Tameka’s Room (Marvin’s Room Remix)

I’ve been battling a bout of depression for the past couple of days. The thing I’ve discovered about depression, is that it doesn’t matter how good  things may be in your life, you can still not only experience it, but wallow in it as well. In most cases, the feeling of sadness subsides on its own and then I try to examine the different scenarios in my life,  to pinpoint what caused it in the first place. In this particular case, my depression stemmed from a sense of feeling stagnant in regards to a particular situation I’ve been trying to manoeuver and I have no idea how to get over or around it. I will soon though. I don’t give myself the option of not figuring it out.

Whatever I’m going through, I usually make it my mission to find the soundtrack to match my moment in time. The song that has been on loop for the past week on my I-Pod has been Marvin’s Room by Drake. I dunno if it was just the vibe or the helplessness and sadness that it portrayed while I listened to it, but it fit my mood seamlessly.

If I could describe Marvin’s Room / My Room / My mood, it would look exactly like this.

Marvin & Tameka's Room / Depression

Since everybody and their Grandma decided they were gonna do a re-write to my undercover lover, Drake’s sleeper hit Marvin’s Room, I decided I was good enough to do a re-write myself. Unfortunately, my digi -recorder is busted, so I can’t let you hear all of the awesomeness of my vocals.. 😀 lol, but I will put up the original and my favourite cover  and you will get the jist of what it should sound like. On a side note,..who the hell is Marvin and why is everyone in his room?


Drake Original Master Blaster

Teyana Taylor’s Cover

Tameka’s Room


I think I might be losing it,
It’s 3’oclock in the morning,
So far away from sleeping,
Are you f*#king your new girl?
You  aughta know boy,
This shit is driving me crazy,
I’m staring at my four walls,
How could you mess up my world?
F*#k that new bitch that you love so much,
I know you think of me every time you touch….her..
F*#k your new bitch that you think’s so fly,
I hate you so much right now, I hope you die…
I’m jus playin’, but you can do better….
Have you told her how much ya ass still calls me,
I’m just sayin’, that I’m so much better,
Layin’ with her, yet ya thinkin’ bout me,
About me , about me…

I guess I’m just little drunk,
But it’s making me talk free,
Don’t feel like holding my feelings,
And stress on this shit , I’m not catchin’ no stroke.
I see all your missed calls,
But I was tryin’ to avoid you,
I need to take the edge off,
Baby I need a smoke…
F*#k your new chick that you love so bad,
I can see beyond your mask, I know you sad,. oooh
F*#k your new bitch that you think’ s so fine,
I know her shit can’t even compare to mine…
I’m jus sayin’ you know you had better….
Nyggah how you feel, now that you ain’t got me,
I’m jus sayin’ I know I was better,
How do you feel right now, knowing you and me can’t be,
We Can’t be, we Can’t be
You cheated you hurt me,
You walked away from me,
You broke up our shit,
Now we’re Tupac and Biggie,
Can’t have it both ways,
I’m so tired of you callin,’
Just leave me alone,
I just can’t keep on fallin’,
I gave you my all, Instead,
You left me alone,
Sober up Nyggah,
Stop dialing my phone,
You made your bed there,
You can’t come to my home,
I told you already just leave me alone,
Leave me alone….. Just leave me alone..
Put your girl on the phone, I can tell her I’m better,
How’d she feel knowing that you just called me?
F*#k you too, cause you know that I’m better….!



About bak2moi

I am a woman trying to balance motherhood and womanhood, while pursuing her dreams. Hopefully I get to keep at least foot on the ground during the process.
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3 Responses to Tameka’s Room (Marvin’s Room Remix)

  1. Toya says:

    “I’m just saying you can do better”
    … I told someone that two nights ago… then he told me the same thing!…
    To answer your question:
    we’re all in Marvin’s room at some time or another. Just don’t leave anything behind!
    … inside joke… I’m just saying mine will be better….. HAHA

  2. Nati says:

    I think it’s what you do when u leave the room that’s important. 🙂
    Acknowledge and release…

  3. Floree says:

    First of all i think Teyana did better than Drake! Did u hear the emotion in her voice! I love your version, I got the song on loop too! Time to close the door on Marvin’s room and lock it away

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