The Key…… Part 7

(Please listen to the musical selections that I include, as they really do  assist in the vibe of the story. 😀 )

……“Well, I do want them back, but I don’t wanna speak to him. I did think about using the key that I had for his place to get in and get them, but I don’t wanna  be that chick..”

“What chick?”

“You know.The crazy chick.”

Dillon opened the glove box for her jeep.

“You mean this key?” He said, with the most mischievous smile on his face.

“What are you thinkin’?……” Nadhira asked curiously….

“I don’t know what I’m thinking. You know what, that’s a lie. I’m thinking I would love to punch that dude in the face. I’m thinking he’s a jack-ass and I’m thinking you should use this key to get your shit back. It’s not like it’s gonna be breaking and entering. And, it’s not like we’re gonna steal his stuff.”

“WE’RE! What’s this we shit?” Nadhira was laughing her butt off.

“Baby, I don’t know his schedule. What am I gonna do, go to the house and pray he doesn’t come home and catch me there? Or what, you gonna be my look out? I’m not comfortable with this idea. I really do want my stuff back, but I dunno, maybe I can appeal to whatever little bit of goodness  left in that wrinkled up thing in his chest he calls a heart.”

“What if you asked him for your stuff and he decides to hold them ransom? What if he says bitch, you not getting them back. I’m gonna burn them shits in my back yard!”

“He does not talk like that!” Nadhira was laughing uncontrollably at Dillon, who was trying to imitate the way he thought Evan sounded.

“What if he tries to spite you and destroys them. As it stands now, he probably doesn’t even think you care about them. I’m sure he lays them out on  the bed when Tarah or whatever the fuck her name is, is not there and tries to fuck them.”

“Fuck what?! My clothes?!” Nadhira was screaming with laughter..

“I bet he walks around with your panties on his head.” He was laughing so hard.

“Bwoy you fool you know?” I’ll  think about it. But I am really not comfortable going into his royal highness’s kingdom. I wouldn’t want to touch anything. He’s like that guy in the movie ‘Sleeping with the Enemy’. You know the movie with Julia Roberts, when she runs away from her husband who was ridiculously tidy and used to beat her when things were not in order? Well, Evan is just like that, without the beating my ass part. He is positively anal about tidiness. I thought I was neat, but I swear he takes the cake.”

“So you’re saying to me, that everything in his house is soooo perfect, that the moment he walked in, he would know someone was there?”

“Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying”. She replied.

“So fuckin’ what?! He’s gonna know the clothes are missing, so OF COURSE he’s gonna know that someone came into the house.”

“I’m not trying to do that weird ex-girlfriend shit. How would you feel if your ex still had a key for your place and used it to get shit she’d left behind, unbeknownst to you?”

“First off, that would never happen, ’cause if she’d left something behind, I would have the decency to send it to her without her asking. Especially if I thought it was something she would really want. Why should I want to hold on to it? It’s silly. Evan is an ass and a hole. Stop being a chicken shit and let’s go get your stuff. Unless you wanna see fashions by Nadhira being modeled by his so-called upgrade, sometime in the near future.”

“Aaarrrrggghhhhhhhhh! Quit pressuring me man.” She tried to appear serious, but he seemed to have invisible strings on the corners of her lips, preventing her from maintaining a serious front.

“Can we get outta here please?” Nadhira said, when she realized that they were still in the parking lot at her office building.

Everyday for about two weeks, Evan would take the key out of the glove box, wave it across her face as if it was the mechanism he needed to hypnotize her and everyday of those two weeks she would say,…

“No, I’m not doing it. I’ll figure something out.”

Dillon was indeed wearing her down and she totally adored the beautiful, mischievous smile that would take over his whole face, whenever he tried to encourage her to use the key. She was stronger than a smile though. She held her ground, no matter how shaky it was. Though she was  able to avoid crossing paths with Evan most times, he was able to make any small encounter with her, as uncomfortable as he possibly could. It was as if he tried to grind the broken pieces of their relationship, into her soul with his eyes. If he was Medusa, she would have been dust in the wind already. If he hadn’t been so concerned about his image and the possibility of losing out on a promotion and rubbing shoulders with the elites, he would have slapped her for sure, she thought, because of the way he always clenched up his fists and tensed up his shoulders in her presence.She snickered to herself at her thought, about the way he seemed to  stiffen up like a giant penis, when he was angry. Fortunately, her office, which was far away from his, was a haven, which she tried to leave as little as possible.

One Friday afternoon, as she was pounding away at her computer, her phone did that quick double ring, alerting her that it was an internal call. When she saw Evan’s extension flash, she was more than a little hesitant to pick up. After the 5th double ring she answered.


That yeah could have been translated to “What the fu*k you want?

“Can I come talk to you?”

“What for? You can talk now.”

“I don’t wanna say what I’m gonna say over the phone, I wanna say it to your face.”

“Look, Evan, if you gonna come over here and start something, I could do without the interaction. “

“I just need to talk to you. I’m not interested in starting a fight with you.”

