The Key…Part 10 Final Installment.

Dillon must have felt her need for him, because there he stood, gloriously heroic. He was such  a welcomed site. Evan immediately released Nadhira’s arm and took an uneasy step back. Dillon stared at Evan as if he was a lion ready to pounce on his prey. He slowly walked towards his woman and Evan and stared menacingly at him. Upon seeing the young man approach Evan and Nadhira, Glen Taft immediately left his conversation and headed towards the three of them. As he got closer to them, the widest smile Nadhira had ever seen on his face, appeared. He extended his hand to Dillon as if he’d known him for years.

“Michael! My boy it’s so good to see you. How are you?How is that old bastard you call a father?”

“He’s doing well, very well.”

Evan and Nadhira looked at each other with the same quizzical wtf expression on their faces.

“I’m sorry. You two know each other?” Nadhira asked,  feeling very surprised by the interaction between her man and Glen Taft, one of the senior partners in the company she worked for.

“I’ve known him for many years. I watched him grow up into a fine young man!”

“Come again?” replied Nadhira.

“This is Michael Shields, Lucas Shields’ son.”

“Lucas Shields, as in senior partner, Lucas Shields?” Nadhira asked, feeling like she was gut punched.

Dillon Micheal-Shields stood there, never expecting to run into either of the other two partners in his father’ company. This was not the way he had intended to tell her……

He felt like a small, furry, animal, with the end of an extremely large double barrel shot-gun, pointing in his face. There was a look of pain on her face. It made him ache inside, knowing how confused she had to have been feeling at that moment. He wanted to grab her and whisk her away, far away from everyone, so that he could explain himself. At the time, it seemed like a good idea to withhold that part of himself. He thought that there was a possibility, that she would shy away from getting to really know him, had she known of his tie to the company she worked for. When they’d had their impromptu Chinese dinner that night, he was ready to share his situation, in regards to his relationship with his father, especially after she had talked to him about hers and how great her dad was. However, after getting into the whole Terah & Evan debacle and letting him know how uncomfortable working at Taft, Craig and Shields had become, he decided against it. He didn’t know what would come of them, all he knew was that she lit a fire in him, and he wasn’t ready to have it fanned out.

Maybe she would think it was counter productive to get involved with the boss’s son and he didn’t want to risk it. She seemed like such a proud, I can do it by myself, type of chick. He knew that she would take issue with any of her successes within the company being tainted by gossip, because of their involvement. He didn’t really think it through properly, but if he was to be honest with himself, he wouldn’t change anything, if it meant that she would not have given him the chance to be with her and get to know her, in the first place.

Nadhira did not know how she was feeling. She was still trying to process Glen Taft’s statement. She could see the look of fear on Dillon’s face, but she didn’t want to display any type of reaction in front of Evan, who stared intently at them. For a couple of seconds, she realized that her problems at work may have just been immediately squashed, due to her newly discovered affiliation, with someone Evan would have viewed as a heavy weight.  Evan ‘I’ll do whatever it takes’ Walker, realized that he may have stepped in a heaping, smelly, pile of bullshit, being such a bully. Nadhira had an ally in her corner, that he could not compete with and definitely did not want  to piss off. He did note however, that she seemed as surprised by the news as he was, and his curiosity was peaked.

“Excuse me.” Nadhira said, as calmly and straight face as she could.

She felt really overwhelmed and needed to put some time and distance between her and the shituation she’d just found herself in. She needed to figure out exactly why she felt hurt, if what he did was or was not nearly as bad as she was thinking and to take a break from Evan and his room filling attitude.

He watched her walk away. Evan left him and Glen deep in conversation, re-joining the other two associates he had originally been talking to, before he’d tried to confront Nadhira. Evan was quite troubled. Turns out the bum who he thought could not hold a candle to him, could not only do so, but cast a big shadow as well. He wished that he hadn’t opened up his big mouth that day downstairs.

Back in her office, Nadhira paced a short line up and down. Her bra hung over the edge of her desk and her chest glistened with tiny sweat beads. Not even the central air could cool the fire that raged inside her. The more she thought about Dillon, the angrier she got and the worse his actions seemed. In an instant, she recognized that she was not going to get any work done in the office. She went over to her computer and saved her changes, then uploaded her drawings to her flash drive. She was calling it a day. Any work that was going to get done, was going to get done at home, on her laptop, in the comfort of her bed. She typed an e-note for Natalie, letting her know her plans for the rest of the day, and began packing up the things she needed to take with her. Maybe she did need to take that vacation after all.

