You Must be Trippin’….. Everything I asked for and then some…

Everything I needed for Jamaica was packed in my carry on. I detest travelling and all of the hassling things that go along with it. I just like to get to where I’m going. Having bags to check in,  just makes the whole experience that more stressful, as you gotta spend the entire plane ride when you are awake, worrying if your luggage will manifest on the conveyor belt, as you tap your feet and anxiously wait in the baggage claim area, and also about terrorists, snakes, possible aircraft mechanical malfunctions, or a drunk pilot. These are the reasons why I tire myself out the day before I travel, so that in case shit does go down, I’ll be sleeping.

Surprisingly, my lil princess sistren /travelling companion was a light packer as well. I’d say we started off on the right foot.  😀

The plane ride was was not too long. It was also uneventful, which is just how I like it. Toya and I gossiped a bit, I listened to my i-pod for a bit and surprisingly, only slept for about 30 minutes. Usually, I am alone when I travel, or with the kids, and they have taken on my mommy practice of sleeping on the plane. The only unfortunate thing about the plane ride, was that the guy sitting at the end of the row where we were seated, kept farting. We knew we were smelling something foul, but not quite sure where it was coming from. Finally, Toya caught his rass easing up off the seat to ease out the fart.  I suppose having to deal with farts on a plane is a much better alternative, to any of the other travelling nightmares I mentioned above.

The first thing we did after we landed in Jamaica and got through immigration, was go to the CAMBIO.  It was sooo strange to be told that after I converted my lickle money, that I would have nearly ‘height tousan’ dolla’. Toya and I felt like we shouldda been in a rap video, with some baller dudes, holding the money like a deck of cards in a poker game. I felt like sayin’  “I’m rich bitch”. 😀 like Dave Chapelle.

Like I’ve said before on a previous post, the worst thing to do before travelling, is watch the first Final Destination movie or Taken. So we survived the plane ride. Now next dilemma. Picking a Taxi that couldn’t smell the newness of our sexy Antiguan selves :-), and cart us off to a life sexual slavery, somewhere deep in the heart of a ghetto with no name and an extremely large gully. 😀 We finally decided on a guy  who had a “Jesus is Lord” sticker on his dash-board . I don’t care what anybody says, but that made me feel better. It’s not like we would have felt comfortable getting into a taxi that had “Hellcat” or “Bun dem to BloodClaart” on a sticker on their dash-board. We were riding with Jesus.

We got to our beautiful hotel in one piece.  We were greeted with champagne. “Yes jack a big subben. You can tell me no custom to nutten.” 🙂 At this point, we were just  happy to get to our room, and vegetate.

We didn’t get to rest too long, because the lovely lady who is now officially our adopted mommy, called us over to her hotel to meet some of the people who would be taking care of us during our stay, and to have some drinks. We were excited to start our official day one, after that little get together. First few hours in Jamaica can be logged as a success.

NEXT DAY…. 23rd May,2011.

G…: “We gonna take you guys to a video shoot.”

Us: “Kewl”

This is where we ended up.

Now I must add, for someone as legendary as Junior Reid, I expected a bit of ego, but this man was so humble and so easy going. I mean, I remember him from his days in Black Uhuru  and his distinct voice and just loving it. Of course, everybody knows “One Blood”, his most outstanding solo song, which still stands the test of time. The dude was awesome.

That weekend we arrived, was a long weekend in Jamaica, so a lot of the businesses that would have been open even on a Sunday, were shut. Dem Jamaican people tek dem holidays real serious. Ebryting min lock dung.

We went to a part in old Kingston to film a scene by an old factory. When we got there, it was ghost town. Nobady min dey ’bout. Two seconds after the shoot guys put on the small speaker for him to lip- synch, “Stingadingdingnana-e-woiee” barely come out the speaker, before a swarm of people appeared. This answered a question that I had silently pondered. Where are the extras? Apparently speaker on corner means crowd. The people were shocked when they saw that he was physically there. The spontaneity made for a great video scene.

By this time, Mr Reid, Toya and I had built up this great rapport. He was like my best friend / long lost bredren in my mind. Dammit, I can pretend. 🙂 He even asked us to be his main girls in the video, which we respectfully declined. I am now looking back and thinking,

“When else am I going to get personally asked by an artist, to be a video chick and possibly shake my ass on screen for 3 minutes and thirty seconds. Toya, why did we say no again? lol..

but I digress.

So, Mr. Reid seemed to take a real liking for us, especially lickle tight waist Toya…lolol. If she had allowed me to pimp her ass, I would be writing this blog from somewhere in Cherry Gardens, sending the tickets for the hubby and the kids, so we could start our new lives. 😀

While Mr.Reid was shooting a scene, “G” our wonderful chaperone / bodyguard, told us he had to get a case of water for the crew. It was hot as balls in pair of smedium jeans at the location, so we decided to get the hell outta there and get the water, then let G take us back to our poshy hotel. Toya and I had to get a few girly things, that we were too lazy to pack, so we asked G and he told us there was probably one place where we may get what we wanted, and he could get the water for the crew. G pulled up to this place that said wholesale on the outside, and we were like, all we want is some lotion and some shampoo and stuff. We not tryna buy a case. Then we got schooled.

Apparently, there is Wholesale and there is wholesale. Now Wholesale, is when you buy a case of a product and there are multiple units of that product. Like you will buy a case of  shampoo, and there maybe like 10 bottles of shampoo. Now wholesale, is when there is let’s say, one bottle of shampoo and a person cannot afford to buy the entire bottle, so they buy a portion of the bottle. Meaning, they would buy a few ounces out of the bottle. In this case, one bottle of shampoo would be the whole sale. There you go.

Tee and I went inside, and I must say, I was kinda shitting my pants, cause the area was kinda scary looking, and Jamaican people have no problem staring at you in f^*ked up way. I also found it quite funny, that the proprietor of the establishment was named Mr. Chin. lol.

I saw a bottle of lotion that I was going to buy, then Toya said to me while laughing,

“Gyal, you see wha you a buy?”

I was like wtf, of course I see what I’m buying. Then she said,

“Read the label carefully.”

I busted out laughing when I finally realized what she was talking about. I shall say no more. I will insert picture below. See if you can find the error.

Exhibit A

We had enough toiletries to scrape through another day, so we decided against patronizing Mr.Chin’s fine establishment. G got his water though, so all was not lost. G dropped off the water the the shoot site, then took us back to our hotel. We were tired, but the good kind of tired. All we wanted to do was eat and sleep and feel air conditioning on our skin.

The title of the song for the video being made was “Go Getter”, which Toya and I thought was quite inspirational and a bit cosmic. We are both on the pursuing your dream journey, so “Go Getter” was quite fitting.

Day 1..”Winning.” 😀


About bak2moi

I am a woman trying to balance motherhood and womanhood, while pursuing her dreams. Hopefully I get to keep at least foot on the ground during the process.
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7 Responses to You Must be Trippin’….. Everything I asked for and then some…

  1. Sam says:

    Lol Tameka you kill meeee………i need more dammit!!

  2. Rox says:

    YES!! Love eeeeettttt!! Ma wah more!!!

  3. Nati says:

    I *was there*…good story-telling! LOL

  4. Jonelle R says:

    LMAOOOOOO@ ‘height tousan’ dolla’

    OMG! This was FANTASTIC!! NEED MORE!!!!

  5. Joanne says:

    You have me missing my Jamaica days. Looking forward to more of your adventures in the land of wood and water.

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