“Really!? YOU are not interested in starting a fight?! It’s all you’ve done since we’ve been broken up. What’s so funny, I have no idea how I allowed you to have your cake and eat it too. You are the one that left me, you are the one who’s engaged, yet you are more bitter than a rotten stick of aloe. Shouldn’t I be the one with the shoulder chip? What the hell did I ever do to you?!”

There was a long silence, then he said,

“Can I please come talk to you?”

“I guess.”

She felt terribly uneasy awaiting his entrance. It was close to the end of the day and she was soo looking forward to spending it with Dillon. Now she was setting herself up to enter her Friday evening, in not the best of moods.

If she could forget how much if a jack-ass he was, he may have looked tempting as he walked through the door. Evan was good looking and he knowed it..not knew it, he knowed it…lol 😀  She was curious to hear what he was going to say. He seated himself on the couch and stared at her for too long in her opinion. Just as she was about to press him to start talking, he began to speak.

“Do you ever think about me?”

She was more than a little surprised by the question. Nadhira crinkled her forehead and lowered her eye lids. She didn’t say anything at first, but just sat there waiting for more words to come out of his mouth to clarify himself somehow. He said nothing else. Already, she was irritated.

“Think about you how? You mean the old times? You mean the way we broke up? You mean the way you’ve been trying to make me feel uncomfortable here?”

He shook his head from left to right.

“Then think about you how?”

“Do you ever miss us?”

She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She wanted to go off on him, but then thought for a few seconds that he seemed to be offering some kind of olive branch, so she didn’t want to throw it back in his face.  She could stand down, take some of the usual punch out of her delivery and possibly stroke his ego in the process, making her work life a heck of a lot easier. After all, she wasn’t mad at him for ending their relationship, she was quite thankful that it ended, as she had not been happy for a while.

“Evan, when we were good, no one could touch us. I truly saw my future with you and I would be a liar if I told you that I regretted our relationship. But you changed a lot. You and I began wanting different things and I guess you truly realized that before I did, hence you left. Was I mad at first? Was I hurt about the way you ended it? Fuck yeah! But, ….you were right to end it. One of us should’ve a long time ago.”

His shoulders hunched a bit for a few seconds, then he stood up with an unexpected look of anger on his face.

“So you’re trying to tell me that you don’t see us ever being able to get back what we had?”

Nadhira was truly flabbergasted.

“Get back what we had?! What the fuck are you talking about? What about Terah, your soon to be wife? Remember her? Oh yeah, what about my man? What’s going on with you?”

“So you gonna let all those years we had go down the drain?!” He replied.

“Me?!” FOHWTBS! Are you serious? Negro! YOU LEFT ME! If you were so concerned about the well being of our relationship, you would have listened to me when I suggested that we talk about things, when I noticed they weren’t going so good. But noooooooooo! You hated it when I told you that your only focus was your career. You hated when I told you that you were lowering yourself to unnecessary ass kissing to some of those sharks. You thought I was holding you back. And on top of that, you start fucking some ditz while we were still together. And you know something, when I got this position is when you really started to show your ass. You acted as if I was slowing your progress, but when something like this happens for me, you act like a five year old. And instead of being proud of your woman, you go try upgrade to a clothes stealing ditz. Need I go further?” Nadhira yelled.

“You know, I see you wanna try to put everything on me. I was the bad guy. But you never see all those nights when you stayed here working late, trying to do the very thing you’re accusing me of. You stopped noticing me. You stopped caring about me. You used to rub my shoulders and give me massages just because. You and I used to have soo much fun in the beginning. You used to be sooo spontaneous. It’s not all my fuckin’ fault you bitch.”

Evan turned from her and headed for the door to her office. Nadhira felt tears welling up inside her, and her frustration with their entire situation just bubbled over. She took up the picture frame from her desk and tossed it at him, hitting him on his right shoulder.

“You are such an asshole.” she screamed.

“You wanna know how much of an asshole I am. I fucked Terah in our bed while we were still together.”

He smirked at her then turned away, slamming her door on the way out. Natalie ran into the office almost immediately after his departure and saw her boss lady standing there with tears pouring out of her eyes. She could only hear snippets of the once civilized sounding conversation, but she had a pretty good idea of what was said in the words she did not hear directly. Natalie walked over to her without thinking and just hugged her. Nadhira hugged back tightly, not knowing what else to do or say. They both stared at the floor, looking at what had to be the mirage of the symbolic dead carcass of any type of amicable relationship she and Evan could have ever possibly shared.

She was about to call Dillon and tell him that she was ready, then realized that she had driven to work that day. She sat in her jeep for about 5 minutes, without being able to move. Evan’s words were ringing in her ears.

“You never see all those night when you stayed here working late trying to do the very thing you accusing me of. You stopped noticing me. You stopped caring about me. You used to rub my shoulders and give me massages just because. You and I used to have soo much fun in the beginning. You used to be sooo spontaneous. It’s not all my fuckin’ fault you bitch.”

