Chess… The game of life


Like this whore I once knew,

No names I’m gonna say,

Dem situations waay too big for her,

Yet she rides them anyway,

Imma do me, you think I care?

‘fuk outta my way,

Do what you gotta do,

Say what you gotta say…


We’re far educated beyond the scope,

Of our discipline and obedience,

Yet we try to live this life for us,

Still schuckin’ for an audience……

Though we lie to ourselves,

We know we care what they say,

Yet pretend not to notice,

But die a little bit everyday.


I didn’t choose the way to go,

The yellow brick road was laid,

And just like her, to follow suit,

I’m gon’ fuk wid it ’til I get paid.

Just promise me that you’ll like me,

Not kick me out when you’re done,

I don’t see why I should be lonely?

Or why can’t I be the one?

yellow brick road

Am I thriving or surviving?

This life takes waay more than it gives,

Scratch and sniff my back too quickly,

What are your true motives?

I can’t trust your hand to hold me,

And guide me to success,

This shit is never easy,

Less like checkers, more like chess.


She’s always in love and dick riding,

And her attention is suspect,

But attention is the detail..

And the drug we can’t reject.

Yet still the drug and the fear,

Of wanting mass affection,

Love me, but don’t care too much

Can’t get no satisfaction.


We all want the same things in the end,

From the soldier to the whore,

Living it up or staying alive,

Pick your battle, Pick your war.

If you think I’m talking ‘bout you,

Your right, I might just be,

If you don’t, then I guess I’m not,

I’m just reflecting randomly.


If you throw a stone into a crowd,

The one who screams, got hit.

But I wasn’t aiming for you babe,

No need to have a  fit.

Lick your wounds, and keep it moving,

I do it all the time,

Pain is all a part of the journey,

All a part of the climb.


I got a pocket full of empty,

And got no more fucks to give,

Stay grinding, like she stay riding,

New day, New light, so live!

Keep shooting like a soldier,

No more boot camp, this is war,

But it’s a battle for the finer things,

And to just prove who we are.

empty pockets

Truth be told some folks aren’t worth it,

Just pass them over like a joint,

No need to waste my precious time,

To prove some kind of point.

All questions don’t need answers,

Just keep it moving, have no fear,

From now on, no more eyes wide shut,

Be careful or beware.


 Tameka Jarvis-George


About bak2moi

I am a woman trying to balance motherhood and womanhood, while pursuing her dreams. Hopefully I get to keep at least foot on the ground during the process.
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