Afro-Funky Pop-Up Boutique

I doubt that the organizers of this event, (Toya Turner & Amina Doherty) expected their Pop-Up Boutique to be such a huge success, but it was. So  much so, it was overwhelming.

It was held at ‘The Little Starfish’ on the 22nd of December and as far as I know, it was the first of its kind. At first when I heard of Pop-Up Boutique, I was like

“What the hell is that? Is  it like pop-up video on Vh-1 ?”   😀

Well, the whole idea of Pop-Up, is to bring something completely different to the norm. In this case, what was being brought to the table, was different fashion. Now, “The Little Starfish” is the home of the Birkenstock franchise in Antigua and the owner, Miss.Turner, has her own line of tunics, (TEA Tunics) which she designs herself.

As I have been a ‘broke bitch’ for a while, I only owned one.

My first TEA Tunic

I thought it was the most beautiful one of the first batch that was created, but there were a lot of amazing pieces. At Pop-Up, due to the sale, I was able to buy another one.

I stole this picture from Toya

Now, at the event that was held on the 22nd of December, Miss. Doherty Popped-Up  with some chic African Designs and they were purchasable (is that a word?) at ‘The Little Starfish’. To see some more of what was available please check out..

When I arrived at The Little Starfish, there was a shitload of women and I was like

“WTF….who all dese people?!”..

There went the peaceful, zen like shopping experience I had imagined. I mean I was expecting yoga music , soft muted tones of speech, candles and wine. Nope! Bitches were there and they were ready to SHOP! lol . The clothes Miss. Doherty brought in were fantastic and I was able to get 3 African pieces and the TEA tunic I showed above. They were basically my Christmas gift to myself. I was really, really pleased with my purchases and I am looking forward to more Pop-Up events, with either more of Miss. Doherty’s selections or other designers.

Today marked an official end to all of the holidays for a while, so to cheer myself up, I wore one of the pieces I bought. It was a hit, especially with my kids. My daughter told me I looked like a, but I took that shit as a compliment. 😀

Beautiful Skirt I picked up at Pop-Up Boutique

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I am a woman trying to balance motherhood and womanhood, while pursuing her dreams. Hopefully I get to keep at least foot on the ground during the process.
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One Response to Afro-Funky Pop-Up Boutique

  1. Denese says:

    I really love those tops especially the yellow one.

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