“You’ve got every right to be angry at me.” 

Nadhira spun around when she heard the deep baritone behind her. She gave him a cold icy stare, but couldn’t put all her thoughts together well enough to give him the grammatically and intellectually profound fuck you’ that she wanted to. It needed to be epic. She chose to say nothing. Silence is golden they say, so that would have to be her approach until she could get it together. Her Evan ‘fuck yous’ were always ready and waiting, but she’d never expected that she would have to have some for Dillon. Nadhira turned away from him and continued to do what she’d been doing, as if he wasn’t there.  He knew she was going to make him work for it and rightfully so. He was not surprised by her reaction, he was just hoping she would be more verbal. Her silence was scarier than her rage. It reminded him of his mother. Whenever his mother went quiet, was when things changed drastically. When she was fed up, she would never speak, she would just react.

The feeling she gave him, immediately took him back to the day his mother picked him up from school and brought him home to a new house saying,

“This sis where we live now.”

He remembered her telling him that his father was going to be a part of his life in a different capacity and that they would no longer be living in the same house with him. Anna-Maria Shields was tired of Lucas’s philandering and womanizing. She’d given him 12 years of her life and a lot of her dignity during their time together. Lucas was a good father, but a poor excuse of a husband. He thought because he was able to give her whatever she needed financially, without her working, that she should just let him be a man. Anna Maria Michael Shields, was not having that. She had her child to think about. Lucas caused her to stress herself enough to lose their unborn child years before and she was not going to let him cause her to lose another child, especially one that she had loved and nurtured for 9 years already.

Dillon was her everything. Over the years, she saved most of the money her husband allowed her. Eventually, she bought a piece of property, with a beautiful house on it, using her maiden name, which was Michael, in an effort to keep it private. Quietly out of her pocket, she slowly renovated the house for herself and her son, and a month after the renovations were completed, they moved in. The timing was perfect, as Lucas had been away on ‘business’, which was always his reasoning to be out-of-town.

He had resented his father for many years, not because of anything his mother did or said, but because of the abuse she suffered at his hands, both verbal, occasionally physical, and of course emotional because of all of the cheating . When he was 14 he begged his mother who had mostly gone back to being known as Anna Maria Michael, to change his last name from Shields to Michael, but instead she added her maiden name to his birth certificate. His full name became, Dillon Aidan Michael Shields. His father was a little hurt and a lot of furious, but he was thankful that Anna Maria didn’t drop Shields altogether. She was lucky too, because he would have given her hell if she had tried, especially because he was very generous with supporting Dillon. So that no one he knew would ever confuse his son’s last name, Lucas started calling him Michael, and it just stuck. Some people called him Michael, some called him Mr. Michael, some people called him Dillon, but Nadhira never heard anyone call him Mr. Shields. It seemed as though the Shields part still got lost in the shuffle sometimes. He had made peace with his father many years ago. One could even say that they were friends, but his heart belonged to his mother. He wanted a woman strong like that.

Nadhira stuffed her bra in her bag, picked up her lap top, took a deep breath then turn to face him. She had no choice but to walk towards him as he was blocking her exit.

“Please move.” she said in a soft sharp voice.

He didn’t comply. He tried to engage her into eye contact, but she wouldn’t look him in the face.  He held her chin and forced her face in his direction and he saw wet eyes brimming.

“Look, Dillon, or Michael, or Mr.Shields or whatever the hell your name is, please move out of my way. Just let me pass.”

“Just let me explain myself.”

“Explain what? That you’re a liar? That you made a fool of me just like Evan? That I slept with a man, whose name I don’t even know? That I was a joke to you? Should I go on?”

She was right. What could he possibly say. She was extremely hurt at that moment and has every right to be. He knew that she needed time.

“If you meant anything you said to me and love me like you say you do, you’ll let me pass.”

Dillon stepped aside from the door way without saying another word. He just listened to the sound she made when her beautiful heels hit the hardwood in the hallway. He couldn’t bear looking at her walk away. If ever he needed to talk to his mother, it was now.

