Plug Um Eeen…

This past carnival in Antigua has been one of the most interesting ones I can recall. There has been so much debate about music standard, quality and blah blah blah blah by every Tom, Dick and Harry, you would think everyone was a music critic. Now, I adore music. All types. There is no musical genre that I don’t listen to and love or appreciate. Like one of the greatest who ever did it said “One good thing about music, when it hits, you feel no pain.” Music is the great unifier, but it can also be the great divider. It can be the bookmark or soundtrack, to really important moments in our lives, it can rally millions, it can make you think, it can motivate you, it can depress you. Music is very, very powerful. Music combined with the right or wrong lyrics can stir up some of the most intense emotions in human beings that I have ever seen.

I always say I don’t listen to the radio. I like to control what I am listening to. For me, the radio goes on when the news starts, and comes off when the news ends. I’m the type of person, who if I hear the wrong song, it could frig up my equilibrium and mess up the flow of my entire day, so I always have my i-pod and my cds.

Most of the songs that came out this years for carnival went over my head, not because they weren’t good or anything like that, but because I just refused to listen to the radio. This year, my interest was  peaked though. I did resist the temptation to tune in on the fm dial, but I couldn’t resist the temptation to buy and youtube. No doubt, this year, there was a shitload of controversial songs, which is probably why I was soo interested.

So one day, my co-worker John and I were running some office errands and as usual we have some kinda bickering in the car. This bickering was about the radio being on too loud, and some DJ was just runnin’ his mouth over the song playing, which irritates me to no end. I was trying to turn down the radio and John was trying to turn it back up. We were like two 5 year olds, turning up and turning down the radio. Anyhow, I Won….. :-D. We then started acting like grown-ups again and were trying to figure out which stop to make first, yadda yadda yadda, when something on the radio caught my attention. I was like WTF!!

Tameka: John, way arwe a go fus? You sure you shouldda tun dung dis road?

John: Look woman, you go ‘low me fu drive. You never warn fu drive, so jus mek me ‘lone.

(I speak really good dialect)  😀

Tameka: Whatever.. *rolls eyes and choops*

John: A way you warn fu go fus, just mek up you mind farse, an….

(John gets cut off)

Tameka: John a wha dat di man just say?

John: Wha man?

Tameka: Da man pon da radio..

John starts laughing hysterically.

Tameka: Da man jus’ say ‘a wha di f*^k’  pon di radio?

John still laughing like a backside.

John: Tun up di radio and hear fu youself..

I proceeded to do so, and then I proceeded to laugh my ass off. Say what you want about that song, but it is witty as hell. I am beyond surprised it got played on the radio at all, due to its dubious content, but it was stuck in my head for days. I actually really liked it. The fact that he wanted to say ‘a wha di f*^k’, but was able to disguise it as ‘a whey di fork?” in a really funny story, was just awesome to me. John then asks me ..

You hear di Kentucky song yet?

Tameka: Da wha song?

John: Gyal a Antigua you lib?

Tameka: Ent me tell you me no lissen to di radio..

John: You need fu hear dat song day. Me go set you up..

Tameka: If a go be chupitness, me na warn hear.

John: You go lissen. Me go get da song fu you.

Tameka: Aight.

It was no sweat off my back. What was the worse that could happen? If he got me the cd and I didn’t like it, it would make a nice coaster, or a swingy, hangy thing from the rear view mirror in my car.  😀

I did not get around to listening to the Kentucky song during the carnival festivities. Not deliberately, I just wasn’t listening to the radio, but I certainly kept hearing about it. John did not get me the cd yet, youtube was blocked at work and by the time I got home in the evenings after work, after I did all the things I had to do, I wasn’t youtubing shit.

