The Key…. Part 4


A black, pencil, knee length, skirt, with a zebra stripe and a fitted short sleeve black cardigan with a thin coloured trim around the sleeve. Nadhira was just thankful at that moment, that she didn’t leave any shoes behind. She began to breathe deeply to try to calm herself, but it wasn’t working. Not even a little bit. Her mind was telling her to stay calm, to remember where she was, but her body seemed to be moving involuntarily.

It should have taken about 15 steps to get to where they were standing, but Nadhira took about 5 stallion strides before she was right up on them. She said nothing to any of them, even when Glen Taft greeted her.  The next thing she knew, Terah was screaming at the hot tea running down her chest. Nadhira threw the ceramic at Evan hoping it would split his face open, while she grabbed Terah in the throat and backed her up the hall, away from where they all originally stood.

“Why would you wear my clothes you silly twat?!  Why?! She said that at the top of her lungs.

The folks who had been busy about the office doing their jobs, all stopped and looked in horror at the spectacle. Terah was screaming for Evan to come to her rescue, but what she did not know, was that Evan backed away from all fights. He was not going to let anyone hit him in the face and ruin it. He avoided confrontation at all cost. Evan knew for a fact that Nadhira would fuck him up, because he knew how vile she could be and how physically strong she was and of course he had his image and reputation to think of. He watched in horror as the woman he loved, woman handle the woman he was going to marry. He was completely stupified. He could hear the brawl music in his head as he watched Nadhira, with all of his muscles clenched.

Glen Taft stood there with a semi-hard on, at the sight of the two women engaged in their kerfluffle. What was it about two women going at it that intrigued men so? Even the ones who were supposed to be intellectual and above it all. Nadhira finally had Terah backed up into a wall and she held one hand in her neck and began ripping at the buttons of her once favourite sweater.

“You have got to be the craziest bitch I know. Why would you put my clothes on? Does this seem sane to you?”

Terah was unable to speak as she was being seriously choked. Her eyes danced wildly, trying to connect with Nadhira’s and plea for mercy. She barely put up a fight. Nadhira thought her lack of fight was pitiful and that she was indeed perfect for Evan ‘Don’t touch my face’ Walker.

“Nadhira…. Nadhira….Nadhira!!

“Huh?!” she replied startled by her assistant.

“Where were you just now?”

Nadhira shook her head, realizing that her attack on the clothes stealing bitch was all in her head. She was still standing there in shock at the thought of another woman doing something so unbelievably questionable. Especially a woman with money and access to probably more than she had. She shook her head in disbelief.

“Dhira, ana ya skirt dat da gyal hab on?”  Natalie her assistant asked.

Natalie could barely contain her laughter.

“Wait dey, ah you blouse dat too?”

Natalie was normally very proper, but during juicy gossip, the Antiguan dialect would fly out uncontrollably.

Natalie began laughing soo hard she felt out of breath. Nadhira felt the corners of her lips curve upwards at the absurdity of the entire situation before her. Before she knew it, she was laughing too.

“Evan got himself a real fine psycho there. Didn’t she think somebody would realize? It doesn’t even fit her right. She has absolutely no ass or hips.” Natalie said.

Nadhira and Natalie never had those types of conversations. They had a great working relationship, and Natalie respected her and loved her style. They usually kept it professional, but because Nadhira had no hard edges and was so easy to talk to, they did have moments where they’d both let their guards down and have a good laugh. Now was one of those moments.

Mr. Taft, Evan and Terah could hear Natalie laughing her ass off in the distance and turned around to see what was cause for the hysterics. Nadhira grabbed Natalie’s hand and lead her back into the lunch room. When they got back into the room, she set her tea down and just began to laugh uncontrollably. She laughed so hard tears came out of her eyes. It was at least 5 minutes before she regained her composure. By the time she and Natalie resurfaced, the hallway was clear, and they both headed back to Natalie’s cubicle just outside Nadhira’s office.

“Do you think he realized what she was wearing?” Natalie asked.

“I would really love to say no, but he had to. He knows that I design some of my own clothes and have them custom made, and he was really familiar with that skirt, because he used to compliment me on the the way the stripe swirled across my behind. I don’t know why he would let her do this, because it just makes them both look so stupid. Most people on this floor will recognize that skirt, even if they don’t remember the sweater so much.”  Nadhira replied.

“Well, before the end of the day, I’ll tell you what I heard about little miss swagger jacker. I’m sure it will be good.”  Natalie said snickering.

“Honestly Natalie, I don’t wanna know anything about that headcase. But thank you. I needed to laugh today, and boy did I laugh.”

Nadhira went into her office and closed her door. She sat behind her desk with a very slight smile, swiveling her chair, thinking about Terah walking around wearing one of her personal designs, completely clueless that what she had intended, which was probably to get a serious rise out of her, had completely back fired. Everyone knew she was a fraud now and it was all due to her own confirmation.  Nadhira knew she had a few other articles of clothing at Evan’s and she wanted them. She didn’t need to see Terah in another one of her pieces to realize that she had to get them all back. They weren’t just clothes to her. It was one of her secret passions. Designing them and seeing them come life gave her just as much of a thrill as seeing one of her buildings built. Nadhira decided to stay put in her office for the rest of the day. She ordered a pizza late in the afternoon for her and Natalie, sat at her desk and ate.

They both left late that evening around 6:30pm and by then, most of the people had left. When they got to the parking lot, she saw Evan driving off alone, which was strange, because he always left with Terah, regardless of the time. Natalie then informed her, that the talk got back to Terah about the one of a kind nature of the skirt that she was wearing, that looked exactly like the one that belonged to Nadhira and she had felt so embarrassed, that she left early. They both shook their heads and had one final chuckle, then went to their vehicles.

Nadhira was not in the mood to cook anything, so she called and ordered some chinese food just before she left her office. She headed directly to the New Thriving Chinese restaurnat on Airport Road to pick up her dinner. As she pulled up in the parking lot, she realized that she still had another 10 minutes before her food was going to be ready, so she leaned her seat back and closed her eyes. She reclined comfortably for a few minutes, but was startled by a tapping on her glass. She was pleasantly surprised to see the beautiful face of the guy who nearly got them both killed.

She didn’t want to seem happy to see him, so she tried to remain steely and indifferent, but inside she was thrilled and her heart was racing….

Somehow, the song playing on her stereo seemed more than appropriate. 😀

Part 5 soon come… 😀

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I am a woman trying to balance motherhood and womanhood, while pursuing her dreams. Hopefully I get to keep at least foot on the ground during the process.
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One Response to The Key…. Part 4

  1. Tam Brann says:

    Tameka I just want you to know that you have the characterization down with that Evan guy. What a woos…There are times in this particular excerpt where Nadhira is too polite. For me ….the question should be, “What the fuck are you doing in my clothes you skanky bitch?” I can’t wait for the rest cause someone needs to come and show that Evan how to be a man and make Nadhira forget about Terah and Evan altogether. Sweet…

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