Vintage Swag…I Got it from my mama…

….Well more like stole it, 😀

I have been officially banned from my mother’s house, (so she says, 😀 ), but, like my dear friend T says, .

Over the weekend, I went to do laundry at my mom’s, because our water supply at home is  getting low, and we do not have government water. Doing laundry at home is just not an option right now. Thankfully, my mom lives close by, and I can go over to her place, do laundry, hang out with her, get some motherly loving and advice like old times and not have to spend a dime. Just gotta love my momz. As usual, I get comfortable and start going through her things, her drawers, cabinets and what not, secretly making sure I don’t find evidence of her having a boyfriend…lol . Hey it’s her turn. 😀 She’s not allowed. I am within my rights. 😀 But I digress. I will have to keep on doing laundry at her house, until our sky juice replenishes.

While nosying, I started to buck up on a bunch of really cool things. Of course she started yelling at me to quit going through her stuff, and of course, I ignored her every protest. ‘Pshhh Whatever mother. As I found things I liked and decided that they would come home with me, she threatened me with her kitchen utensils. Then, I noticed  the  pie’ce de re’sistance. I was like, ‘that would look awesome in my house’. She pretended to be angry. I almost believed her oscar worthy performance, but that woman knows that when this mind is made up, that what will be, will be what I say. To be fair, taking a piece of furniture is a heck of a lot, in comparison to taking a couple picture frames and bags and sh*t, but what can I say, I have no shame. 😀 I hadn’t seen it before, so I don’t know if she had been deliberately hiding it from me and forgot to move it, as my decision to do laundry at her house was a bit last minute, or if I just hadn’t been over in a while.

Eventually, she had to leave me alone in the house to go visit her aunt, and she took the kids with her, I was all alone. Of course when she left, I loaded up my jeep with all of my swaggerific finds. 😀  . She was not pleased when she returned. Her exact words were,

“Tameka! A way all ma subben an dem?!”

I swear I looked at her like this.

She was not having it. Anyway we haggled for a bit. I threw out.. ‘but I’m your only daughter’ card, and ‘I gave you two beautiful grand kids’ (the big gunz). Eventually, I gave back some of the picture frames, and a couple other things, but I threw a tantrum about the furniture. After she caved, I sat on her lap like a baby, and pretended to breast feed. My kids got a kick out of seeing their mother and grandmother act like two fools.  Wanna see what I got?..

Grandmother's 50 year old handbag.

Better View.

50 year old chest.

I like Weird sh*t..What can I say. 😀

Can’t wait to see what I’ll dig up next weekend. That is, if she lets me in her house.  😀

*Side Note*

Mannequin is mine. Did not swipe it from her.

About bak2moi

I am a woman trying to balance motherhood and womanhood, while pursuing her dreams. Hopefully I get to keep at least foot on the ground during the process.
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