Let’s do brunch…and be all lady like and shit….lol..

Another day that could definitely be classified under the *winning* category, was the day we had brunch at the Spanish ambassador’s home.  Celsa Nuno ( the Spanish  ambassador) is a career diplomat with a legal background. She spent nine years initially in Africa (including the Ivory Coast and Ghana) and then Latin America (including the Dominican Republic and Argentina), two very important regions for Spain in terms of foreign policy. Nuño entered the diplomatic service in February 1989. Before Jamaica, she was the senior diplomatic adviser to the Spanish deputy prime minister. She has served in various capacities, but Jamaica is her first posting as head of mission. Ambassador Nuno is very involved in the arts and sees opportunities in it for young people, especially in these times of economic constraints. This was one of the reasons she was involved in the film festival, which is how I was  given the opportunity to meet her.  While speaking with her, she told me that she was also Spain’s ambassador to Antigua. Who knew? She was a very warm and humble woman, and she opened up her home to us with no barriers.

I really regret not taking actual pictures of the house, especially the yard, because it was truly breath-taking. We all got so caught up in conversations, getting to know and taking pictures of one another, that I only realized when I was leaving, that I did not get any real shots of our surroundings. What I loved about this get together, was just how chilled and laid back it was and how comfortable everyone got.

Now, I had heard when I got to Jamaica, that Cedric Sanders was going to be participating, but we had not met him yet. That all changed at brunch. 😀

Cedric Sanders is a beautiful stick of sexual chocolate , 😀 an American actor, who’s about to become a household name. The film he starred in, ‘Rocksteady’ was a feature at the Reggae Film Festival and is a coming of age drama set in the world of stock-car, dirt-track racing, against a heavy reggae soundscape.He plays 20 year old BC, the only black guy on a very white track, who sees racing as his way out and up into manhood. It was directed by Mustapha Khan, another person I had the pleasure of meeting. His resume is pretty amazing as well.

Cedric’s next movie “Things Fall Apart”, which he stars in with Curtis ’50 Cent’  Jackson is already garnering great reviews on the film festival circuit. It is directed by Mario Van Peebles (New Jack City, Panther, Baadassss!) and produced by Jackson’s company Cheetah Vision Films. ‘Things Fall Apart’, features 50 Cent as an All-American high school football star, who’s career is tragically jeopardized. Sanders plays 50 Cent’s younger brother Sean, who supports Jackson, as he undergoes an astonishing physical transformation as Deon Barnes, a promising Michigan football running back who dreams of one day getting drafted by the Miami Dolphins. This film also stars Ray Liotta, Lynn Whitfield, Tracy Heggins, and Ambyr Childers.

To read more about Cedric.. please check out http://cedricsanders.com/index.html

Now anyone who really knows me, knows of my ridiculous obsession with ‘Dancehall Queen’. I’ve seen it so many times, I can recite the dialogue word for word. Pathetic I know. Don’t judge me. 😀  I nearly jumped out my skin when Audrey Reid came to the brunch. This lady had me and Toya brukin’ wid laugh constantly,and she is what I call a ‘shotta driver.

In my best Buju voice

“Driver, don’t stop at all”…

Audrey gave us a tour of some parts of Jamaica, and even took us to get ice-cream at ‘Devon House’ before taking us back to our hotel.

*WINNING*  😀  😀  😀

Peep the footage.


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I am a woman trying to balance motherhood and womanhood, while pursuing her dreams. Hopefully I get to keep at least foot on the ground during the process.
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One Response to Let’s do brunch…and be all lady like and shit….lol..

  1. Nati says:

    Nice!. Have seen Ms Reid behind the scenes before she struck me as a very chill, laid back lady! Good stuff.
    I know u made use of the opportunity to “Network, network, network!”

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