As she drove towards her house, she wished she had windshield wipers for her eyes. The tears just would not sop coming. In a way, it was as if she was crying not just for what happened with Dillon, but  the magnitude of what happened with Evan as well. It all came crashing down. As she was driving, her phone rang. She picked it up from the open console between the seats. It was her mother. She contemplated not answering, but against her better judgement,  she picked it up anyway. She made sure to steady her emotions, so her utter despair would not resonate in her tone.

“Hi mom.”

“Hi baby. I was just calling to say hi. I’m cooking your favourite today, you wanna take lunch and come by me?”

“I’m on my way. I am on the road right now, cause I was going home to work for the rest of the day, so see  you in a few.”

“Ok .”

When Nadhira walked in the front door of her mother’s house, she was hit with the amazing aroma of her mother’s pepperpot. She could also smell fresh-baked bread. It was ecstasy for her nostrils. For those few seconds, all was well with the world again. She dropped her handbag and cell phone on the large comfy sofa and made herself at home around the bar by the kitchen. Her mother had already set an empty plate and a large cool glass of lemonade. She literally moaned out loud at the sight.

She never loved and appreciated her mother more than at that moment. She sat, sipped her lemonade and waited for her deep plate to be filled with her mother’s masterpiece. Her mom studied her face for a bit, and knew something was definitely wrong, but decided to give her daughter some time to just enjoy her meal.

“You ok baby?” she asked just as Nadhira took her last bite.

“Sure mom. why?”

“I don’t believe you. You look as if you’ve been crying. Don’t lie to me either.”

“I’ll be fine mom. I always am. You know this.”

“Is it Evan?”

“No mom. It’s definitely not Evan.”

“Baby, don’t you think you and Evan can work out whatever you guys been going through? You were so good together.”

“Mom, Evan is not a nice guy and we were not good together. He’s been making my life hell. He cheated on me and he’s engaged to marry the twit he cheated on me with.  I never wanted to get into details with you, cause I know you two got along well, but he is really an asshole.”

“Nadhira! Gyal,…know yaself. Watch how you speak to me please.”

“I’m sorry mom, but things hadn’t been good with us for a while, but  I stuck it out for all the wrong reasons.”

“Now I feel like an idiot, because I kept telling you to go back with him. Why couldn’t you just tell me?”

“I dunno. It’s not something easy to talk about. I figured eventually you’d get over it and just stop asking. Truth be told you know how gossip is. I figured eventually you’d hear something with some kinda fact in it. I wouldda confirmed details then. But the less I thought you knew about it, the better for both of us.”

“You really feel that way?”

“Momma, I know you. You would’ve meddled. You would have called him or some silly shit…. sorry mom, or some silly stuff. You didn’t know too much, so you just sat back. Which is how I like it.”

“Is that why you’re sad? Do you miss him?”

“No mom. Not even a little bit. I fell in love with someone else and I believed he was in love with me. But he turned out to be a liar too.”

“Did he cheat on you too?”

“No mom. He didn’t. He lied to me about who he was.”

“How in the hell did he do that? Lied to you in what way? Did he steal someone’s identity?”

Nadhira proceeded to give her mom, the Miller Lite version of what she’d been going through. She actually surprised herself by telling her way more than she had intended. It must have been the pepperpot. It had to have had truth serum in it, the way she was blabbering on. She was singing like a canary. Though she would consider the relationship she’d had with her mother to be good, she never liked discussing her relationship with her, as she did tend to over extend, in regards to giving advice, about whatever the situation her daughter was in. She wasn’t in the mood for advice. At least she didn’t think she was.

“He seemed so perfect mom. I just miss daddy so much right now. Do our family blessings skip a generation or something? Cause you got so lucky with daddy. Am I doomed for failure in love, but my children will be dealt a better hand?”

Laura Thompson shook her head, smiling at her daughter. It was a sort of sad, heavy smile.

“Whats wrong? You miss daddy too don’t you?”

“Of course I miss him. I miss him everyday. Your father was a good man, but he was very far from perfect. He was not without fault. I know how much you loved your dad and I took a lot of flack from you when you were growing up, because you thought your daddy was perfect and I was miserable, but I never wanted you to see him in any other way, than the way that made you happy.”

“What are you trying to say?”

“I’m trying to say, your daddy was a very flawed man. I’m not going to get into details about it either, just know that he loved you more than anyone else on the earth, and he was a great provider and mostly a decent husband. His positive characteristics combined, always outweighed his flaws, so I was never willing to break up my family over any of the things he did, that I didn’t like.”

