Ok,…so I Had a Moment……

"Go on ..Sang girl,..I step in fo ya." :-D

“Go on ..Sang girl,..I step in fo ya.” 😀

Ok …the fashion show that Saturday night was pretty spectacular. I screamed at the fine guys who modeled, the fine ones who danced, I marveled at the fashion, and was just in absolute awe, at all of the spectacular designs and the overall production and grandness of it all. It was a high I was slowly coming down from, as I knew I was to be on a  plane heading back to Antigua within a mere few hours. I was looking forward to going home to see my family, but I’d be a bold faced liar, if I said I didn’t want to stay in Jamaica a bit longer. I had packed and gotten myself together fairly early(right after I returned to my hotel room from the show), so I was able to sleep in a bit, then lounge around and get ready to go to the airport at a leisurely pace.

A friend took me to the airport instead of a taxi, and the ride was waay too short, as the conversation was so good. The only bad thing about having a friend drop you off, is saying goodbye. At least leaving a taxi is more cut and dry.

I walked directly up to the counter, as I had no line to deal with, I checked in, went through immigration and went on about trying to pick up some last minute souvenirs for my family.

JA Airport102_1743102_1744

I got a couple really cute things for myself and the family, and actually got a little lost in the shopping, which is odd, because I detest shopping for the most part, unless of course, I’m buying shoes. It was my intention to go sit in the cafe, get something to eat, and read my book until my flight was called for boarding, but as soon as I got to the cafe, I heard my flight call. Funnily enough I was little annoyed that EVERYTHING seemed to be spot on and on time. lol 😀 I noticed a couple sandwiches being displayed at one of the stands, so I figured I’d just buy one and take on the plane with me,..no big deal.

As I stared at the sandwiches trying to figure which one, I noticed a hand reach across in front of me tapping on the glass, and I immediately shifted my focus from the glass case, to the amazingly toned arm, that completely distracted me from my hunger. I followed the arm back to the side of it’s owner and was in total shock, because of whom the arm belonged to.

Here is the almost exact dialogue of the actual conversation:

100_2147 omg!

dancer 1I’m sorry,…I’m not ready to order, didn’t mean to reach across you like that. (pretty ass smile, pretty ass negro)

100_2147No..no..I’m sorry,  my omg didn’t come out right. lol (nervous laugh). You were dancing at the show last night….

dancer 1Yeah I was! (really excited. Huge white colgate smile) You were there! That’s great. Were you close to the stage?

100_2147 I had good seats, but unfortunately I wasn’t that close.

dancer 1And you recognized me?

100_2147(nervous laugh) I recognized your muscles…lol

dancer 1(sexy cocoa puff actually blushes and laughs out loud) You did?! lol

100_2147Omg,… I can’t believe I said that…lol

dancer 1(laughs hysterically) So did you enjoy the show?

100_2147(feeling flushed) uh huh.. I did.

dancer 1nudges me to look back..

100_2147(I recognized his head movement as intentional, instead of a spasm, so I look back as his gesture suggested.) ‘Omg! It’s the other one..(shakes head) I can’t believe I just said that’.

Dancer 1 is laughing his butt off, when I realize that dancer 2 is standing directly behind me, with a big grin. I am in the middle of my dirty girl fantasy.

dancer 2Hi, how are you? (Big Smile)

100_2147‘Yooouuuuu.. (can’t stop laughing) Your muscles are here too.’

Both guys are cracking up. Then sexy cocoa puff says:

dancer 1So where are you off to?

100_2147I’m going back home..back to Antigua…..

dancer 2dancer 1 both speak.. Oh nice… wow . Island girl. You’re lucky…

dancer 1So..what’s your name?


I am looking left and right, just flabbergasted because I am standing in between two of the most physically beautiful looking guys I’ve ever seen. Not too much muscle, perfect tone, perfect smiles..and I was laughing to myself thinking, I have no idea what’s happening here, all I wanna say is do a dance move with me, maybe a synchronized pelvic thrust. I mean we were in the correct positions. I was in the middle, and they were on either side, and I do pretty good pelvic thrusts…


I just wanted to break out into a hot sweaty dance..lol

They were soo sweet and soo nice, but all I heard was ‘wawawawawawoc’ like that teacher in Charlie Brown. 😀

I was too lost in the moment to say ‘Can I have a picture with you guys’. Nothin’.. They have been ingrained into my brain, but no where else. Anyhow, I heard my flight being called again, cocoa puff extended his hand and I shook it, but seriously wanted to do a pelvic thrust in his face. Two beautiful black guys, one dark and sweet like Ovaltine, and the other light and sweet like taffy. It was a tiny bubble of heaven.

I waved goodbye to them and went to stand in line, and wait for my seats to get called. I stood there for about 5 minutes, and when I looked up, I noticed that they were no longer at the back by the sandwich booth, but in front by the stairs. We had eye contact again and they both waved. I hid my face with my passport and grinned like an effin’ idiot, then waved back. My seats were finally called, then I waved again and mouthed goodbye to my beautiful chocolate and caramel fantasies. I smiled almost the entire plane ride back, but I was HUNGRY because I remembered NOTHING about buying my sandwich.


‘Jamaica, me miss ya. See ya real soon.’


About bak2moi

I am a woman trying to balance motherhood and womanhood, while pursuing her dreams. Hopefully I get to keep at least foot on the ground during the process.
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  1. Jhohadli says:

    Girl, You need Jeezus! Wonder if hubby reading this. LOL.

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