Use cheddar as the bait, and you’ll recruit a rat….

rat, mousetrap and cheese

It’ll probably work with Swiss too. Lord knows it even works with ‘gubment’ (government) cheese, but I guess it depends on the specie of rat one is trying to entice. 😀

It’s been said that ‘A woman’s test in life is material and a man’s test in life is a woman.’ A man said this,… actually, it was one of my favourite comedians, (Dave Chapelle) and I find him to be extremely enlightened and he says some very profound things. I’ve found this statement to be truer and truer the older I get, but to be honest, not of myself, or some of the women I look up too or admire.

The other day, a friend of mine on facebook shared a video, that for whatever reason, (could have been me stressing over my finances, lol or lack thereof 😀  in regards, to business decisions I need to make), it hit me hard. It was just a few minutes long, but it was such a statement and testament to the current times that we live in. It  was a compressed chronicle of the journey of one man who was extremely attracted to a beautiful woman, but due to his economic / job status, he was not even a blip on her radar. Because of this, he took extreme measures to get her attention, and her attention he got. It was kind of a visual adaptation to Malcolm X’s one liner ‘By Any Means Necessary’. It also proved, that if a man  (or woman ) , puts their mind to something, there is nothing that they can’t achieve. 🙂 See video below.

I contemplated for the longest while, about how to tackle this topic,…, but as usual, all I can do is write it from my own perspective. Hopefully I don’t offend anyone, but if you are somehow, as the saying from ‘House Party’ goes..and I quote ‘Cry two tears in bucket‘ know the rest. Besides, only a hit dog will holler.

This video had me snickering and shaking my head at the same time, because I’ve always wondered, what it was about a man driving a nice car, that could send a woman’s antenna up, and cause her to start computing co-ordinates and assumptions about him , and manifesting smiles, and giggles, if he approached her, when had he been driving a regular sedan, and he said something harmless like hello, she would have probably given him the finger.


I suppose the obvious answer is that, usually a nice car is equated to some kind of sizable bank account, deep pockets, a nice home, and overall some kind of security, which is a very attractively wrapped package. Who doesn’t like a pretty looking gift?

The guy in the video above was just a ‘lowly’ worker, with a physically demanding job, probably very low pay, and zero social status. “(Ain’ nobody got time for that!) How does a man like that bring anything of significance to the table? He is immediately dismissed by her spidey senses as not a suitable mate. It could have just simply been that he was not her type physically so she was not attracted to him, but she certainly didn’t seem to mind his appearance, when she saw him in a more luxurious light. If you are not physically my type in dirty Jeans and a white t-shirt, you won’t be any better looking to me in a suit and tie. But hey, that’s just me.

Funnily enough, I think there maybe something wrong with me mentally, lol 😀 , because I’ve always loved to see guys doing physical labour. Not ’12 Years A Slave’ ‘Kunta Kente’ , labour, but just extremely physical jobs, where the have to lift shit, and cut things, and fix things, with rough hands and just overall rough around the edges. If I could tell you how many times I had to check myself for looking at a construction worker, I would quicker do a double take for a grimy looking guy with a sweet disposition, that a suited up pretty boy. Maybe that’s why my ass still has to count my pennies more times that a few. 😀

I love to see beautiful cars just like everybody else, but I’m always more of the “I want that car for myself” mentality, not the “I want the guy driving that car to come check me out”. My absolute favourite vehicle is …


I know it’s not the most expensive car about, but there is something about this vehicle that literally make my clit twitch. Sorry to be graphic, but it really does. I’ve seen a few here in Antigua, but I couldn’t tell you if a man or a woman drove any of them, because when I see them, all I can see is the vehicle, and I imagine myself driving it. Should the driver of one of them do what the guy did in the video, I probably would have asked him how much it cost, and kept it moving, …well as long as he wasn’t wearing a pair of tattered dirty jeans, and a white t-shirt. 😀 .

The car is the ultimate bait. Most men wouldn’t give a shit about cars, if women didn’t like nice cars. They also count on women, who aren’t necessarily trying to purchase their own vehicle, but wanting to find a man with the status, and deep enough pockets to buy them a nice car, or whatever else they can swindle out of him.

Now being attracted to a man with money is definitely not a problem, or a sign of superficiality in any way,.. at least I don’t think so. However, if the sole reason you gave a guy the time of day, even if he had questionable manners, hygiene, morals or disposition, or something you would have immediately dismissed a poor hard working guy for, then you’re a rat in heat in search of cheese.  or the the modern day term….


Not that some of these mofos, don’t deserve the rats they trap. As the saying goes, ‘Wha you buy a wha you wear’. A lot of the guys out there flossing, are in search of these types of women anyhow. They want them easily pacified with a wad of cash, or  expensive bags, clothes and shoes, or the thought of people being envious of their obvious fat cat who can buy them whatever they want. These men will get away with murder and usually can do whatever the hell they want, because their female rodents will go no where.

There is always a bigger dynamic to these types of couplings though. I have no idea why some rats, think that they are the only ones that will like that type of cheese. What usually ends up happening, is that even if the bait catches a nice big fat rat, the cheese does not stop smelling good. Other rats are going to come around. So now what? A fisherman never stops fishing after he catches his first fish, even if it’s trophy worthy. He always tries to see what else his bait can get.  All these little hungry rodents are now running around fighting each other for a piece of cheese, that usually ends up not tasting as good as it looks. I didn’t take karate lessons, and do squats to strengthen my legs, so that I’d have to be kicking bitches left and right to protect my bait. I just wanted to be healthy and have nice looking legs. 😀 . These women however will ‘stayeth putteth‘ if I may get Shakespearean up in this mutha,… 🙂  and not allow another rat to take her spot and get her Gucci.

If you have ulterior motives to be with someone outside of a true attraction to who they are as a person, without all of the fluff, trust that the situation will pan out the way that it should, which may not necessarily be the way that you wanted it to. You cannot make love to the money, or have it hold you and night. Sure it can do and buy a lot of things that you find comforting, but you will not get the energy you need to sustain a happy existence, if it was all about that in the beginning. And who has the time and energy to be fighting all these thirsty rats, who like the exact same flavour cheese that you do?

Worse case scenario, he could do you dirty and knock you a six for a nine like the guy in the video I posted up. All you would’ve done, was give up the ‘good good’, to some dude with a healthy imagination, that you didn’t even find that good looking in the first place. He sold her an image and a story, she bought it, but unfortunately didn’t end up with happily ever after. In this case, she got her fairy tales all mixed up. The frog turned into a prince, but kind of like Cinderella,  at the stoke of 8:00 am, the fairy god mother from lease land needed to get her stuff back, so he turned back into a frog again once more. Look with your heart, not just your eyes and see his potential, not what he drives.

*I had to comeback in and edit this piece this morning, 😀 , because as I walked towards my office, there was a beautiful stunning silver version of the car that I mentioned above, parked right by my pathway. Guess I’ll be getting a new car soon. 😀

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I am a woman trying to balance motherhood and womanhood, while pursuing her dreams. Hopefully I get to keep at least foot on the ground during the process.
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