“Did daddy cheat on you?”

“Don’t ask me that. That’s not any of your business. You had a good life, we provided everything you needed and if I do say so myself, you turned out amazing. I’m happy as long as you’re happy.”

“So whadda you think about what Dillon did?”

“You want me to make you feel better, or  you want me to be honest?”

“Could you be both?” Nadhira asked her mom smiling?

“Not today baby. You still wanna hear it?”

“Since when you so concerned about whether or not I wanna hear your advice? You always just fling it on me regardless. Who are you and what have you done with my mother?” Nadhira couldn’t help but laugh a little.

“Because you always shut me out, so I have to force my way in. You’re not shutting me out now are you? So I can be polite, instead of trying to break down your damn barricade, I can just knock.”

“Mother, oh my God!. What else have you been growing back there in that garden.”

“Oh shut up.” They were both laughing and relaxed. ”

Laura Thompson took out two wine glasses and poured out some wine for her and her daughter.

“I think you have a right to be angry. I see why you’re hurt. But can you come up with any reason why he would do this? I’m sure you can, because I can. And I think I can understand that. I’m not making excuses for him, but you guys were moving at warp speed. I’m sure he would have told you very soon. And look, he risked getting found out before telling you the way he wanted, to come and make sure you were ok. And by the way. What would make him think he needed to come check up on you? Why would he feel as if he had to? You’re leaving out a piece of this story.”

“That’s not important. “

“Hmmmm. I’m sure it is important, but regardless, he risked getting found out to make sure that you were ok. So that says a lot. I’m sure this young man didn’t want to tell you who he was because he didn’t want you to be with him or not be with him, because of something he had no control of. Maybe it’s easier to be Mr. Micheal than Mr. Shields. Maybe people always want something or expect something from him. Maybe because of how ambitious you are, he didn’t want you to think being with him was a liability. You wouldn’t want anyone to think that you are where you are in the company because of him, and I’m sure he knew that. Whatever his reasons, talk to him. Hear what he has to say. Don’t do what you always do and shut people out.”

Nadhira never responded, but she listened to and heard her mother’s advice. She was really tired  and really full, and slightly buzzed from the wine.

“Mom, I’m gonna crash on the couch for a bit. Wake me up in an hour.”

“Ok.” her mom replied.

Two hours passed and Nadhira was still deep in sleep. Laura awakened her daughter and told her to go up to her old room. Nadhira dragged herself upstairs, took off her work clothes, remaining only in her panties and cuddled with Mr. Smith, her old beat up teddy bear that her dad gave to her. She felt like she was 15 all over again. It didn’t take long for sleep to find her again.

When Nadhira opened her eyes, it looked as if the sun was setting. She couldn’t believe she’d slept that long. The power of the pepperpot, she thought with a slight smile. Then…

She nearly jumped out of her skin when she looked down towards her feet, when she realized that a man was laying at the foot of the bed. She quickly scooched to the top by the headboard causing the bed to jerk. He sat upright. It was Dillon.

“How’d you get here?” she was relieved it wasn’t a psychopath.

“Your mom told me where you were.”


“I was calling your phone and she answered. We talked for a bit, then she told me where you were. Gave me directions and everything. She even fed me. I didn’t mean to fall asleep, but that pepperpot just knocked me out.”

Nadhira shook her head.

“Now that’s my mom.” she mumbled.

“I’m sorry baby. I don’t know what else to say. I was wrong. But I had no bad intentions behind not telling you who I was.” He cut to the chase.

“What else did you lie to me about? Because clearly I took everything you said and didn’t say at face value. I never questioned you once. I mean, I know you do well financially , but are you living off a trust fund, are you really a graphic designer? Or I know! It could all be a front. You could be a drug dealer.” Her anger was coming back.

“Look, I get paid really well doing what I do. You know most of my clients are overseas. You’ve even taken calls for me. Don’t try to belittle everything we’ve been through, because I made one stupid mistake.”

Nadhira didn’t answer.

“Tell me you don’t fuckin’ love me. Tell me you’re done with this and with me. Tell me to my face and I’ll leave you alone.”

