The Key….Part 2

She  was beyond pissed. It was probably the most worked up she’d gotten about the break-up. Nadhira felt defeated. She wanted to remain even keeled about the whole ordeal, keeping her evil thoughts to herself, but she suspected their little altercation a few moments prior in her office, not only changed the game, but upped the ante. She heard a bugs bunny voice go….

Nadhira began pacing back and forth in her office. She looked at the plans for the new school she was working on that were on her desk and decided to call it a day, because if she tried to continue, she would completely  fuck them up. Her chest began to get tight and her pulse and heart rate were racing as if she had been working out. It was a familiar feeling, though she hadn’t experienced it in months. She started taking deep precise breaths, trying to calm herself down and talk herself out of thinking she was having a heart attack. He succeeded. Transference of negative emotions. That son-of-a-bitch was successfully able to put his bullshit on her plate. She shook her head, mad at herself for not just telling him to get out of her office.

Nadhira undid three buttons for her shirt, pulled it down around her waist and took off her bra, expecting some relief from the tightness in her chest. The deep breaths barely worked and she knew she needed fresh air. She threw her bra on the desk, quickly pulled her shirt back up before anyone entered her office and then sat on the sofa by the window to try to gather herself. It was reminiscent of how she had been feeling the last few months of their relationship. Nadhira would wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat, whether she was at home in her own bed, or at his place. She would have to run to the bathroom and splash cold water on her face, get a drink of water and try to calm herself down for at least a half hour before she could go back to bed. She had seen 3 different doctors about it, expecting at least one of them to tell her she was having some kind of heart problem, but they all confirmed what each other said. Anxiety attacks, with prompt prescriptions for ‘calm down crazy people pills’ as she would call them. She never filled any and had all three prescriptions in her bag to prove it. She never told Evan about it and if he noticed, he’d never said anything to her, which was fine by her, as talking about it was the last thing she wanted to do.

Nadhira was done for the day. She needed fresh air and staying in the office was not an option, as she desperately feared having an attack in front of anyone. She grabbed her bag, stuffed her bra down inside it, picked up Evan’s key, then shut  down her computer .   Everything was left exactly as it was. Nothing was more important than her health. On her way out, she told her assistant that she was calling it a day, then went to Mason Craig’s office, who was one of the senior partners,  to let him know she was leaving, as she had some personal business to take care of.

“Are you ok?” He asked genuinely concerned.

Nadhira was not one to call in sick, come in late, leave early or miss any deadline, so he was more than a little shocked.

“I’m good. Something just came up. I may come back in later this evening though, if I can’t get any work done at home.” She replied.

Mason stared at her, trying to keep his thoughts professional. It had always been difficult for him, as most times when they were having a conversation, he envisioned her coming to his office, clearing the clutter off his desk in one dramatic sweep and bending her over it. He shook his head to shake the steamy thoughts away, but his eyes could not focus on anything but her chest. She did not re-fasten all of the buttons, the most critical button of all, and all Mason could see was the flesh of her breasts, that looked kind of glowing and sweaty.

“Go. Just go. You don’t need to come back until tomorrow. Clearly something is up and you need to handle it. Just lemme know if you need more time.” He said sweetly.

He meant it. He genuinely did like her. He thought she was a very smart woman and a real asset to the company, but she was also ‘hot as fuck’, so in the end, even though she had the smarts and was his intellectual equal, all he wanted to do was divide her across his desk. He was even thrilled when he heard the gossip about her and Evan being broken up. He always thought Evan was a bit of an uptight asshole, and that Nadhira could do much better with somebody like him. He could just never work up the nerve to tell her how he felt. There was also the little issue of his wife.

“Thanks Mason.” she said and left.

As she walked away, he watched her from her heels to the top of her head. He even wanted to lick the red bottoms of her shoes. Mason followed behind her until he got to the threshold of his office door, then gave her a final wave as the elevator door closed eliminating her from his sight, but not his mind.

When Nadhira got to her vehicle, she put her bag on the floor of the passenger side, put the key to Evan’s place in her glove box, then took the top off her jeep. She needed to suck in all the air that she could into her lungs. She never appreciated her car purchase more than at that moment.

Her tires screeched as she pulled out of  her parking spot. She had no idea where she was going, she was just going. A couple of minutes into the drive, she noticed that the tightness was gone and that she didn’t have to try to breathe. She grabbed a cd off of the holder on the sun visor and popped it in.  A smile promptly emerged on her lips when the music started to play. She hit re-wind and let the system do what it was meant to do.

Her set was sounding awesome. If her car seat was masculine, it would have been very happy at that moment, because as she was driving, she was twerking it. Without realizing it, she was taking the extremely long and scenic route to her house. This was when she loved driving most. Not too many cars on the road, just long stretches without obstruction, and very few assholes on the road to invoke road rage. She felt good. She never, ever just took off and shirked her responsibilities before, but this felt damn good. By the time she passed Jolly Harbour and Sugar Ridge, she felt completely relaxed.

