Swag Pot tun up…Leftovers to the world…lol


Ok …so I’m on a roll. 😀 I was in a good mood, and had absolutely no idea why, as I’ve been feeling quite beaten up by life lately. But, I thank God for the strength to continue through it all, and still even sing while doing so.

Yesterday, after the school/work day, , I stood in my kitchen, and was faced with my usual dilemma, of not knowing what the hell to cook for my family. Cooking on a budget is not fun. You always gotta improvise and do all kinds a fancy shit, so the kids and Ward Clever, don’t look at you and ask you,..

“This Again?!” Whilst staring sadly and longingly at you, hoping against hope, that what is in front of them, can’t be all there is to their meal. I find it to be a lot of pressure.

Well I had leftover spaghetti and corn from Sunday, so it was tough shit for them. 😀  Anyhow, I put on my June Clever apron, opened all the cabinets in my kitchen, and tried to figure out, what poor people, stone soup, hat trick, I was gonna pull out of my ‘cooking magic bag’o tricks’. The best I could come up with was sardines.  😦  I was not thrilled, but, I felt a tad bit inspired.  I went and got my ipod, put on some Edwin Yearwood, and let a little soca music, touch di pot as well. lol  ‘A lickle wining up mek the pot stir sweeter’.

😀 ‘Yeah,.a so me can wine up meself.’ lol


‘Any how, the music and the wining up was in full effect,..and mi swag pot min tun up.’

Peek the awesomeness of my magical kitchen.

See. I even have Food Network's seal of approval. :-D

See. I even have Food Network’s seal of approval. 😀

My little engine that could.

My little engine that could.

50% of the wining up in my house, takes place here. :-D

50% of the wining up in my house, takes place here. 😀

I was working with leftovers and sardines, …….

The Ingredients

The Ingredients

Sardines ...sigh

Sardines …sigh

sum ting yum... :-)

sum ting yum… 🙂

….so this is what I came up with….


Papa Bear’s Plate


Pre-Teen Bear’s Plate


Baby Bear’s Plate


Note that Mama Bear does not have a plate, as she usually just throws whatever is left in a pot and stands at the kitchen sink and eats it. sigh Tough life eh. Also Dad, I know you’re reading, please note that I did plantain this time. 😀

By the way,..it tasted awesome, if I do say so myself. 😀 All plates were left clean and shiny, before they hit the sink for me to wash. 😀 Not too bad for poor people food.


About bak2moi

I am a woman trying to balance motherhood and womanhood, while pursuing her dreams. Hopefully I get to keep at least foot on the ground during the process.
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One Response to Swag Pot tun up…Leftovers to the world…lol

  1. Tarin Adolphine says:

    Ok I am inspired sardines it is tomorrow

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