She couldn’t answer. He tried not to show how relieved he was when she didn’t respond, as he didn’t want to come from the ‘weak, broken-hearted dude’ angle. He had to show some kind of confidence and dignity, even if he was standing in the gutter. She looked so provocative laying there in her childhood room, clutching her sheet trying to cover herself. He wondered why she would even bother, considering he knew her body better than she did. He went over to her, sat at the edge of her bed in front of her and leaned in.

“I did something stupid, I admit that, but I in no way ever lied to you about the way I felt or still feel. I love you. And I know that you know I’m telling the truth.”

Without warning, he kissed her. It still slow and soft and full of fire. Dillon started to move in closer to her and then wrapped his arms around her, but then she eased back.

“Could you just gimme some time? I just need a couple days to process all of this.”

He thought her request was fair. He reluctantly leaned back from her, squeezed her leg in acknowledgment, then got up off of the bed.

“Can I see  you on the weekend?” he asked almost pleadingly.

She nodded yes. That was good enough for him. He left her alone in her room with her thoughts. He never forced his explanation on her and she never asked.

Throughout the rest of the week, they barely spoke. He would call her to say I miss you, but would never force her to engage in any lengthy conversations with him. She did share with him that work was going well and that  there were no Evanscapades, since the incident that Monday.

Thursday afternoon when Nadhira was getting ready to leave work, she reached into the side pocket of her bag to get her memory stick and pulled out the now infamous key. She stared at it, thinking that she should just toss it. She then thought that she should return it like she had originally intended. Maybe it would finally bring about closure, to put it in his hands, admit that she let herself into his home and collected her things. Own up to it and be big about it. She thought really long and hard while seated at her desk.

“Fuck closure. It’ll come when it’s supposed to. He can’t prove I was there.” she whispered to herself.

She was going to throw it away when she got home and free herself. She didn’t need to give it back, the same way he didn’t need to apologize to her, or her to him. What’s done is done. When she walked out the office, there was Natalie at her desk,snickering away.

“What’s so funny?” Nadhira asked.

Natalie handed her an envelope and when she opened it, it was an invitation to Evan and Terah’s wedding, which was apparently in one month.

“Wow, you going?” Nadhira asked unable to contain her smile.

“You think I’m gonna miss that shit?! Ya mad?! I’ll give you all the details. Who knows, maybe there won’t even be a wedding. He may just bail when he realizes how crazy her ass really is.”

“Nah, he won’t bail. Her family ties are important to him. Now more than ever.”

Nadhira told Natalie goodbye and left work feeling as if a weight had been lifted. She never told her about who Dillon really was, and due to the lack of talk in the office, she suspected that Evan never said anything to anyone either, which was just what she preferred.

Friday came and went in the blink of an eye and just like that, Saturday was upon her. It would be her first time seeing Dillon since the identity fiasco. She missed him ’til she felt sick, but they both needed the time apart. They still hadn’t talked about why he did what he did, even though she suspected his reasons. Whether they were good reasons or not, she needed him to know, that dishonesty was unacceptable and that she was not going to ever tolerate it again. If she could get that point across, they would be fine.  She stood in the middle of her closet, trying to find the perfect dress. Dillon called her and told her to dress for a nice dinner for around 7:30pm, but he didn’t say where. She tried to calm herself with music, the way she always did.

She felt good. She felt love. Then she saw her dress. She’d never worn it before and it even still had the tag on it. She picked out her shoes and put them together and thought it was perfect.

Nadhira then had about an hour to get ready before he got there, so she was able to take a nice long shower and just relax. She was really nervous about seeing him, but still excited.

She twisted and turned and stared at herself in her full length mirror, trying to make sure everything was perfect. At 7:30 on the dot, he was there. She heard his horn toot, took one last look at herself then  went out to meet him.

Initially the drive was quiet, except the music on his stereo. They were both afraid to talk. Finally he worked up the nerve to say something.

“You look beautiful.”

“So do you.” she replied.

“Where are we going?”

“You’ll see.”

“Are you planning to kidnap me?”


She smiled.

“Are we gonna be ok ‘Dhira?” he asked.

“I want us to be.”

Then a few more minutes of silence.

“How’s your mom?” he asked. Changing the direction of their conversation.

“She fine. She asked me about you. I think she really likes you.”

“Well I really like her too. I must add, that if you don’t wanna be with me anymore, you may still have to put up with seeing me, ’cause I’ll be going to her house for dinner a few times a week.”

