Know your worth… DTameka Unchained…(The D is silent) lol

Tameka Unchained

When the end credits started rolling forDjango Unchained’, I was left with a strange feeling of empowerment.


I had started watching it with trepidation, as there was quite a bit of controversy surrounding it, prior to its release. I know Spike Lee was all up in arms about it, but that was prior to the movie’s release as well, unless he had been privy to a private screening, (which I don’t think so). He had probably only heard of the idea behind it, and felt as if Quentin Tarantino was in some way, trivializing the slavery experience, in a shoot ’em up Tarantino-esque flick. I get that. I get him not being cool with that. I do. :-/I kind of expected to hate it a little bit, because I have a lot of respect for Spike Lee and his amazing body of work….but I must say, I agree with the masses. ( I wonder if he has since seen the movie, and changed his opinion on it). It was a pretty freakin’ bad ass movie. I can admit to that. I loved it, but it left an impression that I had not expected.

Firstly, as Spike Lee should be aware, (more so than most), space needs to be given to ‘the artist’, from whatever genre, to create and be as open and honest with his/her project as possible. Of course there are social responsibilities that the creator must take into consideration, but at some point, you gotta be true to yourself, and just deal with the consequences/ backlash/ accolades after. It’s just the chance you take when living your life in general. A lot of people could have shared Spike’s view, and boycotted the movie before giving it a chance, but, that was not the case.

I hate to admit it, but my tolerance for seeing gory things on screen, have increased tremendously. I was always the ‘look away chick’, or I’d have strategic paraphernalia laying around to cover my face, whenever I thought something violent & graphic was about to come on. However, after watching countless episodes of  Spartacus and The Walking Dead, I can stomach just about anything on screen these days. I was able to completely enjoy this movie experience, as I didn’t have to look away when blood started flying, which did occur quite a bit.

One thing you gotta give Django props for, is its originality. There has never been a story like it on film, at least not one that I’ve heard of before. Though the final shoot ’em up scene was very ‘Scarface’ to me, I guess if you want a scene in a movie, where someone has to go out in a blaze of glory, you can’t help but bite off a piece of ‘Say hello to my little friend’. That scene is all epicness.’ 😀

Watching this movie, gave me a bit of comfort thinking that, maybe there were a few  ‘cold hearted niggers’ back in the day,who did not cower to massa. The bravery and take no bullshit attitude registered with me, considering it was not a time, when many of us would have been brave. It was nice to see ‘the man’ in the slave shine through, in the face of his oppressor. Was it possible back then? I dunno. Could a Django type character, brazen such as the one Jamie Foxx played, have existed? Of course there were dissenters who tried to take a stand  back then, but I guess I envisioned that as blacks in those times, we had to be coy when we ‘stuck it to the man.‘ I know we did it, but I don’t know if a Django type character back then, wouldn’t have been shot on sight, upon first moment of brazen manliness. They didn’t call grown black men back then, boy’ for no reason. Possible or not, I rather enjoyed seeing a  black, ballsy character, for this period piece. For the first time, Jamie Foxx was sexy to me. 😀  Something about a guy or gal shooting bad guys in such an over the top way , that is truthfully, a bit of a turn on.

Now the parts that stuck with me the most, were the scenes that involved Samuel Jackson’s character, Stephen. My God did I cringe. To me, Jackson played the hell out of this character. He was so good, I actually hated Jackson himself a little, after seeing it. It resonated with me especially though, because I have had the utter misfortune of knowing at least 5 Stephen type characters , (male and female) in my life. To say they were unpleasant, would be an understatement. To think that someone who should have shared the same struggle as you, could be more of an enemy to you, than the REAL enemy. Truth be told, all of the carnage that happened towards the end of the movie, was a direct result, of the actions, of the unlikely bad guy.

I think most black people are familiar with the ‘house nigger’ ‘field nigger’ terms. It was said the the better looking of the slaves were given easier tasks, and worked in the main house, while the ones deemed not so attractive, had harder duties to endure. This created a great divide, which funnily enough in my opinion, still exists today. What happened, was that the ones who had life easier, looked down on the ones in the field to some extent. Take it a step further. The masters would give positions of privilege to some slaves, giving them favour, and a small sense of power and accomplishment, to do their master’s bidding, and carry out unspeakable acts upon their own people. You would think that they would try to make life easier for their fellow man, but that was not always the case. Some of them did become drunk with nigger power, and sometimes were ultimately worse than the masters themselves. There is a misconception these days, that all slaves welcomed slavery abolishment with open arms. ‘No such a thing’. Some of those black people would have snitched on and lynched their own kind for their masters in a hot second. All slaves did not want to be free. Some slaves did believe that blacks were less than whites, and not only accepted, but grew to appreciate being another man’s property. Samuel Jackson’s character, was the perfect embodiment of everything wrong in the wrong kind of slave. I cringed, I cringed, I cringed.

It took me back to some unfortunate experiences I have had with my own race, and I just sit and shake my head, remembering these misguided coons. Here is an example of a coon experience I had…blah blah ago. 😀 (Scenario remains the same, coon identity will remain private. All I can say is that it was a she.)

Now, it surprises me that a grown ass woman, who should be more aware and in touch with herself, should be able to spot her inner coon, and keep that foolishness in check, but age does not necessarily reflect wisdom.

You should see this lady. Her skin is Africa black. The most beautiful of dark  skin tones. Much deeper than the watered down brown we’ve grown accustomed to, because most of us have one or two Portuguese or Irish people, hanging from the family tree. She has the kind of skin tone where blemishes are forever banished. It’s enviable,  but she is an ugly  old bitch. Her insides have Picasso’ d her outside. From the moment I heard her voice on the phone, I knew who she was. I’d heard about her, but never had direct dealings with her.

