….Was the soft overture serenading in the background while she whispers to him, how much her body aches for a touch she’s never had, but craves like a relapsing heroin addict… How much her muscles throb, that they each seem to have a heart beat…She feels for him so much…It’s Urgent…. They sit alone in a beautiful but sparse room, seemingly created for passion and possible regret….the smell of the flowers and the ocean view creep in and become the third presence in their getaway, while they mentally debate, almost argue within themselves as though they are in parliament, weighing the pros and cons of their desires. They look at the view, not at each other, because they are scared to. He never took his shades off, and she wondered if it was to prevent her from seeing his tears or the complexities of his emotions. They sit side by side at the foot of the bed, fingers intertwined and resting on their future, knowing what they want to do, but knowing that desire was never a good enough reason to push everything else aside, no matter how powerful it was. He scared her, and his presence shook her to her core. She had no idea that he would come and see her. Oceans had been their true alibi, but now they shared the same view, and breathed each other’s air, and knew for sure that their false sense of morality and fake strength was being tested by Satan. If they listened keenly, they could probably hear him saying…

‘Look into her eyes..she needs you.. what are you waiting for? She needs you, know that she loves you… she loves you and she wants you…Don’t let this moment pass you by…Its be magic…Leaving her side without touching her would be sooo tragic…..’

They listened…

“Why won’t you look at me?”… she asks…..

“I don’t think you know what you’re asking me to do.” He replies..

“I just want to see your face, your whole face.” She says shakily.

Their fingers tighten, still refusing to look at each other. I love you circles around in the fragrant room. She doesn’t say it, neither does he, but they’re feeling it, in the middle of their middles.

“Why did you come here?” she asked

Wondering how he knew she’d even be there. She may have mentioned it as something that she wanted to do, some place she wanted to go, to get away, the get back to herself place that she needed to be,…but it would have been mentioned long ago, when oceans and forced restraints were still there to protect them from each other.

“I wanted to be near you”.. he replied, his head still steadfast to the view, engaged fully in what could not be physically seen by the masses like Morpheus, with his shades hugging his eyes and his fears.

Their fingers tightened, as the orange glow of the sun that was ripe to set warmed them, and warned them that they were losing their battle, though they seemed to want to go out like true Gods of the Arena…fighting their desire to the death….

Without looking at her, he spoke…

“I will take my shades off, when I lay you on this bed, flat on your back and your legs are open to receive me..all of me, while I look directly into your eyes. Are you still sure you want me to take them off?”……..

He then turned his face in her direction after what seemed like forever, to decipher why she’d remained silent, only to see her struggling with her emotions and finding the words she needed, that would either be the green or the red to go along with orange glow that enclosed their moment..

Will the climax be now? He thought….Where he’d sadly get up from her side, kiss her cheek goodbye, go to see his mama, eat some wonderful home cooking, sleep in his childhood room for a few hours, then kiss her goodbye and go back to the airport…. again not knowing what could’ve been, or may still be ..though in some distant unclear future.. Could he wait for her? The pain in his chest told him to leave it all at the exit door to that room, but she was worthy of the cause…

Or will the climax be in a few hours, after she does insist he take them off, and he absolutely ravages her body…… loving her until her skin hurt and her lips ached….

Their fingers tightened…..

to complete a palm kiss, and heartbeats raced, whilst their desires slowly devoured collective conscience. She exhaled heavily, he inhaled will power…

The mantra in his mind was …
“What is to be will be. What is to be will be. What is to be will be.”

As the sun bathed the sky in shades and tints of orange, she tried to remind herself of how much bigger her life was than that very moment, while he felt that nothing was bigger than that very moment….


She felt as if some flesh was ripped from her body, when he let go of her hand and her heart sank as an unattended ship in distress would. She felt soo empty looking at the frame of his beautiful body walk away from her…without meaning to, she said out loud…

“Please don’t leave me…”

He stood at the door breathing short quick breaths of relief, turned an unyielding knob with satisfaction, then after what felt like too long to her, said without turning around…

“I wasn’t going to. I was going to make sure the door was locked.”

He took two strides back to her and looked down at her brown skin with the orange aura…and she radiated nothing but want and desire…

If you liked what you read,..Please see Part 2 Below….



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I am a woman trying to balance motherhood and womanhood, while pursuing her dreams. Hopefully I get to keep at least foot on the ground during the process.
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  1. Floree says:

    wait…what? It is done? Please tell me there is a part 2, I just put popcorn on….oh come on!!

  2. bak2moi says:

    Soon come.. Hol’ tight dahlin. 😀

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  6. Keep up the good work!

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