Rendezvous,Chicken Crack Sandwich & Shoes…

Yesterday started off like any typical day in my world. My husband and I woke up, got ourselves ready for work and the kids ready for school. We try to do this with as much finesse and ease and as little bickering, fighting and awkward tension as possible. We fail miserably most mornings in regards to the bickering, fighting an awkward tension, but we do always manage to get everyone out of the house within reasonable time, looking good, smelling clean and bloodless. I do believe yesterday morning I told my husband to go eff himself, because he kept coming to the bathroom door and staring at me while I was getting ready, to tell me to hurry up. Needless to say, his ass wasn’t even ready yet. It also kills me, that he will sit his behind on the toilet for 10 friggin’ hours every single morning and I am expected to not say anything, because it’s ‘his time’. If I didn’t love my shoes so much, I swear to God I would’ve pelted one into his head. I however did not want to risk scuffing my shoes on his hard ass head, but I digress. 😀

Now I said all of that to say this. Sometimes our mornings start off kinda shitty. Even if we wake up on the right side of the bed, the routine of the morning can throw you off the good ship lollipop. By the time you drop your kids off and try to get to work on time, you are just about ready to snap necks and chop heads. After I drop the kids off, I will pop in some kind of music to jam to on the way to work, to clean up the funky mood that I usually acquire between 5:45 am and 7:45am. These are my critical, don’t F*^k with me, or I’ll gut you hours.  Just thinking about it now takes me back to fond memories of me and a friend I used to ride to work with. We would listen to this Busta Rhymes song and ‘JAM HARD AS A MUTHA’, to the point where the passengers in other cars that would pull up next to us, would give us the WTF is wrong with these bitches looks. We didn’t care, cause we were jammin’. lol  I’ll include the song below and dare anyone to listen to that song and not completely spazz out, hitting the replay button regardless of who’s watching.

It’s kind of vulgar, but damn! Toya and I  both needed to get amped up to work where we used to work.  😀  Just listening to it now, makes me wonder why we were so angry back then. LOL… It’s the kind of song you can dance to and simultaneously beat the crap out of somebody with a 2 X 4 to.

I am a lot mellower now, so even though I still listen to rap, it’s the more sensitive shit by artists like Drake, or maybe some old school Outkast, so I am not so angry when I get to work. 😀 I may actually go and look for the clean version of this song, and put it on my memory stick, so that tomorrow my kids and I can spazz out to it while I am taking them to school.  😀

To be clear, I do like where I work. Sometimes I even love it. I work with a really small group of cool people and I know alot of people can’t say the same, so I am thankful. The work itself is stressful, but the environment is fantastic , so I usually get through my work day tired, but not in the mood to kill anyone. The only thing I DON’T like about my job, is that I really don’t get to leave for lunch. If I leave the office, it’s on some kind of bank run or office errand. Never anything relaxing. I always grab lunch from my favourite lunch lady across the street, sit at my desk and eat and hope no one comes in wanting anything until I’m done. Yesterday was different. My woman/best friend/ sister/ side kick for life, Nema, called me and told me she was gonna take me to lunch. The fort was going to be manned, I was given the ok that things would not fall apart if I left, so I left things in their capable hands, threw caution to the wind, and went on what seemed like a rendezvous.  lol It was sooo romantical. She called me and said meet me out front. I went and checked to see if I was looking cute in the bathroom, then headed out to the entrance gate of the building. She pulled up in her red sports car looking very cute herself, and off we zoomed. lol. Yesterday my life was forever changed.

Now Nema is a fellow blogger, and a few posts back on her Momtuition Blog, she posted about some kinda KY Jelly Crack Burger. lol I was like WTH is that? See link to said blog post by Salma aka (Nema)

Apparently, it was the best burger she’d ever had in her entire life and it was so good it was practically orgasmic. Now as intrigued as I was, I don’t eat beef, or pork, or none a that stuff, so I was like ok, I guess I’ll watch her stuff her face in ecstasy while I drink some juice. To my surprise, their menu was not just for pork eaters, but for people like me who only eat chicken and fish and vegetarians. I was impressed from the get go. It’s just this really casual place, that plays cool old school music, (think Otis Redding) awesome service, and no lie, really amazing food. If I said I had the best chicken burger I ever had in my life, I would not be exaggerating. I see why the word crack was put in her blog when she described the burger, because as I am typing this right now, I am slightly drooling and thinking about one, wanting to caress it and run it across my lips and …..anyhow… moving along.  It sang a love song to me. I would not be surprised if they did sprinkle a little crack on it. LOL 😀 If Salma was a guy, it wouldda been a hot date.

