Don’t Ignore the signs…. So hot E cyarn kool you

This is my attempt at a metaphor. Probably a shoddy one too. 😀

The day before Christmas eve, my husband picked me up from work to go to the bank and run some errands. He was also meeting his boss in town to collect something as well. As he had the kids with him, we figured we would take them around to do a little shopping and get it out of the way, because I didn’t know if we were gonna be up to the whole ‘walking around in town, with an enormous amount of people’ thing on Christmas eve.

I was not looking forward to going to the bank, because I imagined that the line would have been ridiculous and I was not incorrect with my speculation. I sucked it up however, because I was going on the assumption that we wouldn’t have gotten paid until after Christmas. The accountants at work had been saying that we shouldn’t expect to get paid until the normal time, as per management instructions, but they  decided last minute to give us our checks early. I was happy that I was going to have my own money and not have to beg my husband for money until the 28th.

On the way down to the bank, we noticed that the A/C was just not cooling, which sucked , because it was a really hot day. Any how, we decided to roll  the windows down and not stress about the A/C yet. I got dropped off at the bank and he went with the kids to do what he had to do. Though the line was long, it did move fairly quickly, so it wasn’t too terrible. Just before it was my turn to go up to the teller my cell rang. It was my husband.

Husband: Yoooo…

Me: Sup?

Husband: Yoooooo, Gyal you know the jeep a overheat.

Me: Say What!

Husband: Yeah. Me pull over ya by Digicel pan Redcliffe Street. Me go haffu buy some coolant. But , Arwe go haffu check the Radiator place in a Pigotts. You soon done?

Me: Yeah. I’m going up to the teller next.

Husband: k Meet me by Digicel.

Me: (Exasperated Sigh) Yeah. Cool.

Hangs Up.

I go up to the teller to change my check and she looks at me all smugly and says “we can’t change this”. I was like What!..

Those evil mother F*^kers post dated my check ’til the 28th. I swear I wanted to  the teller, and the person  who wrote my check, square in the face. WTF was the point in calling last minute, then telling the accountants to tell us that they were going to send our checks early, if we weren’t going to be able to cash them until the day we originally thought we would get them in the first place? To top it off, I just stood in a friggin’ bank for 45 minutes, for  NAFT. (Not A F^*kin’ Thing).

I left the bank feeling very, very pissed off to go meet my family and our newly stalled vehicle. My husband walked to the closest gas station to get some coolant  and I stayed with the kids by our un- movable vehicle. The kids were having a ball. They thought that  everything that was happening was soo much fun. I had to laugh and try to find the humour in it as well.

When my husband came back with the coolant, he poured it in, then finally met up with his boss, just on the corner before Country Pond. Pouring the coolant in only work for like five minutes, because we started over heating again, so his boss tied us to the back of his pick-up and pulled us to the radiator place in Pigotts.

We were scared about the prospects of it not being something fixable immediately, or the cost to fix it being exorbitant, but fortunately we were told all would be well after they worked their radiator magic.  I felt relieved.

As usual, the kids found the Joy in the whole ordeal, because just as we were pulled in to the radiator place, my son started calling out the name of one of his little school friends, who he noticed was sitting on one of the benches in the yard. Turns out the awesome radiator guy, who had done some good work for us before, is my son’s little school friend’s father. We just never met up at the school as our drop off and pick up times vary. Who knew?!

Family Chillin' @ EZ Kool Radiator Services

Finding the joy in a busted radiator.

The whole ordeal at the bank that had me so pissed, was at the back of my mind and truth be told in a weird way, it was a blessing to not have gotten paid until AFTER Christmas, because I can’t imagine how broke we’d be right now, counting down the days ’til the 15th of January, had I gotten paid before.

So how does this little story become a metaphor? Ehhh I dunno.  😀

It could stand to represent that sometimes you are exactly where you are supposed to be for a reason. I mean, my husband was telling me that we would have been totally screwed had I not gone to the bank.  He said if I didn’t go to the bank, he would have put off running the errands until another time and we would’ve been somewhere out of town when the radiator decided to kablowie. Meaning, he wouldn’t have been in walking distance to go buy more coolant  and we wouldn’t have gotten our vehicle pulled by his boss, who always has rope in the back of his pick-up. So ultimately, me getting my check early had nothing to do with getting paid early to get money, but to position my family for the best possible opportunity to get help in our time of need.

Also, it could stand for not getting what you want because it’s not what you need. I wanted my salary, but if I’d gotten it early, maybe I would have gone overboard with the gift buying for the kids, thus coming up short on a few bills that needed to be taken care of.  I suppose the people who I wanted to face punch, did me a huge favour by post dating my  check.

It could also be a great metaphor for not ignoring the signs that something is wrong. When our A/C was acting up and not blowing cool, we should have known something was wrong, but we chose to ignore it, because we were going about our business. Our A/C never gave a problem before, so it should have given us cause for concern when it stopped working all of a sudden. It not blowing cool, was actually a symptom of the radiator going bad, but the radiator had to actually go bad  for us to notice.

My radiator story has many lessons in it, and just like life, we can take out of it what we want or need.

Like my islandstyle sistren would say,



About bak2moi

I am a woman trying to balance motherhood and womanhood, while pursuing her dreams. Hopefully I get to keep at least foot on the ground during the process.
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2 Responses to Don’t Ignore the signs…. So hot E cyarn kool you

  1. DJ says:

    A nice story about a blessing in disguise…I guess… but truth be told, what your bosses did was messed up (imo).

  2. bak2moi says:

    What annoyed me, was that I was not expecting to get paid. What they did, was set me up to be disappointed. But so E go. I have no idea what they were thinking!

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