Nadhira laughed out loud. She  knew he was kidding, but the way her mother’s food tasted, he could have also been very serious. Her mother’s cooking was no joke.

“Has work still been ok?”

“Yeah, it’s been good. My assistant got an invitation to Evan’s wedding. It’s in about a month.” 

“Woooooww. How do you feel about that?”

“Relieved. I hope he’ll be happy. I really do. I think it’s a big distraction for him right now, and I’m glad for that, cause it makes me further off of his radar.”

“Do you ever think about getting married?” he asked her.

“I used to. I used to think I was going to marry him, but then things started to fall apart and the relationship got really difficult. Then I wasn’t sure if I was marriage material, because it didn’t take him long to pop the question to somebody else, but him and I were together for years. So go figure.”

“Would you want to get married?”

“What is this? Are you planning on asking me to marry you or something?”

“No, I just wanna know how you feel.”

“To be honest, after talking to my mom this week, I dunno anymore.”


“When I was little, I always thought I would grow up and meet a man like my dad. He was perfect to me. He was definitely an awesome daddy and I thought he was a great husband…” She stopped talking mid sentence.

“…And he wasn’t?” Dillon asked.

“Well with all the bullshit that happened this week with me and you, I spoke to my mom about it. She really gave me something to think about in regards to moving forward. When I referenced dad and how great things were between the two of them, she shut me down cold. I get the impression that there was a side to my dad, that I never knew and it wasn’t good. I don’t think my mom was as happy as I thought she was and that scares me. If my daddy was so perfect in my perception, but not in reality, and Evan was so perfect on paper, but not in reality, maybe my relationships will only work out in my imagination. I mean we’re not exactly on the path to glory are we? You didn’t even trust me enough, to tell me who you really were.”

He felt as if someone just grabbed his heart and tried to crush it.

“You think I didn’t tell you because I didn’t trust you? I trust you more than I trust myself. Maybe the problem was that I didn’t trust myself enough.”

“You know all of this craziness with Evan was a blessing in disguise. Maybe all of this needed to happen in order for us to get to where we really need to go.”

“Where do you think we should be going?”

“I dunno. I don’t think I want to be apart from you, but time will tell I guess.”

Dillon felt for this woman like he’d never felt for anyone before. As clear as it had been to him for a while, it suddenly got clearer. Nadhira was moving in safe mode with him, and he could feel her reckless abandon slipping away. He wanted the woman that he made love to in Evan’s bed. He wanted her fire and her joy back. He was responsible for it diminishing and he wanted to rekindle it. On their way to the restaurant, he stopped at a little supermarket to get a drink. All of a sudden his throat felt drier than unwanted peanuts at the bottom of a roaster.

“You want a drink?” He asked her.

“No I’m good.” 

She still didn’t know what restaurant they were going to, but she recognized that they were in English Harbour. He came back out with a little plastic bag, that had in a bottle of Veryfine fruit punch and something that looked like gum or a sweets. He threw them into the glove box after he removed the juice and place it the cup holder.

They were at the restaurant about 10 minutes after. He walked around to her side and let her out. She stood for a few seconds while he seemed to grab something else out of the car.

“Can I hold your hand?”

She didn’t respond, she just slipped her fingers between his. When they walked into the dining area, she was floored by how amazing it was.

“Wow. This is really beautiful.” she said.

“No. You’re really beautiful.

They didn’t do too much talking after they were seated. He seemed preoccupied and edgy.

“Are you ok?” She finally asked just after they ordered.

“No not really.”


“Because I have a suggestion and I don’t think you’re gonna wanna go along with it.”

“What suggestion?

“Well I have several suggestions.”

“Ok so from one to several?”


“Suggest away.”

“I suggest we don’t have dinner here, but order the food and take it up stairs, because I can’t sit here and stare at  you any longer, cause I wanna rip your dress off. I suggest that you forgive me right now and tell me that you still love me the same way you did on Sunday. I suggest that we live together. When we leave here, either  you move in with me, or I move in with you cause I don’t wanna sleep alone anymore. I suggest that  you marry me.”

Nadhira immediately started shaking. She had never seen his face more serious.

“You’ve got to be kidding me?” she said.

“No I’m not.”

“What about your parents, I’ve never even met them.”

“It’s not about my parents. I’m a grown man, who’s made his own way. I depend on them for nothing. I may want their blessing, but I don’t need their approval.”

