The Key…..Part 8

(Please listen to the musical selections that I include, as they really do  assist in the vibe of the story. :-D )

“It’s nice over here. Where are we?” he asked.

“Let’s go get my shit.”

Nadhira reached for the key in her glove box, grinning from ear to ear……..

Dillon perked up out of his slouch immediately. He moved his head all about, similarly to that of an ostrich, that just pulled its head from the ground.

“Oh Yeah?!” He said excitedly.

“Oh Yeah!” she replied in kind, smile still in tact.

“I know they looked dressed up as if they were going to be out for a while, but I think we still gotta be quick. In, get your shit, get out, keep it movin’.” He said.

It sounded like he was giving her a pep-talk just before a big game. She looked at the joy in his face and just smiled. Nadhira was tired of feeling like she was in some strange relationship purgatory. What she ultimately realized that day, was that Evan was the one who had not moved on. In some way, it was as if he had hoped that she would have been one of those women, who would ‘fight’ for a relationship. The mere fact that he was asking her questions like ‘if she missed him’, or ‘thought about him’, or ‘if she was really gonna let all of the years they had spent together go down the drain’, was making her think that all of his actions where Terah were concerned, were just about making her jealous and to invoke some kind of rage  in her. His behaviour was immature and similar to something that a teenager in high school would do for attention. How could he not think that his logic was flawed? How could he not think, that the round about way he was going to try to get her attention, would not keep them apart, instead of drawing her more to him? Maybe he did really think that he was all that and that there was no way she would let him slip away.

“Shall we go inside my good man?”

“Hell yeah!” Dillion said.

He was totally loving the cahounas that his woman seemed to grow and he truly felt that getting her stuff, was a way of standing up to Evan’s bullying and freeing herself from that last of her past relationship’s burdens. He could hear the ‘Rocky’ theme music playing in his head. Nadhira reached behind, grabbed the bag of sustenance, then got out of her vehicle. Dillon followed closely behind.

“Woman! How long  you plan on staying inside? Is there some reason why you need to bring our food?”

“Jus’ cool nuh. I’m hungry. We can grab and eat.” She said while flashing her most disarming smile.

Nadhira and Dillon walked up to the side door. She pushed the key in the door and looked back, very glad that Evan had no neighbours on that side of his house. She turned the key and felt the bolt release in a metallic thud. She shared a quick glance with Dillon, then turned the knob and entered the house into Evan’s kitchen. When they were in, she put the house key and her car key in the front pocket of her shorts, then quietly closed the door behind them. Evan had some dim pot lights beneath his upper kitchen cupboards, so she turned them on to get her bearings. Just as suspected, the place was immaculate. She felt strange being back there. He sensed her sudden uneasiness, so he closed the small gap between them and embraced her from behind, then began to lightly kiss her on her neck.

“Are you ok?” he asked.

“I’m good.”

She turned around to kiss his lips in reassurance, then moved away from him and headed towards the living and dining room. There was enough light from the neighbours’ outside lights at the front of their houses and the street posts, for them to navigate through the house with ease.

“He’s got good taste.” Dillon said, noticing all of the artwork and the beautiful furniture.

“Thanks.” Nadhira replied.

“You mean this is all you?”

“All me. That mutha fucka wouldn’t know art, if it fell from heaven and hit him in the face, then wiggled on it.”She replied smugly.

Nadhira cheupsed loudly, then sat on the couch in the living room that she’d picked out herself. It was almost as comfortable as the one in her own house. Dillon could feel her resentment bubble to the surface. She put the plastic bag on the floor beside her feet and he went over and sat beside her. She turned her back to the arm rest, then put her feet up, resting her legs on his. She was suddenly sad all over again. Dillon reached for her face, then began to stroke it.

“How much time do you think we have?” He asked.

“Knowing Evan, I believe at least 2 -3 hours.”