I officially heard the song for the first time, the night of the soca monarch competition, but I still did not really hear it, because I was so caught up in the guy’s performance. I had woken up at 3 that morning and put on ABS, just in time to see the big chicken come on stage and ting and ting and ting. This guy rocked the friggin’ stage. He had the people going mad. After he performed I went back to bed thinking, I guess the Kentucky song gon’ win. I didn’t really believe that, but from what I saw, he looked like he was a strong contender.

A few hours later, I log on to facebook and the madness had begun. The debate between the haters and the congratulators. lolol. I never get soo much joke yet. To be honest. I do not particularly like the song, however, you cannot say that the guy did not perform the hell out of the song. For me it wasn’t that serious. If I don’t like something, I don’t like it. No need to bash it or the performer. I actually was really proud of the guy and have a feeling he will do really well in Trinidad, when it comes time for the international competition. I hope he does. I must admit the song has ‘grown’ on me and it was sealed when my two year old son, who can’t even say Kentucky properly, came home from his Nana’s house singing it, squacking and dancing. It was the funniest thing I’d ever seen. Carnival come and gone, but the song still has everyone’s tongue wagging, but my stubborn ass still refuses to turn on the radio.

Now this morning when I got into work John was like, “Tameka, I have something for you.” It was the cd. Peep the awesomeness below.


This is not the type of music I usually start my day off with, but what the hell. Can I tell you, from the first song to the last, I was entertained. I had tears coming out my eyes from laughter, from the sheer ludicrous things that these guys sang about. They are soo funny and entertaining, and witty, that I wished I wasn’t such a hard-ass and made the effort to listen before. Kentucky is everyone’s favourite, but there are some real gems on this disc. 

Movie: “Push my movie, inna she dvd…..action action, no comedy no comedy.”

Yo, I was on the floor. I had to remember I was at work, and the guy could really sing.  That song got an A from me. No Lie.

Teabag: I listened to this song with my mouth partially open. lolol  I was like Is he really singing about teabagging. Now, in their ridiculously perverted but witty minds, they managed to put a song together that made sense about a tea bag. If you do not know what teabagging is, you may miss the true message. I give them shit loads of points for just being smart lyricists. If you know what teabagging is, then you too will listen with you mouth partially open, after you’ve picked yourself up off of the floor from laughing…

“A lif up di string an a drop een di ting,. teabag, teabaggin..”


That song got an A from me also. (Don’t judge me) 😀

Candyman: Just another great delivery. Of course my favourite line in the song.. “What would you do for a Klondike bar? She say wink up on it, wink up on it, wink up on it…”

Another A (again, don’t judge me) 🙂

Now my absolute favourite is

Plug um Een: It has a really nice zoukish melody, catchy chorus, and he was singing about being an electrician. Of course I may be biased, as my husband is an electrician. I don’t recall ever asking him to plug anything in as a sexual connotation, but I sure am gonna try now. I even came up with some variations.

“Baby come plug me up nuh.”

“A whey di plug? You no see me ha di socket.”

“Baby, ya extension cord is soooo long.”

Again do not judge

This album entertained me from start to friggin’ end, no joke. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t surprised, but these are the types of surprises I like. Sometimes, artist can take themselves too seriously and the joy is just not there in their music, even if it is an up tempo or hyped up track. Or they are so narcissistic, that they forget about the whole idea behind making music as a tool to educate and most of all genuinely entertain people and make them feel good, or happy, or something.

I gotta thank John for hooking me up with the cd and I am looking forward to more music from these guys.

*exits while listening to ‘Plug Um Een’, and looking for electrician husband to go through my socket and rewire my circuit board.*



way arwe a go fus- where are we going first

tun dung dis road- turn down this road

‘low me fu drive- allow me to drive

warn- want

mek me – make me

farse- fast

a wha dat di man just say? – What did the man just say

chupitness- stupidness

lissen- listen

Gyal a Antigua you lib?- Girl, do you live in Antigua?

Ent me tell you me no lissen to di radio- Didn’t I tell you that I don’t listen to the radio.


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  1. Denese says:

    lol…to each his own.

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