Any how, she called my work place  in connection to work stuff, and I put on my usual sweetie pie, I’ll help you as best as I can voice, and she becomes belligerent when I started asking her the questions I needed to ask her, in order to help her. I was absolutely’ stunned. She goes off on me, talkin’ about you people this and blah blah. I was thinking, this woman is crazy. I had no clue how the conversation took such a drastic turn. After being yelled at for approximately 2 minutes about my incompetence, she told me that my supervisor status, was no where near good enough, and she wanted to speak to my manager. I HAPPILY obliged. The moment she heard his foreign accent, I could tell immediately, that there was a turn in the conversation. I went over and stood right next to him, so I could kind of hear her. It was so weird and Jekyl-Hydeish. He said exactly the same things I said, and asked her exactly what I tried to ask her. When he got off of the phone, he did say that she seemed hard pressed to answer the questions, but she certainly didn’t give him the venom that she was giving me. I just shook my head. Two more times I had to endure this psychopath. Even asking this woman for a contact  number to get back to her was a problem. Eventually, after her asking me why I couldn’t just give her information that I did not have @ my disposal immediately, and why I needed to call her back, I got sooo pissed off. I said,


and slammed my phone down so hard, it cracked.


Of course, I knew this tyrant, reminiscent of Ursula from The Little Mermaid, was non too thrilled ‘wid the dutty Django fuck you she just get’. She called back, and I answered the phone sweetly, and she was livid, still running her mouth. I told her in no uncertain terms, in as nice a voice as I could,

‘You need to learn some manners and respect. If you continue to call here and speak to me in such a way, I will keep telling you Fuck You.  You decide how you want us to proceed, because I have not run out of fucks yet.’

I actually heard her gasp. lol 😀 I urged her to come get her paperwork and deal with me in person, because I had no problem saying what I had to say, to her face. She kept hanging up and calling back. I was sweet, she started yelling, I ‘d hang up. It went on for a bit, then she finally realized that she was only going to get me, so she gave up for a while. Eventually after a couple hours, she called back and I transferred her to the manager, as he had been out during our little te te te. Boy how sweet and coon like she was.

Do I think losing my cool was a good idea? Hell no. What if I had lost my job because I let a complete and total conyo, cause me to lose my cool? It is always wise to keep ones cool, but as I had been carrying the cross that day, it was a bit too much. The only reason why I didn’t get reprimanded per say, was because they were familiar with her guerilla tactics in the past, and she did not give enough business to warrant treating any of their employees like shit, so she was told in the future to take her business elsewhere. But boy did she shuck and jive and do the coon dance, when my boss told her that. She was as sweet as fuckin’ cherry pie. But to me, da  lil nothing,black, bitch who works there, doesn’t deserve the respect that she gives to my white, foreign sounding boss. I guess verbal medicine tastes sweeter with a not-native twang.

Why my own kind gotta disrespect me? Why do we behave this way? It would be easier to just sum it up to her being an asshole, but if she was, she should’ve been that way to my manager as well, considering that even though he was polite, he let her have it. Why did she humble herself to him, but completely disrespect me, a fellow female and black woman?

Funny thing though. I thought she would have used the opportunity to come to the office to try and intimidate me, when her documents were ready, after the ‘long tinking, dutty, bad wud dat she got’. But, as in most cases with loud mouths, their barks are worse than their bites. She did not come. She sent someone else. I was a little surprised and pissed off that I didn’t get a chance to look her in her face and eyeball her ass. YEAH! lol, but I suppose, ultimately, she is as they say ‘ a non-muthafu*^kin’ factor’, and it was better for her to stay away.

I know she certainly wouldn’t have wanted to deal with ‘DTameka Unchained’. Fortunately for her, this movie was probably only a figment in Tarantino’s imagination at the point of our verbal altercation, or God only knows what I would’ve said to that coon. lol 😀 Broomhilda I am not. Gimme dat gun! 😀

Never let anyone feel they have to right to dis-respect you, regardless of their job position, social status, or economic background. Your self-respect should not be for sale. Know your worth. Know your price.


‘Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, non but ourselves can free our minds..’


About bak2moi

I am a woman trying to balance motherhood and womanhood, while pursuing her dreams. Hopefully I get to keep at least foot on the ground during the process.
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2 Responses to Know your worth… DTameka Unchained…(The D is silent) lol

  1. Jonelle says:

    Great piece as always!!!! I haven’t seen Django yet because I can’t deal with all the blood and gore. My boyfriend LOVES The Walking Dead but I can’t bring myself to watch it because zombies FREAK ME OUT and that plus all the blood and gore on the show…..I would not be able to take it.

    In regards to crazy lady, it’s such a shame that people like that exist. A sincere sad shame. I’m glad you got the FUCK YOU out your system though!

    • bak2moi says:

      Jonelle, I had NEVER EVER, sat and watched any zombie movie in my life. I thought they were silly and stupid and gory for no reason, so why and how I got sooo into ‘The Walking Dead’, is beyond me. It just so happened one Sunday, they were about to premier season 2, so they had an all day season 1 marathon. Nothing else was showing, so I pretty much just left the tv there on AMC to keep my company while I ironed clothes. I think because I was able to watch an entire season back to back, and didn’t give myself time to decide if I was going to like it, I just did. It is waaaaay more about human nature than zombies. Should there be a zombie apocalypse, I am your girl. I know EVERYTHING about how to get around them now. lol I would be such a badass. lol @ least I believe that in my mind. Give it a chance. Your boyfriend will fall in love with you more everyday. lol He’ll call you just to talk about 😀 Crazy lady was a real trip. I was like ‘a wha happen me too local fi talk to?’ I was more pissed of with myself for losing my cool inthe end though,..but sometime a good ole fuck you is what some people need.! I think I need to practice more yoga. lol

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