Nadhira looked at the clock on the wall in the living room and it registered 8:30pm. Dillon reached down and took the box of Bajan cherry juice out of the bag, shook it, then opened it and gave it to her to drink. She leaned her head at the back of the couch, took a few big gulps, then handed him the box. Dillon did the same. He handed it back to her and she reached behind the armrest to put the box on the side table. In doing so, she knocked a couple of the cds that stood in their cases, so she reached over to tidy them back. She picked up a couple of them and tapped them on the arm rest to realign them, but when she looked closely, she noticed her own handwriting. She shuffled through all  and recognized her handwriting on each of them.

“What the hell?” she whispered.

“What’s the matter?”

“I’ve been looking for these damn things for months. When we first broke up, I asked him if I’d left them here and he said no. I recorded all of these in college. He doesn’t even like most of these songs. What a jack-ass!”

“Lemme see them.”

Dillon shuffled through the cds as well, with a smirk on his face. He tapped her on her legs, gesturing her to move them so that he could get up. He went over to the entertainment system and put the first cd in. He had only glanced at a few of the song titles, but was intrigued to hear the compilation, as he hadn’t listened to some of the songs in a while. When the first song came on, he was amazed by the acoustics. He was grinning from ear to ear.

“Sweet Jesus, I haven’t heard this song in ages.”

“Turn it down a little.”

“Come dance with me.” He said.

“Are you kidding me? You realize where we are right?”

“Yeah, but we have a couple hours. Let’s make the most of it. I mean where else we gonna go?” He replied.

“Ummm, I think we have a couple hours. I don’t know what that fool has planned. We came here to get my clothes and look how distracted we are? We’re like little  kids.”

“But had we gone directly for them, we wouldn’t have found his other hostages, now would we?”

“True dat.” She replied.

“Now come dance with me.” He said holding out his hand to her.

She reluctantly went over to him. At first, she was a little stand offish, because of the sheer ludicrous nature of what they were doing. Seeing him slow wine in front of her was so inviting though and she was definitely feeling lots of lovin’ just like Pete Rock and C L Smooth were rapping about. She went into his embrace and began to slow dance with him. They were indeed being properly serenaded, so why let good music go to waste.

“I love you.” she whispered in his ear.

The moment seemed right to say it.

He responded by pulling her closer. Dillon began kissing her neck, then put his hands beneath her t-shirt, running them from her waist to her shoulders. He was pleased that there was no bra obstruction, getting very much caught up in the moment, the music and the energy she gave. Nadhira completely lost focus . Before she knew it, she was pulling Dillon’s t-shirt over his head.

“I want you.” he said.

He had a look on his face that screamed, don’t you dare deny me.

Dillon guided Nadhira back towards the couch, without releasing his embrace. He sat down first, then pulled her down towards him, kissing her until her lips hurt. He then laid back, pulling her on top of him in the process. He was tired of her t-shirt being a barrier between her skin and his, so he swiftly pulled it over her head, leaving them both only in their pants. He pushed his hands down the small of her back, beneath her panties and began to rub her behind, while simultaneously pushing her into him. They were out of their minds and the music was driving their senses further away from them.  Dillon reached between where their bodies pressed together and unbuttoned his jeans. He also unbuttoned hers. He pushed his hand down inside her shorts again, making her moan an obscenity between his lips. They moved their lower halves as if they were trying to grind away the fabric barrier between them. All of a sudden the lights for a car flashed in front of the house, startling the shit out of them. Nadhira jumped up as quickly as a cat on a hot tin roof. She ran for the front door and peeked through the glass. It was the neighbour in front who was returning. She could not contain her laughter.

“It’s just the neighbour.”  she said.

“Oh my God. I think I may have pissed on myself a little.” Dillon said laughing as well.

“Come back over here.” he ordered.

She walked back over to him, but instead of laying on him as she had been before, she sat on the floor by the plastic bag with the food. She eased up and kiss him deeply, then began rummaging through it.

“I’m hungry.” she said.

