I Got a Six Shooter and a Horse Named Trigger… Journey to CFW Prt. 2


The day of the show, I woke up strangely calm. Looking back, I think I psyched myself into a weird kind of numbness, in order to function sensibly and do the things I needed to do, in order to get prepared. I had to make sure I didn’t forget ANYTHING!…..so I doubled, triple and quadruple checked everything. I counted my pieces, I made sure my girls names were on everything, I made sure I had my tickets and my lanyard with ‘Designer’ pass, my change of clothes, my camera, change of batteries, and my confidence.


It all seemed to fit in my lil Jamaica handbag and my big ole suitcase, so I was ready to go. I called a cab, took a deep breath, went downstairs, where the Liguanea staff members, wished me lots of luck and I was off the National Indoor Sports Center. Pretty much from the moment I got there, everything felt kind of like floating, or an out of body experience.  I was there, but I felt detached some how, as if I was watching myself from the sidelines.


I walked through the corridors and headed back behind the stage, where all of the hustle and bustle was happening. I needed a minute to take it all in and catch my breath, so I went up on the bleachers and tried to pep talk myself.


The pep talk wasn’t working,..but fortunately, my restful moment wasn’t to last too long, as I had to get up, get a rack for my clothes, and go get them steamed. The CFW assistants came around to help, and so the official journey to the runway began. We went to the back and started steaming the clothes.

IMG_1792IMG_1793IMG_1794IMG_1795 IMG_1796IMG_1797

By the time I got back around to the front, the bustling and the hustling doubled. More models, more designers, more make up people, more stylists, more activities. It was incredibly exciting and overwhelming.


I was done setting up my clothes, so I went back to sit in the bleachers, feeling happy, but kind of sad to be alone, then an angel appeared…


This young lady saved my sanity. I was hoping that she would make it, but wasn’t sure that she’d be able to. When I saw Aminah, I felt this huge weight of doubt and sadness lift up off of me and because of her, I was truly able to just sit, really take in what was going on, and enjoy the rest of the process. I went and changed from my shorts and vest to my cutie patootie blue dress, then relaxed.(well sort of) 😀 , for a few minutes, until it was time for my girls to dress….


My girls got dressed, Aminah went out front so that she could help me capture my moment, I cried a few happy tears, then in a blur, and an all too quick, yet not quick enough moment, my girls were walking out….


And then it was done. I walked the runway, I even smiled and waved 😀 then it was over,..and would you believe my crazy ass thought,…I gotta get ready for next year….The things we do to ourselves.

My designer walk..I was thinking..'Please don't fall' :-D

My designer walk..I was thinking..’Please don’t fall’ 😀

About bak2moi

I am a woman trying to balance motherhood and womanhood, while pursuing her dreams. Hopefully I get to keep at least foot on the ground during the process.
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