“I wrote this poem when I was 21 years old, (cough*ter something years ago) :-D.  It describes perfectly how I felt about addiction then, and how I feel about it now.”

“Everything is made to be broken,

Every good is great…’til it goes bad,

Every high is so high and so sweet,

Then you trip and start to spiral down like a dying tornado.

Baby, you are my ghetto high.

I will come to see you by the alley,

And let you take me up against the garbage dump,

Next to the vagrant dying in a drunken stupor right there, yet, right here next to me, because,

He has no where else to go.

Obsessively yours,

Unfaithfully mine.

Your toxic love like a needle in my veins.

Come to me now, ’cause I’m feenin’.


This trip intensifies from one beautifully horrific spectrum of dark happy times,

Tasting of sweet sweat and bitter sex.

Put your beastly claws into kid gloves and touch me.

Woo me toyou likeyou always do,

That undeniable crave for you I cannot resist.

Mask Iris so that I cannot look into her and see the evident treachery.

My kavorkian cavort and sensual salsa in your deadly arms,

Your shoulder my pillow whilst you whisper sweet lies,

Welcome me to another world,

Your princely ballroom of deception and death,

A universe apart from my tight grip on control,

To loosely fitted rows of friendly strangers glamoured in white dazzle,..

With puffs of dreamy smoke screens.

I’m so scared and confused,

You are good for me, aren’t you?

Lie to me. Tell me what I want to hear,

Now watch my body stiffen, then fall into a spititual limp,

As I happily die in your arms.

When this trip is over, I’ll beg for another hit of you and your addictive love,

The love that continues to make me and break me,

Like I’m supposed to be.”


About bak2moi

I am a woman trying to balance motherhood and womanhood, while pursuing her dreams. Hopefully I get to keep at least foot on the ground during the process.
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