Fresh Fried Fish & Perspective….


Quiet Stage for me equates hectic behind the scenes. I’ve been treading deep waters for a while, so I guess the fact that I haven’t drowned  means I’m becoming a better swimmer, but I’m tired. A lot has been going on, so much so, that my energy to blog has been drained. I’ve wanted to, but the words are reflective of my thoughts, which are all over the place. I am trying to get my shit together, not just for my sake, but for my kids as well.

I took them to get some food for their dad at our special place, and as we were there alone, the kids got to ham it up, so we took some pictures. There was one picture in particular, where my daughter looked so much like me, it scared me. I need to be a certain kind of woman, so that she wants to look up to me, more than any other woman, and respect and be proud of my choices. My son as well, but women have such a different road to tread than men, that at this time, I feel more pressure because she is at a very ‘aware’ stage in her life.

They mean so much to me, that I know that I cannot let my struggles tie my feet from moving forward. Maybe the smell of fresh fried fish awakens the soul and the taste for life as well as the taste for food.


About bak2moi

I am a woman trying to balance motherhood and womanhood, while pursuing her dreams. Hopefully I get to keep at least foot on the ground during the process.
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One Response to Fresh Fried Fish & Perspective….

  1. PassionPoet says:

    I love you. Just wanted you to know that.


    Going to fry fish and find my own epiphany…. 😉

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