My Beowulf Braid…

My Beowulf Braid

I am allergic to hairpins and hairstyles. I am convinced of this. I have been asked many times, why I don’t do some of the fabulous loc hairstyles that I see all of the new, fashionable, dread head people seem to be wearing. I think I would rather watch paint dry, or go to the dentist, than have someone do anything to my hair. In my entire life, I have been to the hairdresser three times, and that was all prior to me cutting all ties with the babylonian hair care system. 😀 If my hair is not in a pony tail, it’s out, or in my Beowulf Braid as I like to call it.

Beowulf is an animated feature film that came out a few years ago. See below link for plot.

The antagonists in this film are Grendel and Grendel’s mother. Both beasts. However when Grendel’s mother is ready to take a man, she takes the shape of a beautiful human woman. They used Angelina Jolie’s likeness, however, with more meat on her bones and no tattoes. It was a stunning animation. What I liked about the animation though, was her funky snake like braid with a life of it’s own. It moved about like a rattle snake, and could choke the shit out of you if you pissed her off. I wish to be able to do that with my braid. lol.

I practiced doing my braid a few times before I got it to look presentable, but its difficult, as it’s not easy to plait dreadlocks. I must add though, that my Beowulf braid makes me feel very powerful, so remember not to piss me off when you see my hair braided. I cannot be responsible for what my plait does. 😀

About bak2moi

I am a woman trying to balance motherhood and womanhood, while pursuing her dreams. Hopefully I get to keep at least foot on the ground during the process.
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One Response to My Beowulf Braid…

  1. bajanpoet says:

    Damn! Staying faaaaar away from that braid… looks dangerous! *grin*

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