Nadhira ripped the bag of cheese curls open, then began to eat. Dillon opened his mouth and she popped a couple of them in for him. He was kind of hungry as well.

“How could I forget?!” He said suddenly.

“Forget what?!”

Dillon reached down in his pocket and pulled out a little rolled up piece of brown paper bag. The smell of it was potent.

“Oh my God…, Boss you ain’t know that drugs will kill you and make you die?”

They both laughed hysterically. Dillon sat up a rolled a spliff while Nadhira sat on the floor eating cheese curls, not really caring where the crumbs fell. After they had their fill of the cheese curls, they finished the rest of the pinehill, then Dillon lit up the gigantic spliff he had just rolled. They passed it back and forth between one another, just vibing to the music.

Dillon started banging on the back of couch, as if he was in a dance-hall telling the sound system to ‘pull up’. Nadhira got up and started to dance around for him. Dillon rested the spliff down on the coaster, then got up to join her. He grabbed her close again and started kissing her hard. They thought each other’s lips tasted yummy.

“What other cds  he holding hostage?” Dillon asked.

She reluctantly pushed him away to shuffle through the discs again. She knew them all, yet still couldn’t remember what was what and from the marking on some of the cd’s, they did not match the cases, so she knew that some of them were mixed up. She just grabbed one and decided to change the cd that was playing, to see what else her old collection had to offer.

“Yoooooooooooo, you have got to be kiddin’ me.” Dillon felt like he was back in school again.

He turned up the stereo, not caring who heard. They began booty dancing in the middle of Evan’s living room, as if it was a house party from back in the day. Dillon started smacking her on her butt and tickling her sides.

“Stop!” she was screaming with laughter.

She began trying to get away from him, and he started chasing her all over the living room. Nadhira bolted up the stairs to get away from him, then headed straight for Evan’s Bedroom. She was trying to close the door before Dillon got to her, but he made it before she was able to actually shut it, so they pushed and pulled on the door simultaneously. Eventually, his strength got the upper hand, and the door was thrown open. The music was as crystal clear upstairs, as it was downstairs.

Nadhira’s smile slowly disappeared, when she really took in her surroundings. Dillon stood by the door and stared at her recognizing what happened. She didn’t feel like having fun anymore. She looked at his bed in disgust, wishing she could set fire to it. She went over to his walk-in closet, and opened the door. She immediately spotted her belongings, as he was so organized. He had a drawer with large plastic bags inside, so she started grabbing them off of the hangers and putting everything of hers into the bags she took out. She felt angry. A rush of his words came back to her and all she could think of was him and Terah having sex there on that damn bed, while she was still sleeping with him. She came back out of the closet with 3 bags of her stuff and stood there in the middle of the room, shaking her head.

“Whats the matter?” he asked.

“Nothing?” she replied.

“You’re lying. You still haven’t told me what happened today.” He said.

She didn’t ever want to speak of it. Nadhira dropped her bags on the floor and suddenly rushed towards him, then kissed him. Hard. He did not need prompting to be instantly turned back on. He wanted her since she’d picked him up earlier that evening and he was driven to the brink downstairs moments before. He was not going to stop this time until he was through. He could feel the anger in her kiss and the eagerness in her embrace. Of all of the places he’d imagined making love to her, where they were was not even a contender for the list. What they were doing was crazy, intense, scary, wild, sexy and so many other words that couldn’t come to his mind in that moment. The way he felt, caused every bit of inhibition to go out the window. They may as well have been in a hotel room somewhere with unlimited time on their hands, because he was not going to hold back and from the way she was behaving, she didn’t want him to hold back either. The music propelled them further and further away from reality. It was as if they were in a trance.

Unexpectedly, Nadhira shoved him back from her. When he tried to step back towards her and embrace her again, she pushed him back hard. Dillon was wondering what the hell was going on in her head. He attempted to embrace her again, then she punched him in the face. She imagined that he was Evan for a few seconds.

