Shades… Part 2


He felt a soft familiar touch, caress his back, with a quick loving kiss at the nape of his neck and it caused him to stir a bit. For a few seconds, he did not remember where he was. He felt groggy, kind of like how someone would feel if they’d had a little too much to drink. His headache was slight, but getting harder to ignore. He didn’t know if it was a stress headache, or one induced from hunger. He lifted his head slightly up off of the dining table in his mother’s eat in kitchen, and peeked around. It was dark outside, but not quite. From the amazing view through the French doors, he could see lots of deep purple, still  across the sky. It was one of the amazing perks of summer and the sun setting later.


He looked around and saw his mother’s beautiful face, smiling sweetly at him from by the stove. He smiled back, feeling her love radiate like heat coming from it. It was the first time he’d laid eyes on her since he’d been back.

When he got in, both of his parents had been out. When he called their cells, his dad told him he was playing golf, and his mother told him that she was at the hospital, volunteering on the children’s ward. He could only shake his head and smile. His parents were still very young, but as they’d both been pretty successful and financially stable, they were able to retire early. They didn’t take into consideration however, how much they’d both hated to sit still for any extended period of time, so they ended up picking up hobbies and doing charity type things. It kept them as busy, as if they’d still been caught up in the corporate world. He then knew immediately that he needed to go and see her.

‘Hi baby.’..she said softly to her son.

‘Hi mommy’,..he smiled hard…

From the looks of it, she’d cooked up a storm. He wondered if she had planned some kind of surprise party with the amount of food on the counters.

‘You look soo tired. Are  you ok?‘ she asked.

He thought about his afternoon and it was bitter-sweet. He just put his head back down on the table, thinking about how much he wished his love was in his arms at that moment. She could have been. He should have been right there with her at that very moment. He would have been laying in bed with her, caressing her entire body and having his way with her, but sometimes, things  just don’t work out the way we want them to he thought.

‘I’m fine mom, just really tired. I got a lot on my mind. The trip was long, and I haven’t eaten anything sensible all day. I just need some of your food in my belly, a hot shower and my bed.’

Mom knew it was more than that. She could sense the sadness in her son and knew without a shadow of a doubt, that he had gone to see her. ‘That woman’, as she’d always referred to her as. She decided against pressing him for information though. She packed a large plate full of food and set it down in front of him, then sat across from him and picked on a small piece of chicken of her own. It was a joy to sit there and watch him shovel it down. He looked kind of thin to her. His muscles looked too muscle-y, and he needed some more meat on him. She could tell he’d been working out just before she’d gotten home , and she side eyed the sweaty shirt that he had hanging on the back of her dining chair. He noticed the look and promptly placed the shirt on his lap. He’d gotten half way through the food on the plate, then smiled thinking, that he’d just wasted his time working out so hard, because of the amount of food he’d just devoured.  Though he hadn’t been working out for fitness, but more out of trying to take the edge off and transfer his pent up sexual tension by doing something really physical.  He put the fork down on the side of the plate and groaned out loud..

“Mom whadda you trying to do? Kill me with food? I can’t eat nuthin’ else. I think I’m gonna pop. Why you cook all this food anyway? You know I’m only gonna be here for one more day.” he laughed.

“You see how you skinny. I knew you’d have lost some weight without me cooking for you, but this is ridiculous. You need to eat.  I’d  thought about inviting some people over, but then I know how you get sometimes, so I changed my mind. I figured that I’d plate up the leftovers and take them  over to the nursing home this evening.”

‘Wha skinny. You no see my abs and my pecs. Mom…. I’m sexy.” he was laughing his butt off.

“Man just leave me alone.” she couldn’t help but laugh as well.

His mother got up and went to tidy around the kitchen, while he sat there at the table, just staring at the black and blue sky. He really could not eat another bite, so he pushed the large plate away.  In doing so, he heard a kind of crack sound, that literally made him cringe. He’d forgotten that the shades were there behind the plate, and the still massively high mound of food that his mother actually thought he’d be able to eat all of. He’d rested them there on the table when he’d back gotten home from seeing her. He cursed himself, then took them up to inspect and see if they were broken. As he looked at them, he shook his head whispering..

“These fuckin’ shades”….

They started this whole damn thing in the first place……

See Part 1 below


About bak2moi

I am a woman trying to balance motherhood and womanhood, while pursuing her dreams. Hopefully I get to keep at least foot on the ground during the process.
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