She started her vehicle and drove home. She needed a shower. Nadhira laid on her bed naked, feeling fresh and clean, mowing over some of the things that Evan had said to her, and the more she thought about them the angrier she got. What seemed to keep killing her over and over again, was the part about him fucking Terah in the same bed they used to sleep in, while they were still together. She had gotten over the whole him cheating on her thing, but the thought that he had had sex with her in the bed she was still sleeping in, made her sick to her stomach. She needed to get out of her house. The walls began to close in.

Nadhira grabbed a pair of cut off shorts and a black t-shirt, jumped in her ride and headed for Dillon’s place.

She pulled up in front of his house and beeped the horn, alerting him that someone was outside. When he looked out, he was surprised that it was her, because normally, she would pull into the driveway or garage and just come right in to the house. Dillon came outside in a pair of tattered jeans, no shoes and no shirt. For a few seconds she forgot about being angry and frustrated. The man was just so damn fine.

“What are you doing out here? Come in.”

“Nah, can we just go somewhere? Anywhere.”

“Sure. Are you ok?”

“Yeah.” she lied.

He knew she was lying, but he didn’t want to press her for answers yet.

“Lemme go get a shirt and some shoes.”

He was back in less than a minute. After driving around aimlessly for a while he asked,

“You know where we going?”

She had no clue. She just intended on driving. Neither of them were dressed to go anywhere.

“We gotta go to the gas station before anything else.” she said when she noticed her gauge.

They pulled into Percival’s Gas station right up to a pump, but it seemed as if there was only one attendant and three other cars were there before them, so she shut off the engine and they waited.

“You wanna drink?” she asked.


She jumped out of the jeep and went to get two drinks. He stared at her going inside the mini gas station supermarket, marveling at the way her ass looked in her shorts. He also noticed a passenger in one of the other cars staring at her as well. He smiled to himself thinking, “you can look all you want buddy, but she’s mine.”

Dillon turned up the stereo a little, while he waited for ‘Dhira to return and the attendant to come put in the gas.

He was continuously impressed by the bass in her jeep. His mood instantly took a nose dive, when he saw a black BMW pull up beside the pump next to them. He immediately saw Evan’s smug face, along with who he assumed was the girl that Nadhira had told him about.

“Oh Shit.” He whispered to himself.

Dillon could only imagine the expression on Nadhira’s face when she came back outside. He hoped that Evan would get served petrol before them, so that they could leave before she returned with the drinks. From what he could see inside the mini-mart, there was only one other person in front of her in the line, so he knew that they would definitely see one another. All Dillon could do was shake his head.

Nadhira came back out with a small plastic bag and her emotionless face turned to a frown as she headed back to her vehicle, when she saw Evan and Terah.  She could not disguise her disgust. From what she could see, they both seemed to be formally dressed up, as if they were going out to dinner or some fancy function. She tried not to look directly at them, as it would make them feel important. As she got back into the driver’s seat, she looked at Dillon and gave him a sad smile. He knew certain things still kind of bothered her and he had a feeling that Evan had said something to her at work earlier that day. He reached over and touched her face and she smiled at him, just feeling thankful to have him in her life. The attendant finally came over to fill up her tank and she was happy to get it over with and get him out of her eyesight.

“What did you get? I thought you were just gonna get two drinks?”

“I did get two drinks, but I also got sustenance.” she replied with a smile.

When he looked in the bag, there was box of Pinehill Bajan Cherry juice, the vitamalt he’d requested, a munch, a kit kat, a bottle of water and a large bag of cheese curls.

“Woman, I like the way you think.” He said.

They left everything in the plastic bag and she reached behind to put it on the back seat. As she looked back up, there were Evan and Terah kissing and feeling each other up, like horny, exhibitionist, teenagers. She was disgusted.

“Oh my God.” she whispered.


She gestured him to look in the direction of the BMW. Dillon laughed out loud at the pathetic spectacle.

“You know that’s for you right?” he asked.

She just shook her head and said,

“Gimme a napkin.”

He reached into the glove box and pulled put a napkin and while doing so, she got a flash of the shiny key. A mischievous thought flew into her  mind and a mysterious smile appeared across her lips.

“Why you smilin’. Dillon asked.

“You’ll see.” she replied.

After her tank was full and she paid, she drove out of the gas station knowing exactly where she was going. Nadhira turned up her stereo.

“Damn girl, I can’t believe you have this song.” He said impressed yet again by her eclectic musical taste.

He could tell her mood was better, but what changed, he didn’t know. After about fifteen minutes of driving, Nadhira drove into a nice residential area. She went around to the back of a nice house then shut off her engine. There were no houses at the back, just undeveloped land.

“It’s nice over here. Where are we?” he asked.

“Let’s go get my shit.”

Nadhira reached for the key in her glove box grinned from ear to ear……..

Stay tuned for The Key…Part 8

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4 Responses to The Key…… Part 7

  1. Floree says:

    once again i was just getting comfortable when..the story ends!! This is like my suspense fix! I love the evolution of this story and i can’t wait for part 8….no i did not stutter!!!

    ps check the youtube links they are just picture stills.

  2. Tam Brann says:

    ok, wey de ress? keep me hanging why don’t yah…

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