“Are you really serious?”

“I’ve been thinking about it all week, but I kept talking myself out of it cause I keep thinking you’ll say no. But tonight it’s just overwhelmed me.”

He then reached into his pants pocket and pulled out  a  cherry ring pop. He ripped open the noisy wrapper, and pulled apart the plastic bottom, to make the finger area bigger, then grabbed her left hand and said.

“It hit me in the car on the way here, so forgive me, but I will get you the real thing first thing Monday morning, if you’ll have me.”

Nadhira burst out laughing and hot tears rolled down her face uncontrollably.

“You’re such an idiot. I swear you’re a crazy person.”

“I love you.” he said.

“I know you do you jackass. I love you too. Of course I’ll marry you.”

Dillon forced the ring pop on her finger, then knelt in front of her resting in head on her lap. She was so grateful that the restaurant was not yet full. She rubbed his head with one hand and wiped her tears with the next. There she was an emotional wreck. Earlier, her desire to get married was practically non-existent and now , she was engaged. I guess some women never know that they want to get married, until someone asks to marry them, she thought. She stared at her delicious ring and the quirky, funny man whose head rested on her lap and she knew she couldn’t find another ring that would mean more to her….or another man…


About bak2moi

I am a woman trying to balance motherhood and womanhood, while pursuing her dreams. Hopefully I get to keep at least foot on the ground during the process.
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13 Responses to The Key…Part 10 Final Installment.

  1. Floree Williams says:

    awww!!! *holds heart* This was a nice ending I didnt know where you were going with this story so i loved the suspense of seeing what you were gonna do. *sigh* now what am i gonna do with my life…….Thanks for the great read 🙂 i look forward to more.

    • bak2moi says:

      Glad you never really knew where it would end. Initially I had a completely different direction, but due to my awesome readers 😀 wanting more, I had to dig deeper and in doing so I ended up changing direction of the story thus the ending changed as well. Thank you so much to sticking to the end. Lord knows after a while I didn’t know where the hell I was going either. 😀

  2. Sam says:

    Now you got me feeling like I wanna get married tomorrow lol….I absolutely loved it!! I hope you have it published! Still waiting on your initial book!

  3. Schen says:

    Well worth the wait….. well worth the wait…. uhmmm should Dillon have a cousin or best friend or uncle or something with the similar characteristics and physical appeal….. hollaaaa! Blessings Tameka….. keep on writing.

    Can’t tell when last I read a romance! Rofl…… but this was worth it!

  4. bak2moi says:

    Gyal, mek me feel so guilty 😀 Every time I had to get up from the computer and not be finished, I thought of
    Thank you for the encouragement. You will never realize how much that stuff means to me. Writing has helped me through a lot, so to know I can do it and have folks entertained is sooo rewarding. Got more in the works, no worries..

    • Schen says:

      Anytime you need that extra nudge just holla…. You got skillz don’t let them die… The guy in this reminds me of someone….hmmmm I should have him read it…. Will let you know how that pans out…..

      Til the next series…. I’m patiently waiting.

  5. bajanpoet says:

    This was a beautiful story …. from beginning to end… I’m totally floored by it… I’m glad I got to read this 🙂 *beams*

    I want a signed copy of the book when it comes out 😀

    • bak2moi says:

      Thank you so much for your support. It means a lot to me. To know some weird ish that swirls around in my head can come out in script and entertain someone, is the most amazing feeling. I just hope to be able to continue to do so. Signed copy is yours, when its done.. 😀

      • bajanpoet says:

        I concur… When I see the response to my poetry I’m floored as well, just today one of my writing mentors told me that she read my latest piece (Anointing) that’s on my blog – and told me it had her shifting in her seat 😀 I told her, “They don’t call me ‘Passion’ for nothing!” I always feel honoured when readers like my work – and, more recently, hearers as well, as I have continued to work on delivering my work on stage!

  6. PassionPoet says:

    Now after meeting you, AND after being in Antigua … I read names with recognition now! I read “English Harbour” and my mind went *DING* I went there! I know where she’s talking about! hahahaha! I still want a copy of this story, Tameka…. okthanxbye!

  7. Tam Brann says:

    Wonderful job Tameka.

  8. Chrys-Ann Ambrose says:

    Omg Tameka I could not put the e-reader down all day. I was so captivated. I still have goosebumps. Sooooooo romantic.

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