Wine, Dine, 69…No,.. I mean it… really…:-)

With age comes wisdom…and sparkles. 😀 I used to be the girl who would roll my eyes if you showed me anything that had a glimmer of shine or sparkle on any item of clothing. I was all about the cotton. A week before I was to attend the festival, I was fine. I was pleased with all of the clothes I had to pack, then all of a sudden, nothing was good enough. Three days before we were supposed to leave Antigua, I had to have something with more zest, oomph, something that would make a statement, know…sparkle. For me at that point, sparkle would solve all of my wardrobe anxiety problems. Now where the hell does one buy sparkly shit?

The first person that came to mind was Sharon Barton, the lady who made my wedding dress. She is also all about the sparkle. Most people in Antigua would know her name, because she designs tons of dresses for the carnival queen contestants. She’s fabulous. One would think that I would think of Toya first, but that “Dutty Gyal”   :-D, but that sweet girl, doesn’t buy most of her clothes here, so it wouldda been pointless. This was an emergency.

Sharon nearly fell off her chair when she heard the word sparkle come out my mouth, because when I went to her about making my wedding dress, I was fully armed with design sketch, colour everything done set, and if she even mentioned the word shine or glitter, I would hunch over as if I was punched in the gut. I was  “sparkophobic”. I could just imagine her shaking her head on the other end of the conversation. I could hear the smile in her voice.

“Yeah, Yeah I know I said sparkle. Don’t gloat just help me.”

She suggested Rain Boutique. I had never bought anything in Rain Boutique before. I been in there a few times, but as she suggested it I remembered saying before on the occasions I had gone in,

“I can’t wear that shit, it’s too sparkly”. 😀

I felt a glimmer of hope. 😀 Rain it is then.

I didn’t even have to search, As soon as I walked in the door, I could see the dress on the rack. I didn’t look at anything else. I tried it on, it fit, I felt fly, I had my sparkle. Not too much,… just enough to not be mistaken for wearing a Liza Minelli costume. I was happy again.

Nothing unexpected happened the evening we were getting ready to attend the event. No ones period came, and no one got a huge zit. After we got ready, we called our chaperone, who I will call “E” for now. I will post more on him, as he is quite an interesting character.

When we got to the event, there was lots of picture taking and all of that fabulosity going on. It was sooooo cool. Toya and I got seated after all of the hoopla, and then the film screening began. Suddenly, this dread came over me.

There was some technical difficulty with one of the films to be shown, so the organizers decided to move mine right on up. 

Now, I have always been proud of the film, but it is a little difficult to watch, because I am in it. It is rather cringeworthy to watch oneself on camera. Also, I had some trepidation about one particular scene.

Now my film, “Dinner”, is based on a poem I wrote many years ago, about a young couple getting together at the end of a hectic work day, and just enjoying each others company. Sounds simple enough. However, there is fellatio in my movie. YES!. I said fellatio. Now, I had begun to get a little worried when we’d first arrived and initially met some of the organizers. I heard the word controversial being thrown around a lot, when my film was mentioned. Controversy is good sometimes. It does get people talking. It was cool to me. Cool until that evening.

Everytime I was introduced to someone that night, I was greeted with,

“Ooooh you’re the girl with the film from Antigua. Ohhhh.. Niiice.”

Followed by a hearty handshake or hug, then big smile. Now my glittery sparkly ass was sitting down in an audience full of Jamaicans, about to watch myself get simulated head, on camera. Why the hell didn’t I wear camouflage?

When the movie started, I gripped Toya’s hand as if I had been in labour, and just had a contraction. I slowly sunk lower and lower into my seat, and I wished for the ground to swallow me up when ‘the scene’ came on.

When the scene was happening, I heard someone in the back say



When it was done, there was applause, and I sighed in relief. I braved peaking back, and my eyes met up with Mutabaruka’s. I nearly shit on myself. I turned around post haste, and I was like..

“Toya! Toya! Shit, Shit, Mutabaruka a siddung behin’ arwe. Oh shit. He just see dat, oh shit!

Will post more about my Mutabaruka experience later.

Words could not describe how frightened I was.  The worst was over, or so I thought…. because the hostess decided that she was going to call me up on stage. Of course, she asked me a question pertaining to oral sex. To see a picture of what sheer embarrassment looks like, please see picture below.

After my moment in the spotlight was over, I felt at ease, and I was finally able to shed my nerves and truly enjoy meeting some really cool people.


About bak2moi

I am a woman trying to balance motherhood and womanhood, while pursuing her dreams. Hopefully I get to keep at least foot on the ground during the process.
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8 Responses to Wine, Dine, 69…No,.. I mean it… really…:-)

  1. Sam says:

    Lol…congratulations!!! Fiah!!!

  2. Rox says:

    stopped by and as always…loved it!

  3. ritabroni says:

    Love it as always!

  4. Nati says:

    Fiya! Cause it was hot!! 🙂
    Congrats…you’re brave and courage will take you far!
    Keep up the good work Tammy!
    Forget about the sky…there is NO limit.

  5. Floree says:

    congrats! would love to read the poem you have it posted anywhere? and when is the antiguan screening?! 🙂

  6. Joanne says:

    Hm, I remember someone promised me an interview about the Jamaica experience…still waiting to collect several months on.

    You already know how much I love both the poem and the film.

    Take a bow, with your sparkly self.

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