Maybe having a good afternoon was really too much to ask after all, because all of a sudden …

“Oh shit!” she screamed.

This was gonna be bad……

Nadhira floored the brakes when she saw a silver motorcycle  shoot across to her side of the road. The tightness across her chest immediately came back and she held her breath. She closed her eyes, praying to God that whatever just happened, that the rider on the motorcycle would be alright. When she realized that her vehicle was at a complete stop, and that she was still alive, she opened her eyes. She never felt a bang, or heard the sound of things crashing together, so she concluded that there was no impact. When she saw the rider was still on the bike and intact, she was immediately relieved, then full of rage.  Suddenly she felt heavy drops of water sprinkling all over her and the interior of her jeep.

“What the fuck?!” she said out loud.

It wasn’t rain. She was fuming inside thinking ,

“Am I in such bad shape that I have my own personal rain clouds like in those cartoons. Can this be happening right now?”

Then she heard…

“Yo Yo Yo,..tun off the pipe, tun off the pipe, tun off the pipe!” yelled out in rapid succession, by the man on the motorcycle.

She looked to the right and saw two guys, scrambling with an extremely large, anaconda like looking hose. It looked like they had been washing down some trucks and they were both soaked head to toe. Eventually, the water bombs stopped hitting her and she jumped out her vehicle, ready to go batshit crazy on everybody. Nadhira stormed up to the helmeted rider no holds barred.

“What the fuck man?! Are you some kinda scunt? You min day a try fu kill yaself or kill me?” She yelled.

He was kind of stunned by the level of vulgarity she was spewing, because at first glance, she looked like a polished lady. She looked beautiful. He also only heard half of what she was saying, because his eyes were fixed on her breasts, that were completely visible through the newly wet fabric of her shirt. He couldn’t speak. He lifted off the helmet to stare at her without obstruction.

Nadhira swallowed her spit and the other curse words that were ready to come out of her mouth when she saw his face. The only thought that came to her head was,

“Oh ma panty crutch!”

She took a step back and stopped arguing. For the first time since she jumped out of her jeep in a rage, she heard everything else but her voice. A few people came on their galleries when they heard the screeching brakes, the commotion of the guys fighting with the hose, her bougie/Antiguan cussing and the loud music from her jeep. When they realized that there were no blood and guts, they quickly dispersed. All he could hear now was the music coming from her sound system and see was her standing there looking extremely fuckable. He should’ve been shaken up by almost getting pummelled by her very large vehicle, but all he wanted was to know her name. Who was this very expensive, bougie looking girl standing in front of him, with a wet shirt, perfect tits and still the good sense to listen to Vybez Kartel.

“What’s your name?” he asked.

“Huh?” she replied.

“What’s your name?” he asked again.

She promptly brought back up her guard.

“Why? So you can try to find me and finish off the job.”

He then realized that he never apologized for what happened. He had just gotten the bike and was testing it out and was really just learning its intricacies. He didn’t expect that it would bolt off the way it did. It would have been a very tragic accident had she waited one more second to hold her brakes and not ride up on the sidewalk.

He put on his best non dialect.

“I’m real sorry miss. I don’t know what I can do, I don’t know what else I can say.”

All she was thinking about was what he looked like naked. He leaned the bike up on its stand and dismounted. He was about 6′-3″ when completely erect. When he stood over her she felt moist, and not from the hose incident either. He extended his hand and took her palm to shake it, but he ended up just holding it. Neither of them could speak. She was supposed to be mad and raising all hell like satan, but he just out the angry fire inside her and lit another kind of fire. After a few seconds, she concluded that she was standing in the street holding a perfect stranger’s hand, so she yanked it away and folded her arms. It was only then she realized that he could see through her blouse.

Out of nowhere, a black MR pulled up next to them. The guy driving, stuck his head out the window and yelled.

“Yow Dillon, everything safe?”

Dillon looked at her and asked,

“Are you ok?”

Yes, no harm no foul. Thank God, we’re fine. I gotta go. Just make sure you learn to ride that damn thing where there are no cars around please.” Nadhira said shaking her head.

She turned to leave, but he grabbed her arm gently.

“You’re not gonna tell me your name?”

She hesitated for a few seconds, then told him. She gently pulled her hand away, then went back to the jeep. He got back on the bike a slowly rode it back to the right where the other guys were, so that she could move. As she drove off, shaken and stirred, she looked in her side mirror so that she could get a last glimpse of him.

“Fuck me!” she said to herself.

He may have been the most beautiful looking guy she’d ever seen.

As she drove her fancy, un-scratched, black jeep away from him, he noted the license plate number.

“Dillon who da gyal?” his friend asked.

“I dunno, but I will find out.” He said….

The Key Part 3 soon come…..A So E Sweet….


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I am a woman trying to balance motherhood and womanhood, while pursuing her dreams. Hopefully I get to keep at least foot on the ground during the process.
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  1. Tam Brann says:

    Can’t wait for part III.

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