“What the fuck?!” he said.

He grabbed her wrists, then shoved her back hard on to the bed. Dillon then went to look in the mirror hanging on the wall. His face really hurt. He stared at his reflection for the longest time, then looked at her. She had a devilish look on her face.

“Why the fuck did you hit me so hard?” He asked shocked by her behaviour.

“What are you gonna do about it? Are you gonna hit me back?” she replied cockily.

Dillon pursed his lips, feeling slightly annoyed and extremely turned on by her. She laid there on the massive king sized bed, in just a pair of unbuttoned cut off shorts, with her feet on the bed and her knees apart. He wanted to tear her apart. He took one last look in the mirror, then went over to her. He stood over her, with a menacing stare. He knelt down on the bed between her legs, then pressed his upper body against her. He pressed his entire weight against her, leaving her a little breathless.

“Don’t ever do that again.” he scowled.

“Or what? Are  you gonna punish me.”

He snickered a little.

“Punish you? Is that what you want? You want me to punish you?”

“It depends on the kind of punishment.”

He bit her lower lip. Hard.

“Jesus, that hurt.”

 “I know. You fuckin’ punched me. That hurt.”

Dillon began to grind on her hard through the fabric of their jeans, and she felt her underwear begin to flood. She moaned softly. He started kissing her ear, then whispered.

“I guess that’s the kind of punishment you want.”

“Uh huh. But you’re torturing me. Take your pants off.”

“Not yet baby. Not yet.”

She started to squirm beneath him, and tried to force his jeans down, to which he responded by pinning her wrists.

“I said to wait your lil ass.”

“Are you gonna make me beg for it?”

He stared at her…

“Beg me. Tell me how much you want it.”

“Please baby, don’t make me beg. You know how much I want it.”

“Not good enough.”

She desperately tried to get her wrists free. She tried squeezing his torso between her legs, but he only seemed to become mildly uncomfortable. Every time she fought to sit up, he shoved her back down. He recognized that he was wearing her out. He’d never seen her like that before. As much as he was torturing her, he was torturing himself too. He wanted to be inside her so bad, but he was trying to hold out as long as he could. Her breasts glistened with sweat  and he couldn’t resist putting them in his mouth any longer. He finally let her wrists free and she immediately began to push her shorts and underwear down. She felt desperate. Dillon eased up off of her to give her room to remove them, then he began tossing the pillows off the bed. He maneuvered their bodies up towards the humongous headboard, so that their legs no longer hung over the edge. He pulled her shorts and panties off of her ankles, then stared at her. She could see his hard through his jeans, and she wanted to feel it without the denim obstruction. Dillon looked around the room and noticed a few pictures on the night stand. One was of Evan and Terah and one was just him alone and both pictures looked as if they were staring directly at them. He’d almost forgotten where he was.

“You really want me to fuck you in this bed?”

Nadhira didn’t answer. She just reach up and unzipped his pants. That was all the answer he needed. He stood up and yanked his jeans off as if the were fastened by velcro, and before she could even brace herself for his massive erection, he was inside her. She screamed out in agony and joy. He looked into her face  and said,

“Am I hurting you?”

“Yes.” she replied.

“Good.” he replied.

The Key Prt 8

Then he began to grind her mercilessly. She cried and grabbed him and pushed him and pulled him and bit him and licked him and called out his name and cried some more. He didn’t stop for one second. When she plunged her long fingernails into his back, he knew what it meant and he went into over drive. As she screamed his name he slammed his palm into the head-board making it sound like an explosion. Afterwards,Dillon’s only movement was his chest going in and out. He desperately tried to catch his breath, but couldn’t for the longest while. They laid there in complete shock and were overwhelmingly tired. The last thing she heard before she drifted off into sleep was,

“I love you baby”

When Nadhira opened her eyes, Dillon was still very much inside of her. He felt like a ton of bricks. She kissed his cheek and began to stroke his back. The house was completely quiet. Then she heard the clock in the bedroom alarm. It was midnight.

