Mellow Mood Musical Memory Lane

Yesterday, I did more than the usual Saturday chores. I didn’t really mean to, but I started doing some rearranging, then one thing lead to another. Somehow, I ended up going through a bunch of compilation cds, that I’d made over the years, while trying to tidy up a particular space.

The sharpie titles that I’d written on them were funny, weird and cryptic, so I had absolutely no idea what kind of music was recorded. Some of the titles I made up were for example, ‘The Cure’, ‘Quiet Storm’, ‘Mellow Moods’, ‘Skin’, ‘Flavour of Love’, lolol 😀 .  What kind of frame of mind was I in when I made these?! 🙂 Quite a few of the cds had major scratches, so I didn’t expect a lot of them to play, but I was pleasantly surprised. Dare I say, I’ve got the awesomest taste in music. 😀 .

I sprawled across my my living room floor, and opened up the space saver, and treasure chest and ran head first into nostalgia. Aaaawe,… my tapes,..yes cassette tapes (and they still played) , the cds that I recorded myself and the ones that I’d bought at Sam Goodys and HMV. A lot of people today, will never know the true joy in going into one of those places and feeling the excitement of pre-purchase. It was soo much music, I could hardly stand it. 🙂

There on that floor, these songs were hitting me with the 1, 2 punch. I was like damn, yooooooooo, I have this?! The songs were ridiculously good. Even though some of the cd’s were too scratched up to play, and some of the tapes jammed, I was taken down a beautiful musical memory lane. My lil ole stereo that I bought in 2000 is still the bomb.

Best of the Best Playlist from Aug 25th 2012

Rain by SWV                                                Say Yes by Floetry

Sweetest Days by Hill St.Soul                So Sick by Neyo

Only You by Jill Scott                              Creep Inn by Ideal

Piano in the Dark by Brenda Russell   Crazy by Seal

Cops come Knocking by Maxwell           True by Spandau Ballet

The Moon by The Swell Season           Toy Soldiers by Martika

Golden by Chrisette Michele                Killing Me Softly Al.B.Sure

Don’t Know What  by Aaliyah                  Bed by J.Holiday

Forever My Lady by Jodeci                     My Love by Jill Scott

Anniversay by Tony Toni Tone             Young Nation by Aaliyah

Sobeautiful by Musiqsoulchild               Still Waiting by Jodeci

Father Figure by George Michael          Hula by Maxwell

More Than Anything Lenny Kravitz      Movie by Chris Brown

Here Tonight by Alexander O’neal       Satisfy by Meshell N’dege

Have You Ever by Freddie Jackson       Crusin’ by D’angelo

I Belong to You by Lenny Kravitz            Anything (Slow) SWV

Dream on Dreamer by The Brand New Heavies

That last song actually made tears come from my eyes. WWWOOOOWWWWWW! (said like Flava Flav) 😀  Any who…

I’ve decided on a new craft project  that I can do with the kids, and it’s going to involve the no longer playable cds from the days of yore. We will be attempting some of the craft pictures below,  even the ambitious chandelier.

I will post what they look like when we’re done. Can’t wait. Keep on dreaming dreamers. 🙂


About bak2moi

I am a woman trying to balance motherhood and womanhood, while pursuing her dreams. Hopefully I get to keep at least foot on the ground during the process.
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