Novacaine Sweet Novacaine….Part Deux..

…As I settled into the chair where the procedure was going to take place, I couldn’t shake the heavy, woe is me feeling. I was really scared. I heard the clanking of the metal pieces the dentist and his assistant were going to use, as they were put on the metal tray next to the chair. Then I saw the dreaded needle. Now, I am not afraid of needles any more. Many years ago I was absolutely terrified of them, but between my tattoos and my pre-natal care during both my pregnancies, I have gotten accustomed to being stuck with needles. There is something however, about a dentist’s needle that just gives you the heebie jeebies. I shuddered, they put the bib thing around my neck, a big, long, black plastic tarp looking thing that covered me almost to my ankles, I heard the slap of latex against his wrists and I braced myself for an

experience. I gripped the chair handle and squeezed my eyes shut when I saw him take up the needle. I then felt like what I swear was about 9 different needle stabs inside my jaw, all across the left side of my face. I felt the novacaine immediately begin to paralyze my face. Even my throat felt numb. Then it was on.

I kept my eyes shut, then I felt this pressure and tugging and I heard God awful crunching sounds. The sound of the suction thingy was overbearing, then added to it was the sound of a drill, then the sound and feel of cold water falling down my throat. It was like a symphony of agony, topped off by my reflex discomfort moans. It’s kinda funny how the moans from extreme discomfort and pain kind of sound like moans of pleasure. I was trying to figure out how to moan more painfully, so they wouldn’t think the experience was some kind of sick twisted turn on for me. The tugging and the drilling went on for hours. I remember saying

‘Oh My God!’

out loud after the top wisdom tooth was removed. Even though the area was numb, it still hurt. Then it was on to the more complicated one at the bottom. I thanked God, Jesus and the Holy spirit for the invention of novacaine repeatedly in my mind. I heard him speak dentist to his assistant. I had no clue what they were saying, but it didn’t sound good. I felt tears helplessly and effortlessly fall from my eyes. I briefly opened up my eyes for a few seconds, only to see latex gloves covered in my gum blood. A lot too. It was all down the front of my bib. I wished I hadn’t opened them. The dentist and his assistant spoke their dental language again, then I felt a gas mask go over my face. I didn’t go to sleep, but I felt less anxious with the mask over my face. I felt the rocking back and forth, I heard the crunching, I heard sighs of frustration, as that tooth had them booth sweating. It got a little intense for a few minutes, because the bottom wisdom tooth came out in pieces. It was not extracted in the same way as the top one, which had come out in one piece. Because of the possibility of the root being intertwined with a nerve,  and the curve of the root of the tooth, he had to be very delicate with how that part of the tooth was taken out. He thought he may have had to leave that final piece in, as he did not want to risk the potential of facial paralysis, but then he tried once more and was able to remove the piece, without touching the nerve.

I opened my eyes again. There was more blood. I also saw him with a little fish hook looking needle and thread, ready to stitch up my mouth. I got about 12 stitches. What an ordeal that was. By the time they were done, I was a drooling, bloody mess, a little less wiser, two teeth short, and a much lighter purse. That was not how I had expected my Monday to turn out.

All in all, the procedure was successful. I am still in pain, though it’s the pain of healing. I am doped up on pain killers and anti-biotics, to get me sanely through the next couple of days. Solid food is no longer my enemy, though I still have to avoid several things for at least another week. Thank God it’s Friday. I needed the weekend to come so badly, because throughout my ordeal, I was unable to take any time off work, so I had to suffer through the pain, with more dignity than I should have. Such is life I guess. I’m just glad I was able to make it through the extraction, without complication.

About bak2moi

I am a woman trying to balance motherhood and womanhood, while pursuing her dreams. Hopefully I get to keep at least foot on the ground during the process.
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2 Responses to Novacaine Sweet Novacaine….Part Deux..

  1. bania says:

    Hi, I was googling about wisdom teeth removal and found your posts. I’m scheduled to get 4 out in less than a month. Not looking forward to it. I have some q’s for you though- you said it hurt a lot while they were doing it. Why did it hurt even though everything was supposed to be numb? Did they not numb you up enough or was it a different pain? Also how long did it take for them to finish everything and how long did it take until you started feeling “normal” again. Sorry for all the questions, but looking forward to your reply. 😀 Thanks

    • bak2moi says:

      OMG,..I hope I didn’t scare the bejeezus out of you being all dramatic. 🙂 Truth be told everybody’s experience is going to be different, so don’t let the description of my procedure cause you too much concern. Firstly, my dentist is AWESOME… 🙂 and he did numb me up appropriately. The thing is, the numbness does not take away the sensation of the tugging and the pulling. I did not feel pain in the authentic sense, it was just a crazy indescribable discomfort. You do feel the sensation of the pulling and the gripping so prepare yourself for that, because your wisdom teeth are rooted deep. My situation was a bit more tedious, because my wisdom tooth at the bottom, had a hook like curve, which was unfortunately very close to a nerve, that could have caused some sort of facial paralysis, had it gotten damaged. I believe that information looming over my head, made the situation feel 10 times worse. My removal only took a really long time because of the hook curve in one of the teeth, but if you got straight roots, it shouldn’t take very long. Most of my pain and discomfort was after the numbness wore off, and I had gauze and cotton on the area that was stitched up, as I was told to try and avoid spitting for the first few hours. Believe it or not though, after 3 days, the discomfort was almost non-existent and I was off the baby food. 😀 What my dentist did do to save me excessive pain, was to only removed the 2 on one side. Getting all four at once may have been too much for me. I did want to get it all over with, but considering how my mouth felt initially after the numbness was gone, I was glad I didn’t take all four. Link me back, lemme know if you have to take a trip to the islands to see my fabulous dentist.:-D

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