“FUCK ME! Dillon baby get up! Get up, get off me! It’s midnight! Shit get up!

It took Dillon about 30 seconds to stop being sleepy stupid. He stared at her completely out of it, then she slapped him in the face.

“Wake up! It’s midnight. Evan is going to be home any minute. We gotta get the fuck outta here!”

He looked around, realized where he was, then jumped up off the bed as if he had been thrown by an ejector seat. They scrambled like running ants. She pulled on her panties and shorts simultaneously, as did he with his underwear and pants. He flung the pillows back on the bed haphazardly and she grabbed her plastic bags and they ran downstairs. Nadhira picked up her t-shirt and after she put it on, she took her cd out of Evan’s stereo, grabbed  the others and threw them all in the bag with her newly recaptured clothes. Dillon picked up the plastic bag with the rest of the snacks she’d bought earlier and threw the empty pinehill box in it.

“Where the car keys?” he asked.

“Shit, I dunno!”

After a couple of seconds, she remembered that she had put it in the same front pocket of her shorts with Evan’s house keys, when they first entered the house a few hours earlier. They looked around to make sure they had everything, then all of a sudden they saw the headlights to a car pull into the driveway out front. In unison they both said,


They heard the thud of a car door slam, then ran frantically to the kitchen. Before they could open the kitchen door they heard the sound of keys jingling and the front door opened. Nadhira opened the door for the utility room, which was in the kitchen and they slipped inside. They stood as still as they could, so that the plastic bags wouldn’t rustle, but when Dillon let out a light fart, Nadhira could all but hold it together. Dillon tried his best to hold in his laugh, while he clasped his massive hand over her mouth to stifle the sound. They could hear Evan stirring about in his kitchen and it sounded like he was getting a drink. They heard the sound of keys being thrown on his granite counter tops, then the kitchen went quiet…. They didn’t know how the hell they were gonna get out of there….. Evan stood there feeling uneasy. He could have sworn he’d turned off the pot lights underneath the cupboards…..

The Key Part 9 ah go mad yuh!… 😀


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I am a woman trying to balance motherhood and womanhood, while pursuing her dreams. Hopefully I get to keep at least foot on the ground during the process.
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12 Responses to The Key…..Part 8

  1. Floree says:

    exact expression after reading :O ………
    1) but they not easy! smoking and eating in the house, like they live there
    2) what you mean they drop sleep!
    3) Evan is so gonna know someone was there……….. *waits with bated breathe*

    • bak2moi says:

      lol..I don’t think they cared if he knew someone was there. He would definitely know when he realized the clothes went However, they had no intention of still being in the house when he got back home….lol I’m laughing my butt off right now, imagining your facial expression…:-D

  2. Schen says:

    Yes ayeeeeee! Is about time Evan be bitched around…. He tooo punkish! AH KNOW he fuh KNOW that Dhira was there…….

    He ah walk a start fire….. she ah mek it blazeeeee!

    I’m just a little perturbed at the level of their free spirited-ness tho….. Is one thing to go Marvin Gaye/R-Kelly in the man place…. but drop sleep! REALLY?! Next thing Evan really show he crazy side and tie dem up while asleep….. Soooo not worth it……

    Get in get yours get out! DONNNNNNT get caught!

    Kudos T….. Grinning from ear to ear!

  3. Charissa Lewis says:

    OOOOOHHHHHH SHIT!!!!!!! tory mash up now!!!!!

  4. Dems says:

    Damm girl good job i am waiting with baited breath. Love this story

  5. bajanpoet says:

    What the rasshole…..


    U know how to wite a fucking good story, ting…. I in shock still….

    Alll I got to say is I WANT TO SEE DE MOVIE WHEN IT COME OUT…..

  6. Tam Brann says:

    Now that’s what I call a fuck off…you go Nadhira…can’t wait to see how they get out of the hole they’re in…too sweet.

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