me to a space where I could absorb and retain information, without falling asleep, getting easily distracted, or losing concentration. One of these books is ‘Oh Gad!‘ written by Joanne Hillhouse, who I actually have the privilege of knowing .


After a couple of false starts and what I like to call mentus interruptus, I was able to finally dig my heels in, and give this book the proper attention it deserved and I am glad that I did.

reviewbookNow, unless you’re Oprah, the average reader does not have the luxury of calling up the author and letting them have it,… in terms of telling the author the experience they were able to encounter through the confined pages of the author’s mind, but I was fortunate to get some Oprah-esque insight and I am grateful to Miss. Hillhouse for answering my questions.

I’ll try my best to Tee-View (my play on review, 🙂 lol get it...) ‘Oh Gad!‘ without giving too much away… so here goes.

For me, the first major sign that the publication that one is reading is at least interesting, is when one has a difficult time putting it down. Such was the case with this book. It took me three days to read it, and I completed it on labour day, swinging outside in my hammock. It was actually a pretty nice way to spend the holiday.

The first thing that I gathered after I’d read through the first few chapters, was that I had absolutely no idea where it was going to go, and I got to the point when I realized that I never would, so I had to get comfortable with that. It was far from predictable, and it kept up that pattern right down to the very last word. I had to ask Miss. Hillhouse if there was going to be a sequel, because I was left wondering what happened to the characters after I’d completed the book. I only even knew the significance of the book title mid way through it, and that in itself says a lot. I adored being kept on my toes where the story was concerned. There is nothing creatively worse than reading a book or seeing a film, where you can predict dialogue or direction way in advance.

If I am to be honest, I found that the protagonist of this story was very hard to like at times. There were moments when she got on my nerves so badly, that I would have to put the book down because I was actually pissed off. There were quite a few character’s in the book, that grated my nerves, and one female character in particular, that embodied several qualities, that I find to be downright disturbing in women, who tend to over love men to the point where everything else be damned. I’ll say no more about that. However, such is true of life.

Miss. Hillhouse was able to capture a lot about the human spirit, and tell a story, without beating you over the head with back story. She gave enough insight to make you speculate as to what could have caused certain characters to be the way that they were, without spoon feeding you every detail.

‘Oh Gad’ will not be everyone’s cup of tea,…I wasn’t sure that it would be mine at first either, but I ended up feeling very invested in the story, and truly wanted to know what the conclusion would be, and for me,..that is the sign of a good book and a great writer.

 ‘One down, three to go…’ 🙂



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I am a woman trying to balance motherhood and womanhood, while pursuing her dreams. Hopefully I get to keep at least foot on the ground during the process.
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