Goodbye My Friend…

For the last 9 months, I’ve been entertaining a very special guest. He didn’t really disrupt the flow of our day to day runnings and was  actually really low key. It was almost as if he was never even there. Almost.  My husband didn’t even get jealous at how close we’d gotten. I guess you could say Hubert,..(that’s his name), was able to forge a comfortable place for himself in my life, without rustling too many feathers.

Now, Hubert was a complete shock to me. I certainly didn’t go out looking for him, but just like a lot of relationships, when you least expect it, it sneaks up on you. I’ll never forget it. It was last year October. I was sitting doing some work at my computer and I felt a sharp pinch. Not the way most women like someone to try and get their attention, but I suppose it may work for some. He was confident with his pinch, as if he was positive of what my reaction would be.

Hubert wasn’t a hoverer. He gave me space most times, but every now and again, he would remind me that  he was still around, always with a sharp pinch and a bit of discomfort, emotionally and physically.  I knew he would have to go, but after speaking with a professional, I didn’t get the impression that it was going to be the easiest of tasks. Hubert was not going to go without a fight.

You see, Hubert had to go! Without a doubt, quiet or not, he was just going to be a problem if he stuck around long term. Who is Hubert you may ask? ……Well, he was my cyst. 😀

Now a A cyst is a closed sac, having a distinct membrane and division compared to the nearby tissue. It may contain air, fluids, or semi-solid material. A collection of pus is called an abscess, not a cyst. Once formed, a cyst could go away on its own or may have to be removed through surgery.

Most women have had, or will get one or more during their life time, and may never even know that they’ve had them. The reason why I even knew about Hubert as quickly as I did, was because of how close to my uterus he was. That was where the pinching sensation came from. Also, my marganess contributed to the speedy detection and identification of my body invader.

When my beloved Dr. told me that I had been hosting a cyst, I was devastated. How the hell did I get of those things? Did I do something wrong? Was it my diet? Did somebody put a voo-doo spell on me? Well, I was told no. Basically, .

My doctor recommend a concentrated round of birth control by injection, once a month for three months, to try and shrink him. After that, I would wait one month, do an ultra sound to see if Hubert shrank or got bigger. If not, I would have to go through it all over again.

Though there was no hesitation to try and rid myself of my little friend, I had grown accustomed to him reminding me every now and again that I was still alive with his little pinches.

The first round of injections didn’t work, so I had to do it all over again. But a girl’s gotta do, what she has to do. This week was my check up after the second round, and after following along with my Dr. while staring at the Ultra sound monitor, I didn’t see Hubert. He was gone. My doctor and I hi-fived.

Hubert my dear, we had grown too close, too quickly, so much so, that I named you.  You have gone on to a better place and I bid you adieu. R.I.P my friend.


About bak2moi

I am a woman trying to balance motherhood and womanhood, while pursuing her dreams. Hopefully I get to keep at least foot on the ground during the process.
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