The place is called Burger Blast and it’s easy to find. It’s right next to Automotive Art on Old Parham Road. Tell them Salma and I sent you. Not that they know who the f*^k we are, but tell them anyway. You might get a discount. I took a couple of pictures to document my life changing, chicken burger, love fest, expedition. lolol My pictures are usually pretty stellar, but my camera is acting like a damn fool right now, so I may need a new one.

My Chicken Burger Below, singing to me

Other pics of our love fest.

When I was done, I wanted to unbutton my pants, rub my belly and burp like one of those girls who think they’re ‘so cute’, that they can burp gas as loud as they want and everyone will think that they’re so  cute for acting so normal, by belching in such a vulgar manner in spite of their cuteness. (Think Tyra Banks, look at me, I’m so beautiful, but  I can belch like a dutty vagrant, like you regular ugly people). One of those belches. I’m telling you that chicken burger made me feel like I needed to confess something to my husband when I came home from work. lol 😀

Now being the intelligent and diligent employee I am, I carried some paperwork with me to take to a customer. Nema took me and I dropped it off for them and picked up a check for my office. While I was in town, I remembered I was supposed to get a pair of shoes, to compliment a really nice dress I am having made for a special occasion on Saturday Night. Will post info on that special night after it occurs. (Get your mind out of the gutter)  😀

Now on a quick trip to town 2 weeks ago, I did some window shopping, so I knew the exact shoe I wanted to get and where I needed to go to get it. Initially when I saw it, it called out to me and sang me a love song. It was gorgeous. I wanted it, I needed it, I had to have it.

Now the sign that you are  an amazing songwriter, is  when a song not only stands the test of time, but can be incorporated into many of your life’s situations. For example, my shoe sang it to me, my chicken crack sandwich sang it to me,  and it was the perfectly themed soundtrack back drop to my hot girl date. I definitely needed to say hello to a day like today. It’s been a while since I’ve had one. Lionel Richie, you are indeed the shiznit.   I thank you. The only thing that could’ve made today better, would have been if Lionel himself had teleported in front of me and sang it to me directly.

In the words of Ice Cube: “It was a good day.”


About bak2moi

I am a woman trying to balance motherhood and womanhood, while pursuing her dreams. Hopefully I get to keep at least foot on the ground during the process.
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3 Responses to Rendezvous,Chicken Crack Sandwich & Shoes…

  1. TOYA says:

    Without fail, your posts make me smile. (scuffing shoes on his hard head) LMAO
    Those shoes are vewy vewy pwetty!
    And I didn’t realize that the burger place was the same one I went to the night of “white fete”. I blogged about their KILL ME DEAD “guinness milkshake”. I swear to you- the best thing I ever drank- and I dislike guinness.
    That song brings back memories…. and makes me think I need a new soundtrack to my mornings heading to work.

    • bak2moi says:

      This place is the friggin BOMB!!. I don’t know what they’re doing in the kitchen, but I am a changed woman. I am gonna stick with them sprinkling crack on the food and in the drinks. lol I think I had a sex fantasy about the chicken burger last night. LOL…The guy serving us, told us that they are working on some exotic burgers with fruits and all kinds of goodies. We were like Damn!! lol Think Ice Cube Chris Tucker sayin’ Damn like in ‘Friday’. All I know is my favourite lunch lady gon’ get one hard knuckle in she side teeth. lol 😀
      Just listening to Break Ya Neck takes me waaaaaayyyy back. I am so adding the clean version of it to my morning routine. I’m gonna try that guinness milkshake of which you speak… TODAY!…

  2. momtuition says:

    Salivating… We need help 🙂

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