Non Such Bay

It’s kind of funny, that when I go on to entertainment blogs, it’s more for  the comments that people make on the story, than the actual story itself. I never comment myself, I just read. This past Friday night, I clicked on one of the Whitney Houston stories (there were several) and funnily enough, there had been quite a few about her this week, prior to her unexpected death. Some entertainment blogs these days, put the most popular comment on top and I must admit, I literally laughed out loud at the top comment on this particular Whitney picture. It simply read,  Eeeeeeeeeeek!!!. Now people from my generation, who grew up on Archie comic books, are more than familiar with  Eeeeeeeeeeek! It says so much without using an actual describable word. She looked quite rough I must admit. After scrolling half way down the screen, the general consensus was ‘she needs to get it together’, ‘something’s up with her’, ‘she needs help’, blah blah blah. Those were the nice ones. The majority of them were actually downright mean. Fast forward to today and the comment coin is fully flipped and she is legend, icon, benchmark vocalist, beautiful, loved, incomparable. I always wonder if she’d ever sat at home at a computer and visited any of these sights and seen some of those vicious comments directly. The amazing comments about her after her death, don’t really count now. She’s already gone, she can’t see them. She needed those uplifting statements and reminders, when she was alive and maybe they would have been that motivation she needed, to just try to reclaim some of her former self.

All of this just makes me think, that no matter what material possessions you acquire and no matter how many people you have around you, if you don’t have peace, you have nothing.

On Friday, I went to my brother’s wedding rehearsal and to be honest, I wasn’t that thrilled about going. I had to leave work early, and I had  a shit load of work to do. The thought of having to go into work on the weekend, did not go over well with me. I was like, there is no bridal party besides me, so what do I need to practice for? I already know how to walk and all I gotta do is follow the bride. Any how, I had a sulky face for quite a while, but whether I liked it or not, I couldn’t remain in my funk, because the location for their wedding is just soo stunning. That’s the thing about growing up in the caribbean islands. We are beyond blessed, to be surrounded by this kind of beauty. Unfortunately, we take it for granted, by never really stopping, taking a deep breath and just marveling at how fortunate we are. Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown frequented Antigua many times, and I am sure it was to find some kind of peace, in what must have been their crazy world.

The lesson in all of this, is to tell people you love, that you love them, while they’re still here, every chance  you get, because you just never know when they won’t be. That gesture may be the little bit of peace and affirmation  they need, to keep holding on. At the very least, when they are gone, they go knowing how loved they were.


About bak2moi

I am a woman trying to balance motherhood and womanhood, while pursuing her dreams. Hopefully I get to keep at least foot on the ground during the process.
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2 Responses to Peace….

  1. Joya says:

    Great post, Tameka! I whole-heartedly agree!

  2. N.B. says:

    Quite apropos Tameka! Good one!

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